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Press Reports relating to the Bargoed Jewish Community
 1906 - 2008

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Information within square brackets is from the compiler

Jewish Chronicle, 7 September 1906, page 1

Fiancee. Bertha, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs S. Samuels, of 5 Beaufort Buildings, Brynmawr, to Barney Cohen, Commercial Street, Aberbargoed.
[Marriage. Bertha Samuels June 1907 Crickhowell 11b 165/Barnet Cohen]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 October 1906, page 10

Working of the Aliens Act. Interrogation at Grimsby of Fischel Rubin aged 22, on his way to join his brother in Bargoed. Brother is partner to one Jacobs.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 September 1907 New Year Greetings, page vi

Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett and sons, 17 Hanbury Road, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 April 1908, page 1

Birth. 26 March at Rose Cottage, Bargoed, a son to the wife of William Wolfson, nee Elvira Jacobs.
[Leslie Joseph Wolfson June 1908 Merthyr Tydfil 11a 795]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1908 New Year Greetings, page vi

Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett and sons, 17 Hanbury Road, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1910 New Year Greetings, page xxvi
Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett and sons, 17 Hanbury Road, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 January Tredegar, page 14

West Monmouthshire and Breconshire Jewish Orphan Society. One of the collectors is W. Wolfson, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 August 1911, page 10

The riots reached Bargoed on Wednesday. In Hanbury Road premises of I. B. Barnett, jeweller and auctioneer, looted.
Proprietor appeared with revolver and threatened to shoot anyone who continued rioting/looting.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1911, page 8

Thursday, more rioting in Bargoed. Stones broke windows of Mr Rubinstein’s premises in Cardiff Road. Window broken in Levine’s, picture frame maker. Stones thrown at Mr Shibko’s pawn broking shop in Hanbury Street.
[Note. Rubenstein not found in 1911 Census.]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1911, page 13

Letter says that in Bargoed 9 shops were plundered but 7 of them were occupied by non-Jews.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1911, page 1

Birth. 21 September. At ‘Ingleside’, Wood Street, to Mrs and Mrs W. Wolfson, a son.
[Birth. Ronald T. Wolfson December 1911 Merthyr T 11a 1462. Mother Jacobs]

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1911, page 29

Letter from L. Levene. He understands that a Committee in Tredegar sent relief to people in Bargoed. Only Mr Barnett and himself were affected and they do not need relief. Asks for names of those who were relieved.
[Note. This was the Tredegar and District Riots Sufferers Relief Committee. Levene’s letter was followed by acrimonious exchange of correspondence in the JC between mainly, Levene and Barnett against S. Louis Harris of the Tredegar Committee.]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 1913, page 33

Board of Deputies. Reference to Mr A. Wiener MA, delegate for ‘New Tredegar and Bargoed’.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 October 1915, page 4

Bargoed Hebrew Congregation. Applications for post of Shochet and Teacher. 30s per week and perquisites. Apply I. B. Barnett, 17 Hanbury Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 October 1915, page 24

Office of Chasan Bereshit bought by Mr Philip Munitz who entertained the congregation. The President informed the members that a substantial sum would be placed to the building fund. A sum of money was also collected by I. B. Barnett for the Russian Fund. Mrs Annie Barnett of Abercynon and Mrs W. Wolfson of Bargoed have respectively presented a curtain for the Ark and a mantle for the Sepher Torah in the synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1916, page 3

Fund for the Relief of Jewish Victims of the War in Russia. Family names mentioned: W. Wolfson, I.B. Barnett, N. Seal, B. Cohen, Lee, D. Tonking [Tonkin], S. Power, M. Fine, P. Munich [Munitz], S. Aronoff, Levene, Greenburg, Mrs Britz, Spector, Bratt, Joseph, H. Davies, Kaufan, E. Shibko, Bravo, A. Abrahamson, M. Edel.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1917

Bargoed and New Tredegar. Dance at Church Hall, Bargoed, in aid of the Relief Fund. Cheque for £52 10s sent to Lord Swaythling. ‘In view of the fact that the population of the district is (with the exception of a mere handful of Jews) entirely non-Jewish, it was gratifying to receive so much sympathetic support from Christian friends’.
Chairman I. B. Barnett; Treasurer, W. Wolfson; Hon Sec, L. Symonds, for the Committee which organised the function.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 September 1917 New Year Greetings, page xvi.

Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson and family, ’Ingleside’, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 November 1917, page 18

Collected by Mr I. B. Barnett at the Bris Milah of the son of Mr and Mrs Crystal and further augmented by members of the Bargoed Hebrew Congregation.
W. Crystal, N.Silman, R. Silman, Mrs R.Silman, Mrs B. Samuel, Mr B. Gordon, Mr S. Weiner, Mr and Mrs I. :russ, Mr and Mrs Rubenstein, Rev Nathan, Mr Samuel, Mr and Mrs A. Green, Mr Smonds, Mr Joseph, -. Joseph jnr, Love, Levine, Levison, Gruman, Albert Fine, E. Shibko, I. B. Barnett, Lee, Aranaff, P. Munitz J. Rosenberg, Mrs Britz, Mr S. Morris, A.Dayan, Goldblatt, S. M.Love, Mrs Live, Stanley Love, Mordi Fine, J. Fine, N. Fine, S. Cohen, S. Power, Mr and Mrs Gordon, B. Levine, Rubin, W.Wolfson, Mrs Goldman.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1918, page 18

Collected by Mrs Rachel Tonkin at Bris Milah of son of Mr and Mrs Munitz, Bargoed, £8
Birth. Leslie Munitz March 1918 Bedwellty 11a 295. Mother Jacobs]

Jewish Chronicle, 6 September 1918, page 31

Aberbargoed. At annual meeting of the Monmouthshire (Evening Classes) Technical Education Committee, Mr Sydney Power of Aberbargoed was unanimously re-elected Chairman for the ensuing year. He is also Chairman of the Aberbargoed Chamber of Trade and Vice-chairman of the War Distress (Subsidiary) Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 September 1918 New Year Greetings, page xv

Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson and family, ’Ingleside’, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 September 1918, page 4

Preachers September 21 and 22.
Rev S. Wolfe Bargoed Synagogue, North Road. 2nd day.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 September 1918, page 8

Bargoed. At a general meeting, held at 13 North Road, Rev S. Wolfe, minister of the North Tredegar congregation, was elected minister and teacher to the Rhymney Valley District.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1919, page 23

New Tredegar and Bargoed. A general meeting of the New Tredegar, Bargoed and district Zionist Society was held at Bargoed, Mr I. Barnett of Bargoed presided. 20 guineas was collected for the Palestine Preparation Fund. Ot was decided to hold a ball in aid of the Palestine Relief Fund. Mr Cyril Barnett was elected collector for Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1919, page 1

Betrothal. Annie eldest daughter of Mr Michael Davidson and the late Mrs Davidson, of 99 High Street, Tredegar, to Emanuel Shibko, 33 Hanbury Street, Bargoed.
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 May 1919, page 23

Dr Fox of Liverpool will address a Public Meeting on ‘Our Future Zionist Problems’ next Sunday at the ILP Rooms
(opposite Hanbury Cinema). Mr I. B. Barnett (Bargoed) will preside.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 May 1919, page 20

A largely-attended meeting in furtherance of the JNF was held at Bargoed. Dr J.S. Fox spoke. Resulted in the immediate collection of £110 (including £21 from Mr I. Pruss). Dr Fox also appealed to young boys and girls to form themselves into an organised body.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 August 1919, page 26

At Cardiff the Lord Mayor presented certificates to pupils of Trinity College of Music (London). One successful candidate was Miss Elizabeth Joyce Power, daughter of Mr and Mrs Sydney Power of Aberbargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1919, page 5

Fund for the Relief of Jewish Victims of the War in Russia.
Bargoed. Contributors. Isaac Pruss, Mrs Isaac Pruss, M. Green, W. Wolfson, I. B. Barnett, P. Munitz, W. Crystal,
M. Levene, Isaac Fine, A. Fine, M. Fine, B. Cohen, M. Love, Mrs A. Barnett, M. Joseph, M. Levison, Mrs Goldman,
M. Gordon, N. Fine, I. Morris. M. Goldblatt, Jack Fine, M. Rubenstein, H. Love, J. Samuels, Mrs Britz, M. Lee,

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1919 New Year Greetings, page xvi

Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson, ’Ingleside’, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 October 1919, page 29
At general meeting Rev A. Fass of Leeds elected Minister, Teacher and Shochet. He officiated and preached in the synagogue on the recent holy days.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 January 1920, page 21

Rev Dr Abelson of Cardiff examined the Hebrew Classes and expressed his satisfaction at the children’s progress. Mr Greenberg and Mr Cohen distributed fruit and Miss Jacobs of Cardiff distributed sweets.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 January 1920, page 3

Advert. Bargoed. Wanted Shochet and Teacher. Single man preferred. £3.10s per week and perquisites. Apply I. B. Barnett, 17 Hanbury Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 September 1920 New Year Greetings, page xvi

Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson and family.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 February 1921, page 1

Death. On 26 January at Abercynon, aged 63, the mother of I. B. Barnett, Bargoed, Leslie Barnett and Ella Golding, Cardiff.
[Death. Annie Barnett March 1921 aged 62 Pontypridd 11a 638]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1921 New Year Greetings, page xv

Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett and sons 17 Hanbury Road, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1921 New Year Greetings, page xviii

Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson and family, ‘Ingleside’, Bargoed

Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1922, page 1

Birth. On 4 February at ‘Ingleside’, to Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson, a daughter.
[Marjorie Z. Wolfson June 1922 Merthyr T 1363. Mother Jacobs]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1922, page 27

Proceeds of ball held recently at Bargoed were donated: Federation of Ukrainia Jews £33; Norwood Orphan Asylum and the local hospital, 5 guineas each; Cardiff for matzo fun 1 guinea.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1922 New Year Greetings n.p.

Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett and sons 17 Hanbury Road, Bargoed..

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1922 New Year Greetings n.p.

Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson and family, ‘Ingleside’, Bargoed

Jewish Chronicle, 5 October 1923, page 6

Gerald Barnett, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett has passed CWB Senior Examination and has passed with Distinction in Maths, History, Geography, English Literature, Chemistry, Physics and Conversational French.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 February 1924, page 24

At ball held recently at Barged £31 raised. Distributed among Jewish and non-Jewish charities.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1924, page 1

Bar mitzvah. Ronald Theodore, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson, will read portion of the Law and Maftir on 27 September. Reception after service at ‘Ingleside’, The Square, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1924 New Year Greetings, page xxii

Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett, 17 Hanbury Road, Bargoed..

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1924 New Year Greetings, page xxv

Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson and family, ‘Ingleside’, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 November 1925, page 16

Leslie Joseph Wolfson, eldest son of Mr and Mrs W. Wolfson, has been awarded a Glamorgan County Scholarship of £50 p.a. at Cardiff University, having passed the Higher Certificate in Mathematics (with Distinction), Physics and Chemistry.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 April 1926, page 31

As a result of the 9th annual ball at Bargoed in January, the following sums were distributed: New Tredegar and District Congregation Building Fund £10; Aberbargoed Hospital £1.1.0; Norwood Orphan Asylum £4.4.0; King Edward VII Hospital Cardiff £5.5.0.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 February 1927, page 37

At a function at the residence of Mrs Hermer, Cathedral Road, Cardiff, in celebration of the engagement of her son David to Miss R. Price, 7 guineas collected for the Board of Guardians by Mr Barnett of Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 July 1927, page 2

Death of Isaac Gordon of New Tredegar on 9 July. Wife Edith, Sons Sam and Mark, daughters Winnie, Dorothy, Millie, Sadie.
[Death. Isaac J. Gordon September 1927 aged 57 Bedwellty 11a 113]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 July 1927, page 11

Obituary of Mr Isaac Gordon of New Tredegar. A great loss to the New Tredegar and Bargoed Congregation. One of the founders of the Congregation, its President and Treasurer for many years. (From Mr A. Green)

He was charitable and benevolent. A Trustee and Representative on the Brynmawr and District Burial Board. (From G. J.Ballin, Hon Sec of the Brynmawr and District Burial Board.)

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1929, page 33

New Tredegar. At Brith Milah of son of Rev and Mrs H. Berman, £5 collected towards the funds of the New Tredegar and Bargoed Hebrew Congregation.
[Birth. Michael Berman June 1929 Bedwellty 11a 216. Mother Paysucher.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 September 1929, page 27

Rev H. Berman of the New Tredegar and Bargoed Congregation was elected, at a general meeting of the Stockton on Tees Hebrew Congregation, as Chazan, Shochet and Teacher.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 June 1930, page 1

Engagement. Beatrice, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry Davis[sic], 13 North Road, Bargoed, to Harry, 3rd son of Mr and Mrs Lewis Cohen 36 Connaught Road, Cardiff.
[Marriage. Beatrice Davies[sic] September 1931 Llanelly 11a 254//Harry Cohen]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1934, page 47

Miss Phyllis Barnett of Bargoed has a fine record in lawn tennis. Had girl, school captain of Bargoed Secondary School. In 1931-2 won the under-16 Junior Championship of Wales and in 1933-4 won the under-18 Junior Championship and also the mixed doubles. Junior Champion in 1933-4 and Junior Champion of Carmarthen County. This year she was Victrix Ludorum at Bargoed Secondary School. She was the first Jewish girl champion in Wales.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1934, page 3

Bargoed. Miss Phyllis Barnett has been awarded by the Glamorgan County Council a Physical Training Scholarship of £80 p.a.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 January 1939, page 25

David Spector of Bargoed, a student at the Welsh National of Medicine, has passed the Final Medical Examination.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1939, page 60 Young Israel. Ref to May Shibko, Bargoed, and her brothers.

[Birth. Deborah M. Shibko June 1922 Bristol 6a 314. Mother Benjamin]
[Birth. Arthur J. Shibko March 1925 Bristol 6a 234. Mother Benjamin]
[Birth. Samuel I.Shibko December 1927 Merthyr T. 11a 1010. Mother Benjamin]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 1940, page 3

‘For sale, safe area, 4 bed-rooms, 3 sitting-rooms, kitchen, scullery, usual offices, bathroom, attics; main electric light, water, gas, drainage; double fronted, central position; or furnished rooms to let.- Reply, Wolfson, Bargoed, Glam.’

Jewish Chronicle, 24 January 1941, page 3

Forthcoming Marriage. Driver Alfred Louis Sherman RASC, youngest son of Mr and Mrs M.Sherman, 26 Leabourne Road, Stamford Hill,N16, to Esta, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs H. Davies of Bargoed, now residing at 20 Greenfield Villas, Llanelly, To be solemnised at Llanelly on 9 February. Reception at the Thomas Arms Hotel.
[Marriage. Alfred Sherman March 1941 Llanelly 11a 2391//Esther Davies]

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1941, page 20 Young Israel.

Ref to Sheila Samuel, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 September 1942, page 9

Engagement. Cyril Joseph MPS, now at Stamford Hill, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Benjamin Joseph of Bargoed, to Fay, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs A. Kay of Highgate.
[Marriage. Cyril Joseph March 1943 Hendon 3a 1266//Fanny Kay]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1947, page 7

Engagement. Louis Glick MD MRCP, of Halifax, son of the late Mr and Mrs Isaac Glick of Leeds, to Phyllis Barnett, 23 Newton Avenue, Wakefield, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett of Bargoed.
[Marriage. Louis Glick March 1947 Leeds 2c 722//Phyllis Barnett]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1949, page 2

Death on 19 September. Mrs Emmanuel Shibko (Annie Benjamin), mourned by husband and children. 85 St Gwladys Avenue, Bargoed.
[Death. Annie Shibko September 1949 aged 56 Cardiff 8b 122]

Jewish Chronicle, 24 November 1950, page 19 Young Israel

Nita Jean Brass, 71 West Street, Bargoed, aged 9.
[Birth. Nita J. Brass December 1941 East Glamorgan 11a 1348. Mother Torkey [sic.Tonkey]
Marriage. Joseph H. Brass September 1939 Cardiff 11a 1269//Rachel Tonkey]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1951, page 2

Death on 21 December 1950, Harry Davis aged 69, husband of Anne, son Jack (Chicago), daughters Beatrice (Mrs Harry Cohen, Llanelly), Hilda 15 Wood Street, Bargoed, and Esta (New York).

Jewish Chronicle, 16 March 1951, page 19 Young Israel

Ref to Enid Munitz, 43 Ruth Street, Bargoed, aged 10.
[Birth. Enid Munitz December 1940 East Glamorgan 11a 1631 Mother Jacobs]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 October 1951, page 2

Death after long illness, Beatrice Cohen, wife of Harry, mother of Pamela. 20 Greenfield Villas, Llanelly.
[Death. Beatrice Cohen December 1951 aged 43 Llanelly 8a 306]

Jewish Chronicle, 7 December 1951, page 7

Engagement. Reuben, 2nd son of Mr B. Joseph and the late Mrs J. Joseph of 45 Park Place, Bargoed, to Edna, younger
daughter of Mr and Mrs B.Littlestone, 39 Mackintosh Road, Pontypridd.
[Marriage. Reuben Joseph September 1952 Cardiff 8b 542//Edna Littlestone]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 December 1952, page 3

Memorial stone for Beatrice Cohen, 20 Greenfield Villas, Llanelly, will be consecrated at Swansea Cemetery on 21 December.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 December 1952, page 3

Memorial stone for Harry Davis, husband of Annie Davis of Bargoed, will be consecrated at Swansea Cemetery on 21 December.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 January 1955, page 3

Death on 14 January of Joseph, son of Sarah Tonkey, 71 West Street, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 April 1955, page 1

Death on 22 April, Annie, wife of the late Harry Davies, children Jack (Chicago), Hilda (Bargoed), Esther (Memphis). 15 Lower Wood Street, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1963, page 8

The marriage will take place on 18 August at Singers Hill Synagogue, Birmingham, of Isidore Oscar of Birmingham to Deborah May Shibko, of 5 Arundel Court, Oak Road, Birmingham, only daughter of the late ‘Mack’ and Annie Shibko of Bargoed.
[Marriage. Deborah M.Shibko September 1963 Birmingham 9c 1372//Isidore Oscar]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 January 1970, page 2

Death of Sylvia Smith of NW8. Sister of Maurice, Bargoed.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 January 1971, page 28

Sylvia Smith remembered by Maurice Fagot, Bargoed.
[JC 18.6.1943 p. 1. Marriage at Merthyr Tydvil Synagogue on 14 June of Monty, son of Mr and Mrs N. Smith of Merriott, Somerset, to Sylvia, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs M. Fagot of Treharris.]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 November 1975, page 28

Michael Wallach, ‘How “greeners” came to the valley’.
Bargoed, in the Rhymney Valley, where Jewish miners lived in the thirties.

Ibid. page 2
‘Mr. Lewis Hamburg of Cardiff remembers when he was saying kaddish in 1941 he would find a regular minyan at Bargoed, half-way up the Rhymney Valley (although it never had a synagogue).’

Jewish Chronicle, 16 January 1976, page 30

Death of Annie (Yankle) Levi nee Barnett, 130 Park Place, Gilfach, Bargoed, on 30.12.1975, at Ystrad Mynahc Hospital, and buried at Brynmawr Jewish Cemetery.
[Death. Annie Levi December 1975 aged 75 Merthyr T0259 Born December 1896]

Jewish Chronicle, 12 December 2008, page 30

Obituary of Phyllis Glick, born Bargoed 30 December 1915. Died London 23 September 2008 aged 92. Junior tennis champion of Wales. Also took up bridge. Parents Isaac and Ellen Barnet, business in Bargoed killed off by General Strike 1926 and both died soon afterwards. She could not afford to take up a mathematics place at Cardiff University but a scholarship and a Jewish women’s charity paid for her training at Chelsea College of Physical Education. In 1939 she was a PE teacher in Wakefield and in the war was unit commander in the Women’s Junior Air Corps. By 1945 was a teaching inspector for the West Riding. Married Louis Glick.

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