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DNA I: Creating a Genetic Testing Strategy

DNA I: Genetic Genealogy - Creating a Genetic Testing Strategy

The goal of the Creating a Genetic Testing Strategy class is to introduce the topic of genetic genealogy to those who have not yet started the testing process. We will discuss the types of available tests and lay out a strategy for how best to test your DNA to locate possible relatives. Additional topics are the ethical issues related to this testing process and the special DNA interpretation issues of Ashkenazi Jews.

Time commitment: The class will be presented in 3 one-hour teleconferences spread over the week. There will be another 3-4 hours of homework during the week and 1-2 hours of reading. We will adjust times of the teleconferences or record (with permission) so that everyone can participate in the 3 video lecture sessions. Students will be asked to describe their research goals and build a simplified family tree to facilitate the discussion.

Pre-requisites: 1) Must be familiar with using computers; 2) Willing to participate via Zoom; and 3) Class is designed for those who have not yet started the testing process. If you have already tested at a few genetic genealogy sites then it is still ok to join the introductory course. Part of the content of the introductory course is about how and why to move the genetic data to other sites and which of the other types of DNA tests to consider to obtain more information.

We will not be analyzing your DNA results in this class. The advanced course (to be taught in the Fall) goes into how to analyze the matches.

Tuition for this class is $36.

For questions or to reserve a space, please contact the Instructor, Larry Fagan.

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