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Rhodes and Kos (Cos), Greece Deportees

Introduction by Rhodes Jewish Museum


This data set comprises a list of Jews deported from Rhodes by the Germans during the Second World War and is from the Italian book by Liliana Picciotto Fargion called "Il Libro della Memoria". The format of arranging the names and biographical data was designed and translated by John Holcenberg, the husband of Esther Rousso of Seattle (daughter of Nissim Rousso and Victoria Angel). Please note that married women are listed by their maiden name.


This database includes 1,781 Jews deported from Rhodes and Cos, Greece.

The fields for this database are as follows:

  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Spouse’s Surname
  • Spouse’s Given Name
  • Father’s Given Name
  • Mother’s Surname
  • Mother’s Given Name
  • Fate (date of death, date of liberation or “unknown”)


Data provided courtesy of Aron Hasson of the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation. For more information on the Jewish community of Rhodes, please see their website at

Finally, we thank Mike Kalt, HTML Volunteer Coordinator, for placing this description online, and Nolan Altman, Director of Special Projects and Coordinator of the Holocuast Database, for his continued devotion and dedication to JewishGen's important work.

Nolan Altman
June, 2021

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