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Personal Papers Collections

Name Type Call # Locality Size
Aaron, Henry (1799-1799)Personal P-1741 Item
Abelson, Abel Eliyahu (1902-)Personal P-569Lithuania, Nemaksht8 pp.
Abendanone Family (1829-)Papers P-0913 Items
Abrahams Family of New York (1848-1867)Personal P-183New York City, NY1 Box (.25 Linear Feet)
Abrahams, Isaac, 1756-1813 (1804-1811)Legal Papers P-3961 Box
Adams, Charles Follen (1882-1882)Personal P-1761 Item & 1 Photograph
Adams, Hannah (1755-1831)Personal P-2054 Items
Adler, Cyrus Papers (1863-1940)Personal P-0166 Cartons
Adler, Felix (1882-1888)Personal Papers P-4013 pp.
Adler, Rachel Garfunkel, 1888-1979 (1899-1908)Personal P-645Savannah, GA1 Box
Agriss, Leon (1935-1953)Personal P-179150 Pages
Allen, Henry Watkins, 1820-1866 (1864-)Personal Papers P-420Palestine, TX1 P.
Alpert, Abraham, 1873-1939 (1903-1939)Personal P-544Boston, MA2 Boxes
Alpert, David B., 1899- (1924-1979)Papers P-082
Amaram, David WernerPersonal P-229Philadelphia, PA111 Pages
Andrade, Isaac (1853-1866)Personal P-2562 Items
Asch, Morris Joseph (1862-1884)Personal P-2012 Items
Auerhaim, Solomon (1854-1888)Personal P-16624 Items
Azevedo, Moses Cohen D', 1790-1861 (1813-1814)Business Papers P-364BarbadosCa. 200 pp
Barrett, Solomon I., 1822-1850 (1844-)Personal Papers P-421Charleston, SC1 P.
Baruch, Bernard (1923-1957)Personal P-20026 Items
Baruch, Simon, 1840-1921 (1862-1870)Legal Papers P-2002 Items
Beck, James M., 1861-1936 (1923-)Personal P-4223 pp.
Bee, Barnard E. (1852-)Personal P-423Savannah, GA1 P
Beecher, Henry Ward (1877-1887)Personal P-1591 Box, 7 Items
Beer-Hoffmann, Richard (1911-1916)Personal P-2122 Items
Beerman, JacobArtifactsP-612
Beilis, Mendel, 1873-1934 (1926-1930)Book and Letter P-1441 Box
Belmont, August (1841-1904)Personal P-2077 Items
Benedict, Herman (1860-)Marriage Certificate P-341NYC, NY
Benjamin, Judah Philip (1838-1942)Papers P-04560 Items & Photostats
Benjamin, Solomon (1864-)Personal P-428New Orleans, LA12 pp
Berman, Abraham H. Scrapbook (1900-1966) P-345Philadelphia, PA
Bernal, Abraham I. H. (1850-)Personal P-581Louisville, KY1 Item
Bernard, Edward (1968-1972)Letters and Music P-1022 Boxes
Bernheim, Isaac W. (1899-1938)Personal P-1773 Items (15 Pages)
Bernstein, Israel (1940-1968)Papers P-051Portland, ME
Bernstein, Samuel Letters (1916-1918)Personal Papers P-39050 Items
Bible. O.T. Pentateuch (1787-)Personal (Inscr. Copy) P-041
Bisno, Julius (1801-1968)Autograph Collection P-0853 Boxes (320 Items)
Blau, Joel, 1878-1927 (1909-1926)Papers P-044826 Items
Block, Herman W., 1874-1971 (1913-1967)Papers P-0992 Boxes
Bloom, Sol (1927-1945)Personal P-25317 Items
Bluestone, E. Michael, 1891-1979 (1920-1980)Personal Papers P-362New York, NY18 Boxes
Bluestone, Joseph Isaac (1875-1975)Personal P-3238 Boxes
Blumenthal, Charles, 1871-1957 (1922-1943)Correspondence P-11433 Items
Blumenthal, Walter Hart (1883-1969) (1900-1969)Personal PapersP-083Philadelphia, PA6 Boxes (2.5 Lin. Ft.)
Bondi, August (1883-1906)Personal P-178295 Pages
Bondi, Jonas Letters (1868-1869)Personal P-1732 Items
Boruchoff, Ber (1906-1939)Personal P-157Boston, MA1 Box, ca. 236 Items
Boudinot, Elias (1820-1820)Personal P-247PA1 Item
Brandeis, Louis Dembitz (1886-1940)Personal P-24814 Items
Broido, Louis (1923-1976)Personal P-16134 Boxes
Bromberg, Pauline, 1902-1981 (1886-1981)Personal P-519Boston, MA3 Items
Brown Family (1885-1940)Personal P-628Wilkes-Barre, PA1 Box
Brown, Joseph, D. 1939 (1917-1919)Personal P-52843 Items
Browne, Edward B.M., 1844-1928 (1881-)Letter P-3491 Item
Brownejohn, William (1786-1789)Personal P-2992 Items
Calmenson, Jesse B., 1892-1952 (1903-1952)Personal Papers P-359St. Paul, MN9 Boxes
Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan, 1870-1938 (1845-1970)Papers P-1281 Box
Caro Family (1922-1962)Personal P-2454 Items
Carpenter, Asa (1795-1795)Personal P-2852 Pages
Castro, Henry, 1786-1865 (1843-)Legal P-548TX1 Item
Charney, Aaron Reuben, 1888- (1918-1956)Rabbinical Papers P-617Bayonne, NJ2 Items
Chazin FamilyGenealogyP-550Russia43 pp.
Chimene FamilyGenealogyP-389New Orleans, LA; Texas22 pp.
Clapp, John M. (1834-1834)Personal P-2641 Page
Cogan, Saul, 1903-1978 (1903-1922)Autobiography P-530Zashkov, Russia47 pp.
Cohen Family (1841-1913)Papers P-101South Carolina, SC1 Box
Cohen Family of London (1775-1856)Personal P-373London, England2 Items
Cohen Family Papers (1787-1897)Personal P-003Baltimore, MD119 Items
Cohen Family Papers (1807-1888)Personal Papers P-375King's Creek, SCCa. 25 pp.
Cohen, Augustus E. (1863-)Personal P-424Charleston, SC4 pp
Cohen, David (1839-1839)Personal P-2501 Item
Cohen, Eleazer (1800-1800)Personal P-249Philadelphia, PA1 Item
Cohen, Henry, 1810-1879 (1885-)Personal Papers P-373Philadelphia, PA1 Item
Cohen, J. Barrett (1868-)Legal Papers P-4031 pp.
Cohen, Jack, of Rochester, NY (1944-1960)Personal P-317Ca. 900 Pages
Cohen, Jacob Raphael, ca. 1738-1811 (1776-1843)Will P-1183 Items + 51 Leaves
Cohen, Jacob Xenab (1924-1978)Rabbinical Papers P-661New York, NY2 Boxes
Cohen, Joseph Solomon (1775-)Personal Papers P-374Philadelphia, PA1 Page
Cohen, Levi (1786-1805)Personal P-657New York, NY1 Box
Cohen, Mordecai, 1763-1848 (1817-1829)Legal Papers P-425Charleston, SC2 Items
Cohen, Rose, 1911-1988 (1911-1969)Personal P-611Detroit, MI3 Boxes
Cohen, S. (1864-)Business PapersP-402Augusta, GA1 Item
Cohen, William (1928-)Personal P-659Newark, NJ1 Item
Cohn, Aaron B. (1862-)Autograph Book P-105Fort Edward, NY1 Item
Cole, Thankful PintoPersonalP-1941 Item
Cone, Sydney M. (1755-)Personal P-158Baltimore, MD1 Box ca. 203 Pages
Constine - Coons Family (1851-1962)Personal P-601Wilkes-Barre, PA11 Items
Corcos, Joseph Moses, 1873-1926 P-119
Costa, Da, Family (of London, Charleston, S.C., and N.Y.) (1776-1873)PapersP-1451 Box
Cowen, Phillip, 1853-1943 (1876-1934)Personal P-019New York, NY3 Boxes (1500 Items)
Craft, Sheila (1976-1976)Personal P-332
Crestohl, Leon David, 1900-1963 (1904-1963)Papers P-0636 Boxes + 4 Scrapbooks
Dan Family GenealogyGenealogy P-392Tavirick, Lithuania10 Items
Dana FamilyPersonal Papers P-397Boston, MA2 Items
Davega Family (1819-1856)Legal Papers P-404Charleston, SC2 Items
Davidson - Borison FamilyGenealogy P-631
De Lo Motta, Emanuel, 1760-1821 (1821-)Prayer Book CollectionP-0682 Items
De Lyon, Isaac, B. 1739 (1786-)Legal PapersP-4062 pp.
Debrest, Harold (1906-1979)Personal P-1631 Box, ca. 30 Items
Deleon Family (1813-1861)Personal Papers P-405
Dellar, Dorothy D.GenealogyP-3552 Pages
Diamond, David, 1898-1968 (1928-1968)Papers P-0596 Boxes
Dias, Joseph Lopez (1819-1819)Personal P-1991 Item
Drucker, Eliezer (1890-1916)Papers P-0421 Box
Duhl Family (1910-)Personal P-570Galveston, TX2 Items
Dutilh & Wachsmuth (1794-1802)Personal P-3251 Box
Ehrenreich Family Genealogy (1841-1971)Papers P-0963 Boxes
Ehrenreich, Bernard C., 1876-1955 (1876-1955)Papers P-0264 Boxes
Ehrlich Family (of Germany and Brazil) (1852-1943)Personal P-326Germany; Brazil21 Items
Ehrmann, Herbert B. (1913-1970)Papers P-0945 Boxes
Ehrmann, Sara Rosenfeld (1939-1939)Personal P-243Boston, MA24 Pages
Einstein, Albert (1921-1945)Personal P-2872 Items
Ellstein, Abraham, 1907-1963 (1925-1965)Papers P-0322 Boxes
Epstein FamilyGenealogyP-512Boston, MA7 pp.
Etting Family (of Baltimore, Frankfort a/M, a/M, Philadelphia and York, PA) (1765-1862)PapersP-14314 Items
Eudovich, Solomon, D. 1959 (1902-1940)Papers P-0881 Box
Ewenczyk Family (1830-)Genealogy P-51414 pp.
Ezekiel, Moses (1872-1908)Personal P-18617 Items
Feibelman Family (1727-)Genealogy P-546Rulzheim, Germany5 Charts
Fein, Isaac (1962-1964)Personal P-1503 Boxes
Feingold, BeatriceInstitutionalP-621
Feldman, Joachim (1940-1942)Personal P-634Montagne, France1 Box
Feller, JackPersonalP-604Milwaukee, WI2 Items
Felsenthal, Bernhard, 1822-1908 (1856-1920)Personal P-0212 Boxes (800 Items)
Fidanque Family (1951-1951)Personal P-2601 Item
Filemann, Jacob (1771-)Personal P-426Germany; Reading, PA2 pp
Filene, Edward Albert (1918-1937)Personal P-1641 Box
Fine, Jacob, M.D., 1900-PersonalP-638Boston, MA1 Box
Finesilver, Moses Z. (1880-1881)Personal P-1842 Items
Finzi, Camilla (1810-1816)Personal P-3001 Item
Fisher Family (1928-1930)Personal P-596Kalamazoo, MI4 Items
Fishman, Jacob, 1888-1962Theatre Collection P-0372 Boxes
Flexner, SimonPersonalP-5401 Item
Fortas, Abe (1968-1968)Personal P-2794 Items
Frank, Jacob (1769-1769)Personal P-3241 Item
Frank, Leo Max, 1884-1915 (1915-)Legal Papers P-4081 P.
Frankel Brothers (1906-1934)Business P-665Rochester, NY1 Box
Frankel, Lee Kaufer, 1867-1931 (1889-1931)Papers P-14622 Boxes
Franks Family (1832-1937)Genealogy P-585TN6 Items (84 Pages)
Franks Family (of Halifax, London, New York, and Philadelphia) (1711-1821)PapersP-14235 Items
Franks, Bilah Abigail Levy, 1696-1756 (1733-1748)Personal Papers P-142New York, NY1 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
Freedman, Louis A. (1762-1903)Personal P-276I Item
Freund Family (1854-1885)Personal P-2653 Items
Friedenwald, Herbert (1908-1938)Personal P-26119 Pages
Friedman, M (1864-)Military Orders P-348TN1 Item
Gal, Allon (1914-1917)Personal P-251New York City, NY41 Pages
Geffen FamilyGenealogyP-6261 Sheet
Geffen, Tobias (1903-1970)Rabbinical P-516Atlanta, GA31 Boxes
Geller, Myron, 1937- (1977-1979)Arbitration Files P-398Beverly, MA6 Looseleaf Books, 1 Noteb
Gershwin, George (1933-1933)Personal P-1821 Item
Gerzow FamilyPersonalP-675Pinsk, Russia1 Box
Glaser, Louis (1904-1934)Personal P-593Hartford, CT138 Items
Goldberg, Arthur J., 1908-Legal PapersP-409TX2 Items
Goldberg, Israel, 1887-1964 (1911-1964)Papers P-0714 Boxes
Goldberg, Jacob, D. 1963AutobiographyP-551New York, NY146 pp.
Goldstein Family of New York (1853-1874)Personal P-2595 Items
Goldstein, Harriet B.l., 1886-1961 (1918-1919)Papers P-0313 Albums, 1 Scrapbook
Goldstein, Jonah J., 1886-1967 (1913-1967)Papers P-06125 Boxes
Goldstone Family (1934-1934)Personal P-230New York City, NY1 Chart
Gomez Family (1716-1882)Papers P-062New York, NY2 Boxes
Gompers, Samuel, 1853-1924 (1904-1923)Personal Papers P-4165 Items
Goodman, Samuel (M.D.) (1891-1971)Personal P-629Boston, MA1 Box
Gordon, Albert I., 1903-1968 (1926-1968)Papers P-08619 Boxes
Gorfinkle, Bernard Louis, 1889-[1979] (1916-1956)Personal P-664Boston, MA3 Boxes
Gorovitz, Aaron, 1869-1956 (1895-1956)Papers P-087Boston, MA3 Boxes
Gottheil Family (1897-1899)Papers P-0493 Items
Gouled, Peter, 1876-11965 (1917-1968)Papers P-1002 Boxes
Gradwohl Family (1857-1870)Personal P-236CA1 Page
Gratz Family Papers (1753-1869)Personal P-008Philadelphia, PA719 Items
Greenbaum, Henry (1855-1903)Personal P-3154 Items
Greenbaum, SamuelPersonalP-3143 Items
Greenberg, Meyer, 1914- (1936-1978)Personal Papers P-358Greater DC; Baltimore, MD24 Boxes
Greene Family (1910-)Personal P-587Flushing, NY4 Boxes
Greenwald Family (1854-1920)Personal P-5092 Items
Grossbard, Sol (1919-)Personal P-151Russia123 Pages
Guggenheimer, Simon (1863-)Personal P-504Richmond, VA1 P.
Gurvitz, Samuel H., Papers 1934-1939 (1934-1939)Personal Papers P-35273 Pages
Hackenburg, William B. (1880-1880)Personal P-235Philadelphia, PA4 Items
Hahn, Michael, 1830-1886 (1865-)Personal Papers P-4133 pp.
Halfin Family (1842-)Genealogy P-584Victoria, TX47 Items
Hamilton, Alexander (1757-1804)Manuscript Fragment P-1041 Item
Hapgood, Norman (1922-1922)Personal P-26339 Pages
Harkavy, Alexander, 1863-1939 (1853-1937)Papers P-05018 Items + Diary
Hart Family (1792-1897)Personal P-018Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada10 Boxes (4.15 Linear Ft)
Hart, Abraham (1830-1853)Personal P-4143 Items
Hart, Abraham, 1810-1885 (1810-1853)Personal Papers P-4143 Items
Hart, Nathan (1857-1857)Personal P-2268 Pages
Hays Family Papers (1759-1766)Papers P-130New York, NY100 P.+80 Pages
Heiligman Family (1907-)Personal P-5942 Items
Hendr icks Family Legal Papers (1798-1855)Personal PapersP-376New York, NY6 Items
Henry, Aaron (1804-)Personal P-396New York, NY2 Items
Hershfield, Aaron (1894-1894)Personal P-3221 Item
Heyman, Louis (1843-1843)Personal P-2446 Pages
Heyman, Moses (1765-1765)Personal P-242Philadelphia, PA1 Item
Hirsch, Moses (1859-1859)Personal P-233New York City, NY5 Pages
Hirschel, SolomonRabbinical PapersP-541England2 pp.
Hochheimer, Henry (1818-1900?) (1850-1900)Marriage Records P-074Baltimore, MDOne Volume
Hubbard, Adolph, 1884-1971 (1918-1976)Personal P-6471 Box
Hurst, Fannie, 1889-1968 (1919-1933)Personal Papers P-4114 Items
Hutler, Albert A. Papers (1938-1945)Personal P-156Mannheim, Germany1 Box ca. 150 Items
Ichenhauser FamilyGenealogyP-3939 Items
Irwin, Norma (Nones) (1977-1981)Personal P-3343 Sheets
Isaacks, Abraham (1731-1797)Personal P-2803 Items
Isaac s Family of Easthampton L.I. (1741-1781)PersonalP-272Easthampton, NY2 Items
Isaacs, Abraham, 1737-1815 (1808-)Personal Papers P-417New York, NY2 pp
Isaacs, Alexander (1869-)Personal Papers P-418GA
Isaacs, Emanuel (1797-1797)Personal P-2661 Page
Isaacs, JacobLegalP-435Columbus, MS1 P.
Isaacs, Joshua (1799-1799)Personal P-2712 Items
Isaacs, Lazarus (1859-1859)Personal P-239New York City, NY14 Pages
Isaacs, Michael (1819-1819)Personal P-2731 Item
Isaacs, Myer Samuel, 1841-1904 (1878-1898)Papers P-0222 Boxes
Isaiah Leo Kenen Papers (1919-1985)Personal P-68018.5 Linear Feet, 30 Boxes
Israel, Israel, 1744-1822 (1800-1825)Personal Papers P-419Philadelphia, PA7 Items
Jacobs FamilyGenealogyP-590Roseville, Australia
Jacobs Family of New York, Charleston & Savannah (1833-1833)PersonalP-3395 Pages
Jacobs, Phillip Collection (1760-1832)Personal P-010New York City, NY2 Cartons
Jaffe, Solomon Elhanan, 1858-1923 (1858-1922)Rabbinical PapersP-433St. Louis, MO33 Items, 550 pp.
Johnson, Augusta Ellis (1869-)Letters P-0981 Box
Jolson, AlPersonalP-2321 Item
Jonas, Abraham, 1801-1864, Will and Estate Papers, and Legal Papers (1747-1866)Personal PapersP-37723 pp
Joseph, Jacob, 1848-1902Misc. Material P-350
Josephson, Manuel, 1729-1796 (1729-1796)Personal P-438PA1 P.
Josephthal FamilyGenealogyP-5171 Sheet
Judah Family (1794-1849)Papers P-077New York, NY27 Items
Judah Family (1794-1831)Papers P-077Richmond, VA2 Boxes
Judah Family (New York, Montreal, Indiana) (1784-1830)Papers P-0784 Items
Judah Monis Papers (1723-1723)Personal P-3432 Items
Judah, Moses, D. 1831 (1831-)Personal Papers P-077Richmond, VA & NYC, NY77 pp
Kagan, Solomon Robert, 1881- (1933-1955)Papers P-040328 Items
Kamberg, Abraham (1917-1975)Misc P-1482 Boxes
Katz, Hyman (1937-1938)Personal P-160Spain1 Box, 7 Items
Katz, Label A., 1918 (1931-1968)Papers P-00219 Boxes
Katz, Mark Jacob, 1863-1927 (1898-1919)Papers P-039200 Items
Kaufman, David S., d. 1851 (1846-)Legal P-441TX1 P.
Kaufman, Reuben, 1890-1927Personal P-663Utica, NY1 Box
Kayserling, Meyer (1859-1865)Personal P-3029 Items
Keith, GeorgePersonalP-19135 Pages
Keller, Jacob (1826-1834)Personal P-27830 Pages
Keyser, Samuel Bar Issac (1774-1774)Personal P-3041 Item
Klein, Rose, Items of Interest in the Massachusetts Spy and National Aegis, 1775-1845 (1775-1832)Newspaper Excerpts P-386209 pp.
Kline, Joseph (1862-1862)Personal P-2543 Pages
Kohler, Max James Papers (1871-1934)Personal P-00720 Cartons & 4 Scrapbooks
Kohn, David (1858-)Legal P-443Sacramento, CA4 pp.
Kohs, Samuel Calmin, 1890- (1916-1960)PapersP-0909 Boxes
Kolbin FamilyGenealogyP-5246 pp.
Kosminsky, Nettie Friede (1880-)Personal P-269Ca. 250 Pages
Kraft, Louis (1914-1975)Personal P-67323 Boxes
Kraus, Adolf, 1850-1928 (1911-)Personal P-5201 Item
Krauskopf, Joseph (1919-1919)Personal P-2899 Pages
Kursheedt, Israel Baer (1815-1831)Personal P-1962 Items
Kussy, Sarah (1898-1951)Personal P-004Newark, NJ6 Items
Lazarus, Emma (1869-1877)Personal P-0021 Carton (170 Items)
Lazarus, Jacob, Jr., 1781-1834 (1830-)Legal Papers P-415Charleston, SC4 pp.
Lazarus, Michael (1816-1836)Personal & Legal Papers P-076Charleston, SC2 Boxes (.5 Lin Ft)
Le Witt, George (1921-1921)Personal P-3112 Pages
Leeser, Isaac, 1806-1868 (1829-1866)Personal P-020Philadelphia, PA187 Items (1 Box)
Leeson, Daniel Nathan, 1932-GenealogyP-3562 Boxes
Lemkin, Raphael (1941-1951)PersonalP-15413 Boxes and 1 Scrapbook
Leoni Family (1928-1962)Personal P-623Vienna, Austria20 Items
Levin, Etta L. (1794-)Genealogy P-361Poland; Spain; Chicago, ILCa. 200 pp
Levine, Israel, 1874- (1914-1970)Personal P-625Malden, MA2 Boxes
Levine, Leo, 1907 (1933-1950)Personal P-646Latvia, Boston, MA1 Box
Levy Family (of New York City) (1710-1835)PapersP-120New York, NY49 Items
Levy Family of Newport, NY & New Orleans, LA (1746-1747)PersonalP-268New Orleans, LA3 Items
Levy, Aaron, 1742-1815 (1781-1815)Papers P-12410 Items
Levy, Asher (1807-)Business Records P-125New York, NY1 Item
Levy, Esther (1843-1843)Personal P-079New York City, NY1 Folder
Levy, Haym, 1739-1795 (1795-)Personal Papers P-268Newport, NY and New Orleans, LA1 Item
Levy, Israel (1824-)Legal P-656New York, NY1 Box
Levy, Jacob Jr. 1762-1837 (1837-)Legal P-674New York, NY1 Box
Levy, Jefferson Monroe, 1852-1924 (1901-1939)Papers P-04816 Items + 7 Scrapbooks
Levy, Jonas Phillips, 1807-1883 (1851-1882)Personal Papers P-412VA
Levy, Judah Solomon (1852-)Personal P-660Tetvan, Morocco
Levy, Juliet Lopez (1852-)Papers P-1221 Item
Levy, Lyon, Esq. (1848-1848)Personal P-106New York City, NY1 Folder
Levy, Mark (1855-1855)Personal P-093New York City, NY1 Folder
Levy, Mark, D. 1855 (1855-)Personal P-093New York, NY1 Box
Levy, Samuel A. (1842-)Business P-658Philadelphia, PA1 Item
Levy, Uriah Philipps, 1792-1862 (1787-1944)Papers P-043131 Items
Levy, William Mallory (1877-)Papers P-1261 Item
Lewisohn Family (1750-)Genealogy P-51325 pp.
Lichtenberg, Philip (1853-1853)Personal P-168New York City, NY1 Item
Liebman, Joshua Loth (1940-1947)Rabbinical Papers P-636Boston, MA1 Box
Lifschitz, Aaron (1906-)Personal P-655Philadelphia, PA1 Flat Portfolio
Lilienthal, Max, 1815-1882 (1847-)Rabbinical Papers P-363Augusta, GA9 pp
Linfield, Harry Sebee (1907-1970) P-346
Lipman, Hymen L. (1842-)Business P-457Philadelphia, PA2 Items
Lipsky, Louis, 1876-1963 (1898-1976)Personal P-67222 Boxes
Lisan, Manuel (1897-1968)Papers P-1381 Box
Lisitzky, Ephraim E., 1895-1962 (1934-1962)Personal P-627New Orleans, LA1 Box
List, Albert A. (1966-1966)Personal P-2772 Pages
Litman, Ray Frank. 1864-1948 (1878-1957)Papers P-0462 Boxes
Lloyd George, David (1863-1945) (1863-1945)Autographs P-073One Volume
London, Hannah Ruth Papers, 1943-78 (1943-1978)Personal P-3475 Boxes
Lopez, Aaron Papers (1752-1794)Personal P-011Ca. 6800 Items, 14 Cartons
Lopez, Abraham, Letter (1766-)Business Papers P-381Kingston, Jamaica1 Page
Lopez, David, D. 1884 (1862-)Legal P-458SC2 Items
Louzada, Aaron (1746-1756)Personal P-188NJ3 Items
Lowenthal, Marvin, 1890-1969 (1890-1956)PapersP-14017 Boxes
Lown, Philip W. (1944-1975)Personal P-1622 Boxes
Lyons, Jacques Judah Collection (1728-1776)Personal P-01512 Cartons
Lyons, Judah Eleazer, 1779-1849 (1800-1837)Papers P-1215 Items
Lyons, Solomon, of Philadelphia Papers (1788-1804)PersonalP-006Philadelphia, PA1 Carton (18 Items)
Mamon, William (1808-)Legal P-459New Haven, CT1 P.
Mannheimer Family Correspondence (1915-1931)Personal P-1726 Items
Markens, Isaac, 1846-1928 (1778-1916)Personal P-0472 Boxes (.8 Linear Ft)
Marks Family of Philadelphia (1799-1799)Personal P-169PA1 Item
Marks, Sarah Ann (1794-)Personal Papers P-3991 Item
Marks, Solomon, 1766-1824 (1814-)Personal Papers P-1692 pp.
Marshall, Louis, 1856-1929 (1906-1929)Papers P-0244 Boxes (608 Items)
Marx, Asher (1815-1815)Personal P-1902 Items
Mayer, Alexander (1850-1852)Letters P-11727 Items
Medina, Shmuel Robles De (1763- )Personal PapersP-113Surinam1 Bound Item (96 Leaves)
Memminger, Christopher Gustavus, 1803-1888 (1864-)Legal P-460Tallahassee, FL3 pp.
Menken Family (1878-1923)Personal P-635Cincinnati, OH1 Box
Menken, Adah Isaacs, 1835-1868 (1862-1868)Personal P-5598 Items
Menken, Alice Davis, 1870-1936 (1882-1935)Papers P-0234 Scrapbooks, 3 Boxes
Menuhin, Yehudi (1969-1969)Personal P-2751 Item
Mesquita, Moses Gomez De, 1688-1751 (1744-1746)Prayers P-111London, England60 Leaves
Mielziner Family Genealogy (1928-)Genealogical Chart P-342
Mielziner, LeoPersonalP-61048 pp.
Milontaler Family (1875-1987)Papers P-553Boston, MA25 Items, 90 pp.
Mincer Family Material, 1896-1981 (1896-1981)Family History P-387Detroit, MI; Bonham, TX7 Items
Montefiore, Sir Moses Haim (1858-1858)Personal P-1891 Item
Morais, Sabato, 1823-1897 (1851-1893)Papers P-05529 Items + 22 Clippings
Mordecai Family (1771-1907)Papers P-11643 Items
Mordecai, Sarah Ann (Hays), 1805-1894 (1823-1833)Collection P-0702 Bound Vols. & 19 Items
Morgenthau Family (1808-1946)Genealogy P-613160 pp
Morris, Robert (1798-1798)Personal P-3161 Item
Morrison Family Papers (1887-1947)Personal Papers P-394Boston, MACa. 30 Items, Scrapbook
Moses Family Papers (1767-1941)Personal P-001New York City, NYCa. 260 Items
Moses-Loeb FamilyGenealogyP-3571 Sheet
Moss Family of Philadelphia (1840-1895)PersonalP-014Philadelphia, PA12 Scrapbooks
Moss, Joseph Lyons, 1804-1874 (1828-)Letters P-365Philadelphia, PA2 Items
Moss, Sanford A. (1942-1942)Personal P-1921 Page
Mossler Family (1858-1871)Personal P-5222 Items
Multer, Abraham J., 1900- (1954-1966)Papers P-089137 Boxes
Myers-Cohen Family of Philadelphia (1815-1819)Personal P-238Philadelphia, PA2 Items
Naar, David (1846-1846)Personal P-3374 Pages
Nathan Family (1791-1918)PapersP-054New York, NY22 Items + Notebook
Nathan, Moses Henry, 1821-1875 (1865-)Personal P-466Columbia, SC2 pp.
Nathan, Moses, 1749-1815 (1782-1798)Papers P-065100 pp.
Nathans Family of Philadelphia (1816-1823)Personal P-33610 Items
Nathans, Isaac (1819-1819)Personal P-3351 Page
Navarro, Israel (1808-)Legal P-3961 P.
Nigrosh, Max (1919-1946)Personal P-542Boston, MAP-542
Noah, Mordecai Manuel Letters, Isaac Goldberg Collection of (1827-1848)Persoanl PapersP-075 Box 228 Items
Noah, Mordecai Manuel, 1785-1851 (1816-1851)Papers P-075New York, NY75 Items
Nones Family Papers (1812-1822)Personal P-005200 Pages
Nones, David B. (1810-1829)Personal Papers P-366VA
Noot, Simon C. (1847-1847)Personal P-2081 Item
Nunez (Nunes), Samuel (1784-)Legal P-468GA3 pp.
Obermayer, Leon J. (1919-1973)Papers P-14124 Boxes
Oppenheim, Jeffrey. Family TreeGenealogy P-3701 Sheet
Oppenheim, Samuel Collection (1650-1850)Personal P-25543 Boxes
Ottolengui Family (1866-)Legal P-499Charleston, SC3 pp.
Papers of Benjamin Peixotto (1870-1870)Personal P-1951 Item
Papers of the Polock Family of Philadelphia (1856-1856)Personal P-197Philadelphia, PA1 Item
Pearlman, Nathan D. (1915-1952)Papers P-0669 Boxes
Peerce, Jan (1972-1972)Personal P-3311 Item
Peixotto, Moses Levy Maduro, 1767-1828 (1829-)Personal Papers P-3517 Items
Perlman, Max, Papers (1943-1944)Personal Papers P-391Oswego, NY15 Items
Perlman, Robert (1870-1914)Personal P-654Hungary1 Box
Pettit, Charles, 1736-1806 (1789-)Personal P-470Havana, Cuba1 P.
Philip Slomovitz (1933-1967)Papers P-084500 Items
Phillips Family (of New York City and Philadelphia) (1733-1954)PersonalP-017New York, NY8 Boxes (3.3 Linear Feet)
Phillips, Emily (1893-1893)Personal P-20213 Items
Phillips, Jonas Altamont, 1806-1862 (1837-1902)Personal P-4711 Volume
Picon, Molly (1898- (1876-1967)Personal Papers P-038New York, NY44 Box, 22 Scrap, 3 Parcel
Pincus, Simon, 1844-1934 (1920-1934)Personal P-6501 Box
Pinto, Isaac (1765-1765)Personal P-2061 Item
Polack, M., D. 1862? (1836-1862)Mohel's Record Book P-072Baltimore, MD1 Bound Item (150pp.)
Polier, Shad (1938-1987)Personal P-57217 Boxes
Preuss FamilyPersonalP-526NJ2 Items
Price, Samuel 1886-1962 (1913-1962)Papers P-095Springfield, MA7 Boxes
Pulitzer, Joseph, 1847-1911 (1883-)Personal P-4733 Items
Rabalsky, Benjamin (1913-1932)Personal P-1531 Box (ca. 200 Items)
Rabb Family Papers (1912-1989)Personal P-679Boston, MA14.5 Linear Feet; 20 Boxes
Rabinoff, George W., 1893-1970 (1912-1971)Papers P-05811 Boxes
Rabinovitz, Meyer Azriel, 1865-1929 (1906-1929)Rabbinical PapersP-367New York, NY10 Items
Rabinowits, David Meir (1909-1909)Personal P-257Boston, MA1 Item
Rabinowitz FamilyGenealogyP-516Lunenberg, VT
Rabson, S. M.GenealogyP-52343 P.
Raphael, Ralph B., 1856-1903Manuscripts P-3602 Boxes, Ca.1185 pp
Raphael, Solomon (1787-1787)Personal P-2031 Item
Raphall, Morris Jacob (1863-1863)Personal P-3292 Pages
Razovsky, Cecelia (1912-1968)Personal P-2906 Cartons
Reis Family (1831-1880)Personal P-3386 Items
Rieur, Jacques (1930-1937)Personal P-669Montclair, NJ1 Box
Rose (Roos) Family (1772-1962)Collection P-1292 Items
Rosenbaum Zell Collection (1868-1973)Personal Papers P-353Palest, Germany4 Items
Rosenbaum, Michael, 1826-1889 (1865-)Personal P-475Petersberg, VA1 P.
Rosenberg, Louis (1843-1843)Personal P-330Baltimore, MD1 Page
Rosenberg, Michael Samuel (1831-1831)Personal P-2911 Item
Rosenblum, William Franklin (1910-1968)Personal P-327New York City, NY17 Boxes
Rosenfeld, Morris (1898-)Papers P-1391 Box
Rosenthal, Louis N. (1859-)Personal P-476Philadelphia, PA1 Item
Rosenthal, Moses (1912-1971)Personal P-53540 Items
Rosenwald, Julius, 1862-1932 (1917-1927)Personal P-4772 Items
Roth, Benjamin (1854-1969)Personal P-603Germany5 Items
Rothchild, Nathan Meyer (1834-1834)Personal P-1981 Item
Rothnagel-Rankus Family GenealogyGenealogy P-368Rumania2 Boxes
Rukeyser, Merryle Stanley (1924-1966)Personal P-29398 Pages
Sachs Family (1842-1990)Genealogy P-62214 Items
Salit, Norman, 1896-1960 (1917-1959)Papers P-0358 Boxs
Salomon, Haym, 1740-1785 (1777-1967)Papers P-0416 Boxes
Sampter, LawrenceCollectionP-06760 Items
Samuel Family (1853-1967)Personal P-478Philadelphia, PA2 Volumes
Samuel, Hyman (1791-1791)Personal P-305Petersburg, VA1 Item
Sawyer Family (1837-)Genealogy P-538Moscow, Russia24 pp.
Schachter, Samuel (1885-)Papers P-1081 Box
Schary, Dore, Signed Essay, 1952 (1952-) P-344
Schatz, Boris (1905-1932)Autobiography P-571Bulgaria3 Items
Schiff, Jacob Henry (1912-1918)Personal P-2954 Items
Schorz, Carl (1888-1888)Personal P-283New York City, NY25 Pages
Schwab Family GenealogyGenealogy P-388Memphis, TN3 Items
Schwager, Charles (1909-1948)Personal P-301133 Pages
Schwartz, William S. (1932-)Personal Papers P-3546 Items
Schwarz - Lewi Family (1828-1934)Genealogy P-662Albany, NY1 Box
Schweid, Mark, 1891 - (1935-1936)Personal Papers P-340New York, NYCa. 150 pp
Scwartz, Maurice, CA 1888-1960Personal P-4941 Item
Seelav, Samuel (1900-1905)Personal P-2924 Items
Seixas Family (1748-1911)Papers P-06029 Items
Seixas, Rachel Levy Phillips, 1767-1843 (1821-1828)Personal Papers P-383Paris, France3 Items
Seligman Family (1870-1903)Misc Items P-1075 Items
Selz, Abraham, 1819-1906 (1853-1881)Mohel's Record Book P-385Niederstettin, Germany; MD55 Leaves
Shahn, Ben (1964-1966)Personal P-2844 Pages
Shapiro, Harry, 1887-1967 (1953-1963)Papers P-0564 Boxes
Shecter, Louis E. (1928-1975)Personal P-1652 Boxes
Sheftall, Mordecai. The Sheftall Papers (1761-1873)Personal P-0123175 Items
Shubow, Leo, 1903-1981 (1933-1958)Rabbinical Papers P-395Boston, MACa. 150 Items
Siegal, Isaac, 1880-1947 (1897-1944)Papers P-0331 Box
Silver, Harold (1925-1927)Papers P-1491 Box
Silver, Harold (1925-1977)Personal P-1491 Box (ca, 150 Items)
Simon, Bilah (Belle), 1755-1833 (1774-1779)Religious ArtifactsP-238Philadelphia, PA2 Items
Simpson, Lassack H. 1765-1842 (1879-) P-110New York, NY
Simson Family (1713-1892)PapersP-10920 Items
Sloan, Sara Wernon, 1888- (1898-)Personal P-640Odessa, Russia1 Box
Slomovitz, Philip (1969-1973)Personal Papers P-135Detroit, MI2 Boxes (.8 Lin Ft)
Slomovitz, Philip (1971-1974)Papers P-136Detroit, MI150 Items
Smith, E. Dalafield (1861-)Personal Papers I-002 Box 32 pp.
Snitzer, Joeph Lazarus, 1874- (1909-1944)Papers P-0362 Boxes, 5 Scrapbooks
Solender Family (1890-1989)Personal P-554New York, NY18 Boxes
Solis and Solis - Cohen Family (1808-1990)Personal P-642Philadelphia, PA
Solis and Solis-Cohen Family of Philadelphia (1806-1990)Personal P-642Philadelphia, PA6 Items
Solomon Family of New York (1877-1881)Personal P-2963 Items
Solomon, H. (1821-1821)Personal P-2942 Items
Solomon, Henry E. (1825-)Personal Papers P-400SC1 Item
Solomons, Adolphus Simeon, 1826-1910 (1841-1910)Papers P-028200 P. & 4 Scrapbooks
Spiegel, Marcus M. (1860-)Personal P-483OH1 P.
Spiegelberg, Willi (1883-1919)Personal P-30335 Pages
Spielberger Family (1878-1969)Personal P-609Akron, OH5 Boxes
Starr, Myer, 1893-1979Autobiography P-525Malden, MA63 pp.
Steinberg, Milton, 1903-1950 (1920-1981)Personal Papers P-369New York, NY28 Boxes
Steinbrink, Meier, 1880- (1921-1952)Scrapbooks P-1031 Box
Stern, Louis (1905-1915)Personal P-28111 Items
Stern, Morris (1867-)Legal P-484New York, NY1 P.
Strakosch, MauricePersonalP-2151 Item
Strasburger Family of NY (1854-1887)Personal P-217New York City, NY27 Items
Straus, Nathan (1899-1929)Personal P-220New York City, NY8 Items
Straus, Oscar Solomon, 1850-1926 (1892-1921)Personal P-485NY17 Letters
Strauss, Abraham (1979-1919)Personal P-648Boston, MA1 Box
Strauss, Lewis Lichtenstein (1896-1974) (1908-1973)Personal P-63276 Boxes
Sulzberger Family (1825-1923)Personal Papers P-147Philadelphia, PA16 Items (1 Box, .25 Lf)
Sutro, Adolph Heinrich Joseph (1896-1897)Personal P-3184 Pages
Szold, Henrietta (1904-1936)Personal P-2166 Items
Taylor Family (1908-1976)Personal P-213Ca. 100 Items
Tenzer, Herbert (1965-1965)Personal P-3081 Item
Touro Family (1812-1854)Personal P-2148 Items
Trounstine Family (1856-)Legal P-488Cincinnati, OH2 pp
Troy, N.Y. Merchants Union Express Company (1870-1870)Personal P-307Troy, NY1 Item
Ungar, Louis Arthur, 1893-1974 (1893-1974)Papers P-1372 Boxes
Untermeyer, Samuel, 1858-1940 (1917-1932)Personal Papers P-38415 pp.
Van Buren, Martin, Pres. 1782-1862 (1840-)PapersP-1313 Items
Velleman, Natalie J. (1812-)Genealogy P-5437 Items
Waksman, Selman Abraham, 1888-1973 (1886-1975)Papers P-0974 Boxes
Waskow, Arthur I. (1963-1977)Personal P-15215 Boxes
Watts, John S. (1862-)Personal P-490NM1 P.
Weill, Milton, 1891- (1918-1950)Papers P-0344 Boxes
Weinberg, Bernard (1933-1934)Personal P-668Port Elizabeth, South Africa1 Box
Weiss, Samuel Arthur, 1902- (1941-)Personal P-6701 Box
Wheeler, Everett P. (1907-1921)Personal P-2888 Items
Wilson, Woodrow, Pres. U.s. (1904-1916)Personal P-2232 Items
Winogradoff, Jospeh (1920-1924)Personal P-6661 Box
Wise, Mrs. M. (1861-)Letters P-132New York, NY2 Items
Wise, Stephen S. 1874-1949 (1841-1978)Papers P-134191 Boxes
Wolf, Gertrude, D. 1966 (1910-1942)Papers P-027Portland, OR2 Boxes (470 Items)
Wolf, Simon, 1836-1923 (1861-1923)Papers P-0252 Boxes (342 Items)
Wolfe, David (1809-) P-133New York1 Item
Wolff, Abraham (1817-)Business P-491Philadelphia, PA2 Items
Wolff, Joseph, 1795-1862 (1823-1859)Personal P-6027 Items
Wolk Family (1902-1906)PersonalP-643Vilna, Poland1 Box
Yulee, David Levy, 1810-1886 (1842-1866)Papers P-11515 Items
Zangwill, Israel (1897-1964)Personal P-225Ca. 125 pp.
Zeman, Isador Louis, 1893-1985 (1911-1982)Personal P-549Youngstown, OH11 Items, Two Boxes
Zigmond, Rabbi Maurice L. (1904- ) (1943-1964)Papers P-112Cambridge, MA20 Boxes
Zunitz Family (1797-1820)Personal P-2973 Items

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