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Name Type Call # Locality Size
Adler, Selig, 1909- , Collector. Material Pertaining To The Jewish Community of Buffalo, N.Y. (1882-1972) Institutional I-108 Buffalo, NY 1 Box (117 Items)
Aleph Beth Club (1914-1923) Fraternal I-276 St. Paul, MN I Box
America-Israel Society (1959-1966) National I-272 1 Box
American Association For Jewish Education (founded 1939) (1942-) Institutional I-075 29 Boxes
American Economic Committee For Palestine (1933-1938) National I-288
American Jewish Commitee - Office Of War Records (1918-1921) Institution I-009 21 Boxes- 9.5 Linear Ft.
American Jewish Committee. San Francisco Collection Committee (founded 1906-dissolved 1907) Institutional I-086 1 Box
American Jewish Conference (established 1943 as the American Jewish Assembly; terminated its activities in 1949) (1943-1948) Institutional I-067 10 Boxes
American Jewish Congress (1916-) Institutional I-077 246 Boxes
American Jewish Historical Exhibition (1901-1902) Institution I-021 186 Items
American Jewish Press Association (established 1943? As The American Assoc. of English-Jewish Newspapers, Reorganized 1960) (1944-1961) Institutional I-062 2 Boxes
American Jewish Relief Committee For Sufferers From The War (founded 1914 - Dissolved 1919) (1914-1917) Institutional I-083 1 Box
American Jewish Tercentenary Celebration Papers 1951-1956 (1951-1956) Institution I-011 7 Boxes
American League For A Free Palestine (1944-1947) Political I-278 1 Box
American League To Combat Anti-Semitism (1939-1940) Political I-263 1 Box
American Society For Jewish Farm Settlements In Russia, Inc. (1929-1930) Agricultural I-129 10 Items
American Zionist Council (1940-1969) Political I-284 2 Boxes
Anshey Dowig Association (1887-1984) Landsmanshaft I-219 Boston, MA 42 Items
Arab Blacklist Papers (1971-1976) Political I-187 1 Vol., 5 Supplements
Aryeh Lev Papers (1937-1980) Military I-249 58 Boxes
Association For The Free Distribution Of Matsot To The Poor (1855-1858) Institutional I-106 New York, NY 1 Box (12 Items)
Association For The Sociological Study Of Jewry (1970-1981) Academic I-207 2 Boxes
Audits & Surveys, Inc. (1980-1981) I-209 3 Folders
B'nai Brith Arnon Centennial Lodge #39 (1908-) Fraternal Organization I-030 New York, NY 131 Pp
B'nai Brith. Manhattan-Washington Lodge #19 (1871-1931) Institution I-031 30 Items, 6000 Pages
B'nai Brith. Missouri Lodge (1863-) Fraternal I-194 1 Item
B'nai Brith. Mt. Sinai Lodge #270 (1878-1893) Institution I-029 2 Items, 786 Pages
B'nai Brith. Washington Irving Lodge #312 (1879-1884) Institution I-029 1 Item, 180 Pages
B'nai Moses Congregation (1890-1935) Synagogue I-264 Muscatine, IO 9 Items
B. Manischewitz Co. (1947-1992) I-283 1 Box
Barbados Jewish Community (1679-1901) Communal I-139 Barbados, , 26 Pp.
Baron De Hirsch Fund (established 1890) (1870-1935) Institutional I-080 63 Boxes
Baron De Hirsch Trade School (1890-1935) Institutional I-055 New York, NY 58 Boxes + Misc.
Beth Hamidrosh Hagadol (1890-1934) Synagogue I-247 St. Louis, MO 1 Reel
Beth Joseph Center (est. 1924 As Beth Yehudah Center, Became Beth Joseph 1932, Dissolved 1989) (1944-1989) Community I-262 Rochester, NY 2 Boxes
Bickur Cholem Ukadishu (1873-1940) Fra I-060 Chicago, IL 3 Cartons-3 Ledger Books
Blue Card, Inc. (1958-1978) National I-253 12 Items
Board Of Delegates Of American Israelites (1859-1880) Institutional I-002 4 Cartons (1500 Items)
Breira (1973-) I-160 2 Boxes
Breira, Inc. (1973-1979) Political I-250 16 Boxes
Brownsville, N.Y. Memoranda I-138 Brooklyn, NY 2 Pp.
Cambridge Hebrew Women's Aid Society (founded 1897 As The Cambridge Hebrew Ladies' Charitable Society; Name Changed In 1919) (1914-1969) Institutional I-113 Cambridge, MA 1 Box
Camp Council I-214 Philadelphia, PA 25 Items
Camp Equinunk (1944-1950) I-246 Equinunk, PA 9 Items
Canadian Jewish Herald - Magen David Adom Papers (1978-) I-165 175 Items
Carvalho & Hirsch (1841-) I-195 1 P.
Central Committee Of America In Aid Of Starving Jews In Russia (1900-) Institution I-015
Central Conference Of American Rabbis (1915-1945) National I-215 220 Items
Central Jewish Organization (1913-1916) National I-212 Boston, MA 1 Item
Chaltham County Georgia, Sheriff's Office. (1803-) I-196 Savannah, GA 1 P.
Chebra Gemilath Chesed (1853-1869) Burial Society I-130 Boston, MA 215 Pp.
Chevra Kadisha Gemilath Chesed Shel Emeth (a.k.a. Chevra Kadisha Agudath Achim) (1899-1920) Burial Society I-132 Fall River, MA 1 Item
Chevra Kadusha (1882-1974) Religious I-185 Boston, MA 3 Boxes
Citizens (1906-) Correspondence I-149 St. Paul, MN 1 Item
Citizens (1865-) Other I-198 Chicago, IL 1 P.
City College, Dept. Of Romance Languages Investigating Committee. (1938-1945) Institutional I-098 New York, NY 1 Box
City Court Of The City Of New York (1860-1907) Institutional I-049 New York, NY 297 Boxes
City Court Of The City Of New York (1674-1860) Legal I-151 New York, NY 23 Folios, 13 Film Reels
Civil War Centennial Jewish Historical Commission (1960-1962) Institution I-040 114 Items
Clara De Hirsch Literary Society (1902-1904) Educational I-275 Minneapolis, MN
Columbia Religious And Industrial School For Jewish Girls (founded 1888, Incorporated, 1907) (1905-1944) Institution I-024 New York, NY 91 Items
Combined Jewish Philanthropies Charity I-220 Boston, MA 3 Boxes
Committee On Cooperation (1936-) National I-174 1 Box
Community Relations Conference National I-171
Concerned Jewish Students Of Greater Boston (est. 1970) (1970-1972) I-157 Boston, MA 200 Pp.
Congregation Adath Jeshurun (1912-1926) Synagogue I-244 Philadelphia, PA 5 Items
Congregation Ahaveth Achim (1900-1910) Synagogue I-222 Chelsea, MA 9 Items
Congregation Am Echod, Minute Book (1896-1901) Institutional I-079 Waukegan, IL 1 Box
Congregation Anshai Russia. A History, By Abraham Noah Ravitz I-225 Newark, NJ 2 Items
Congregation Anshei Libovitz (1894-1965) Institutional I-103 Boston, MA 5 Boxes
Congregation Beth Elohim (1790-1950) Institutional I-107 Charleston, SC 25 Items
Congregation Beth Hamidrash Hagadol (1922-1940) Synagogue I-239 Boston, MA 3 Items
Congregation Beth Israel (1911-1945) Institutional I-051 Cambridge, MA 3 Boxes
Congregation Beth Israel (1887-1890) Synagogue I-131 Boston, MA 2 Items
Congregation Bnai Israel (1907-1957) Synagogue I-221 Revere, MA 8 Items
Congregation Bnai Jacob (1902-) Synagogue I-148 Canada, Montreal, QU 1 Item
Congregation Gates Of Prayer (established 1850) (1850-) Synagogue Records I-133 New Orleans, LA 2 Items
Congregation Glory Of Israel (generally Called Tiphereth Israel) (1912-1937) Synagogue I-229 Brooklyn, NY 2 Boxes
Congregation Kahal Adath Yeshurun Em Anshe Lubtz (1873-1914) Institution I-010 New York, NY 6 Linear Feet
Congregation Kenesseth Israel (1908-1965) Synagogue I-266 Boston, MA 34 Items
Congregation Kesser Israel (1902-) Synagogue I-150 Springfield, MA 18 Pp.
Congregation Linas Zedeck Beth Israel (1929-1960) Institutional I-101 Chelsea, MA 2 Ledgers And 6 Items
Congregation Mesilath Yeshurim And Talmud Torah (1927-1950) Synagogue I-128 New York, NY Minute Books And Ledgers
Congregation Mikve Israel (1790-1791) Synagogue I-277 Savannah, GA 1 Box
Congregation Mikveh Israel (1765-1945) Institution I-026 Philadelphia, PA 105 Items
Congregation Mishkan Israel (1925-1969) Institutional I-114 Dorchester, MA 1 Box
Congregation Ohava Emes (1859-1867) Synagogue I-252 Nashville, TN 2 Itmes, 56 Pp.
Congregation Rodeph Shalom (1899-1984) Synagogue I-242 Philadelphia, PA 18 Items
Congregation Shearith Israel Institutional I-004 New York City, NY 6 Cartons
Congregation Sherith Israel (1854-1872) Institutional I-097 San Francisco, CA
Congregaton Anshe Sefard (1924-1944) Synagogue I-269 Boston, MA 2 Items
Congregaton Beth Hamedrash (1909-1910) Institution I-105 Boston, MA 1 Item
Coordinating Committee Of Jewish Organizations Dealing With Employment Discrimination In War Industries (1942-1945) Political I-169
Coordinating Committee Of National Jewish Organizations For The United National Clothing Collection For War Relief (1945-) National I-175 75 Pp.
Council Of Jewish Federation And Welfare Funds (1916-) Institutional I-069 395 Boxes
Council Of Jewish Federations. Oral History Interviews (1985-1989) Institutional I-059 4 Boxes
Curacao Jewish Community (1683-1976) Institutional I-112 Curacao, , 1 Box (207 Items)
Damascus Affair (1840-1841) Political I-238 32 Items
Delaware Valley College Of Science And Agriculture (founded 1896 By Rev. Joseph Krauskopf As The Nat (1902-1967) Institution I-036 420 Items
Description Of Wedding, Nineteenth Century I-144 Lexington, MO 3 Pp.
East Lexington Hebrew Congregation Of Temple Bnai Jacob (1938-1945) Institutional I-102 Lexington, MA 1 Ledger Book
East Side Emergency Loan Fund (1915-) Loan Assoc. I-140 New York, NY 2 Pp.
Executive Committee On The Celebration Of The Two Hundred And Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Settlement Of The Jews In The United States (1904-1906) Institution I-016 1 Box
Federation Of Jewish Women's Organizations (1912-1982) Fraternal I-208 New York, NY 8 Boxes
First Baltimore Hebrew Guards (formed In 1846) (1846-) Military I-134 Baltimore, MD 1 Item
First Radomer Congregation (1944-1969) Synagogue Records I-124 New York, NY 2 Ledgers
Freedom Seder Collection (1969-1970) Institutional I-064 600 Items
Freemasons. King Solomon's Lodge #279 (1878-1922) Institution I-039 8 Items, 139 Pages
Friends Of Ida Kaminska Theatre Foundation Inc. (incorporated 1970, Dissolved 1975) (1968-1975) I-122 3 Boxes (2500 Items)
Galveston Immigration Plan (founded 1907-dissolved 1914) (1907-1918) Institutional I-090 6 Boxes
Gan Chaim Corporation Limited (1927-1933) I-251
General Jewish Council (1938-1944) National I-170 18 Boxes
German Hebrew Benevolent Society Of The City Of New York (founded 1884, Incorporated, 1848) (1848-) Institutional I-046 New York, NY 1 Item
Graduate School For Jewish Social Work (1925-1938) Institution I-007 New York, NY 6 Boxes
Hamilton House (1928-1940) Immigrant Aid I-281 New York, NY 1 Box
Hartman-homecrest (1927-1970) Orphan I-233 New York, NY 1 Box
Harvard University (1809-) Other I-199 Cambridge, MA 1 P.
Hebra Shel Bikur Holim Ugemilut (1830-) Burial Society I-147 Philadelphia, PA 7 Pp.
Hebra Tarumot Hakodesh (founded In London In 1824; American Branch In Existence, 1832-185?) (1824-1847) Institution I-033 18 Items
Hebrew Benevolent Society Of The City Of New York (1859-1862) I-258 New York, NY 3 Items
Hebrew Congregation - Madison, Wisc. (1856-1922) Institution I-019 Madison, WI 1 Volume
Hebrew Custom Tailors Cemetery Association (1943-1975) I-260 Boston, MA 3 Items
Hebrew Educational Alliance And Congregation Toras Moshe (1949-1964) Synagogue I-231 Boston, MA 21 Items
Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society Of The United States (1881-) National I-184 1 Item
Hebrew Female Orphans Dowry Society Of The United States Institution I-022 1 Item
Hebrew Free Loan Society (1944-1970) Loan Society I-205 Pittsfield, MA 2 Ledgers
Hebrew Free Loan Society Of Boston (established 1912 As Hebrew Free Loan Society, Reorganized Under Present Name 1937) (1912-) Institutional I-115 Boston, MA 2 Boxes
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (1870-1977) Institutional I-096 Boston, MA 248 Boxes
Hebrew Infant Asylum Of The City Of New York (1895-1917) Orphanage I-166 New York, NY 2 Boxes (11 Items)
Hebrew Orphan Asylum (1886-1972) Institution I-042 New York, NY 14 Boxes, 9 Ledgers
Hebrew Orphan Asylum (1878-1969) I-230 Brooklyn, NY 5 Boxes, 5 Ledgers
Hebrew Orphan Asylum (founded 1822 As Hebrew Benevolent Soc., Various Name Changes Until 1906, , Merged 1940 Into Jewish Child Care Assoc. (1855-1941) Institution I-042 New York, NY 62 Boxes, 35,000 Items
Hebrew Relief Society (1925-1926) Charity I-155 New York, NY
Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society Of New York (founded 1879, Merged Into Jewish Child Care Assoc. Of New York In 1940) (1879-1940) Institutional I-043 New York, NY 9 Boxes
Hebrew Teachers Association Of Greater Boston, 1934-1956 (1934-1956) Institution I-119 Boston, MA 3 Boxes
Hecht Neighborhood House (founded 1889 As Hebrew Industrial School; Changed Name 1922; Merged With YMHA of Boston In 1958/59 To Become YMHA-Hecht Hoe Institutional I-074 Boston, MA 27 Boxes
Home For Hebrew Infants (1897-1943) Orphan Society I-232 New York, NY 2 Boxes, 1 Ledger
Immigrants Mutual Aid Society, Inc., Boston (1949-1975) Institutional I-109 Boston, MA 2 Boxes
Independent Order Brith Abraham, Dr. Gaster Lodge No. 689 (1913-1918) Institutional I-104 Boston, MA 1 Box
Independent Order Of Ahawas Israel, United Brethren Lodge No. 139 (1906-1920) Institutional I-100 Sag Harbor, NY 3 Ledgers + 20 Items
Independent Order Of Brith Abraham, Sag Harbor Lodge No. 297 (1909-1920) Institutional I-099 Sag Harbor, NY 1 Ledger Book
Independent Slonimer Benevolent Society, New York. (1925-1947) Landsmanschaft I-126 New York, NY 2 Boxes
Industrial Removal Office (1899-1922) Institutional I-091 123 Boxes
Informal Committee On Commemoration Of The Jewish Military Chaplaincy (1961-1963) Institutional I-044 815 Items
Inquisition Records (1572-1772) Institutional I-003 Mexico, , 20 Boxes
Institute For Jewish Life (1972-1976) Cultural I-168 11 Boxes
Intercollegiate Zionist Federation Of America (1945-195) Institutional I-057 1 Box
Jamaica, West Indies (1674-1900) Institutional I-082 Jamaica, , 1 Box
Jewish Academy Of Arts And Sciences (founded 1927) (1932-1949) Intellectual I-121 2 Boxes
Jewish Agricultural Society (1901-1978) Agricultural I-206 7 Boxes
Jewish Book Council Of America (1949-) I-259 5 Boxes
Jewish Child Care Association (1943-) I-235 New York, NY 13 Boxes, 17 Scrapbooks
Jewish Children's Clearing Bureau (1923-1938) Institutional I-081 1 Box
Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital (1937-1967) Hospital I-245 Brooklyn, NY 2 Boxes
Jewish Community Council Of Metropolitan Boston (established 1944) (1939-) Community I-123 Boston, MA 211 Boxes, 4 Albums
Jewish Community Council Of Metropolitan Boston - Maciver Report Papers Institutional I-078 3 Boxes
Jewish Community Of Zvehil, Poland (1924-) Appreciation Testimonial I-141 Poland, Zvehil, 1 P.
Jewish Culture Club (1924-1926) Fraternal I-179 Boston, MA Record Book
Jewish Family And Children's Service (1922-) I-218 Boston, MA 50 Items
Jewish Family And Children's Service Of Denver (1921-1969) Institutional I-065 Denver, CO 57 Boxes
Jewish Frontier - Anniversary Speeches (1936-) Speeches I-142 12 Pp.
Jewish Historical Committee (1947-) Historical I-137 Boston, MA 12 Pp.
Jewish Historical Society Of Illinois (1918-) Institution I-034 Chicago, IL 12 Items
Jewish Hospital Association Of Philadelphia (1912-1926) I-243 Philadelphia, PA 5 Items
Jewish Immigration Committee (founded 1908 - Dissolved 1917?) (1908-1917) Institutional I-084 New York, NY 1 Box
Jewish Ministers Cantors Assoc. Of America (1925-1942) Music I-287 1 Box
Jewish Music Forum (1940-1963) I-255 New York, NY 1 Box
Jewish Peace Fellowship (1942-) Political I-189 19 Boxes
Jewish Public Relations Council (1944-) National I-176 Pittsburgh, PA 7 Pp.
Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation, Inc. (1934-1970) Institutional I-071 47 Boxes
Jewish Sabbath Alliance Of America (1908-1925) Religious I-282 1 Box
Jewish Sisters Mutual Aid Society (1920-1958) Institutional I-072 New York, NY 5 Boxes
Jewish Social Service Organization Of Schenectady (1913-1943) I-261 Schenectady, NY 7 Items
Jewish Student Press Service (1970-) National I-248 7 Boxes
Jewish Vocational Aid Society (1910-1979) I-216 Boston, MA 100 Items
Jewish War Veterans Of The United States (1923-1968) Institution I-032 277 Items
Jews For Urban Justice (1966-1970) Political I-159 Washington, DC 300 Pp.
Joint Advisory Committee (1947-1972) National I-191 11 Boxes
Kadimah Zionist Club (1929-1935) Institutional I-116 Boston, MA 5 Items
Kehilla Of New York City (1909-1918) I-274 New York, NY 1 Box
Kesher Shel Barzel (founded 1860, Dissolved, 1903) (1860-1904) Institution I-028 9 Guidebooks, 2 Pamphlets
Khebrat Sha'arey Beenah (1878-) Synagogue I-226 New York, NY 1 Item
Kishinev Protest Meeting, Committee Of Arrangements, Papers Institution I-025 22 Items
Labor League (1914-1919) Labor I-267 Brockton, MA 4 Items
Labor Lyceum Workmen's Circle (1927-1931) Labor I-268 Brockton, MA 1 Item
Louisa M. Alcott Club I-210 Boston, MA 1 Item
Lynn Hebrew Young Men's Aid Association (established 1903-dissolved 1971) (1903-1970) Institutional I-073 Lynn, MA 3 Boxes
M. & E. Meyer & Co. (1858-) I-183 Selma, AL 1 P.
Madison House (1915-1953) Immigrant Aid I-279 New York, NY 1 Book
Maimonides Octocentennial Papers (1934-1935) Institution I-012 3 Boxes - 1500 Items
Marks Bros. (186-) Advertising I-193 Philadelphia, PA 1 Item
Massachusettes Observance Of The American Jewish Tercentenary (1952-1955) Institutional I-063 4 Boxes
Massachusetts Board Of Rabbis (1970-1980) Institutional I-056 MA 1 Box
Meretz Relief Association (1893-) Landsmanschaft I-217 Boston, MA 2 Boxes
Morgenthau Commission (1919-) I-143 1 Item
Mosaic (a Publication Of Harvard/Radcliffe Hillel Societies) (1961-1972) Fraternal I-178 Cambridge, MA 30 Items
Moss Rehabilitation Hospital (1899-1969) Institution I-038 Philadelphia, PA 1 Box
Mt. Sinai Hospital (founded 1852 As Jews Hosp. Name Changed 1866) (1852-1872) Institution I-037 New York, NY 12 Items
National Association Of Hillel Directors (1949-1967) Institution I-041 1000 Items
National Association Of Jewish Social Workers (1912-1916) Institutional I-088 2 Boxes
National Citizens Committee (1911-) Institution I-023 2 Boxes, 777 Items
National Citizens Committee For Fairness To The President (1973-1977) National I-177 3 Boxes
National Committee For The Relief Of Sufferers By Russian Massacres (1905-1909) Institutional I-005 Russia, , 2 Cartons (900 Items)
National Committee On Post-War Immigration Policy (1944-) National I-173 1 Box
National Community Relations Advisory Council (1944-) National I-172 29 Boxes
National Conference On Soviet Jewry (1964-) National I-181 72 Boxes
National Honey Board (1992-1993) I-271 1 Box
National Jewish Immigration Council (1910-1919) Institutional I-085 1 Box
National Jewish Population Study (1967-1973) National I-254 137 Boxes
National Jewish Welfare Board, Army-Navy Division (1917-1955) National I-180 343 Boxes
National Jewish Welfare Board, Bureau Of War Records (1940-1969) Institutional I-052 672 Boxes
National Refugee Service (1935-1946) Institutional I-092 7 Boxes
Near East Crisis Collection (1967-) Institution I-018 20 Boxes
Netherlands. States-General (1654-) Correspondence I-136 Jamaica, , 1 Item
New Century Club (1910-1972) Institutional I-095 Boston, MA 2 Boxes
New England Jewish Free Press (1969-1971) I-158 Boston, MA 75 Pp.
New England Jewish Music Forum (1958-1990) I-270 Boston, MA 9 Boxes
New England Student Struggle For Soviet Jewry (1970-1975) Student I-237 200 Pp.
New York (county) Hall Of Records (1787-1861) Legal I-153 New York, NY 9 Folios, 5 Film Reels
New York (county) Hall Of Records (1848-1920) Legal I-154 New York, NY 81 Folios, 27 Reels
New York (county) Surrogate's Office. Inventories Of Estates (1829-1867) I-203 New York, NY 18 Items
New York Association For Jewish Children (1940-1944) Orphanage I-236 New York, NY 2 Boxes, 1 Ledger
New York City Committee On Jewish Affairs (1960-1964) Religious I-190 New York, NY 500 Pp.
New York City Comptroller (1857-) I-257 New York, NY 6 Items
New York State Assembly (1984-) Political I-213 New York, NY 5 Items
New York State Court Of Common Pleas (1816-1845) Legal I-152 New York, NY 1 Folio, 1 Reel Film
Noah Benevolent Society (1852-1979) Orphan Assoc. I-186 New York, NY 27 Boxes
North American Relief Society For The Indigent Jews In Jerusalem, Palestine (1853-1888) Institution I-014 1 Box
Oheb Shalom Congregation, Congregation Beth Torah (1965-1986) Synagogue I-228 South Orange, Newark, NJ 14 Items
Organization Of Jewish Colonies In America (1931-1935) Institutional I-047 3 Boxes
Palestine Emergency Fund (1929-1930) National I-289 New York, NY 1 Box
Palestinian Educational Association (1918-) Institutional I-117 2 Papers
Paris Hebrew Benevolent Association (1876-1948) Burial Society I-135 Paris, TX 11 Pp.
Peoples's Relief Committee (1915-1924) Institution I-013 49 Boxes & 13 Scrapbooks
Phi Epsilon Pi (founded 1904 - Absorbed In Summer 1970 By Zeta Beta Tau) (1912-1969) Institutional I-076 53 Boxes
Philadelphia City Treasurer (1854-1881) I-192 Philadelphia, PA 76 Items
Philadelphia Y.M.H.A. and Y.W.H.A. (1881-) Community I-241 Philadelphia, PA 5 Boxes
Protest Committee Of Non-Jewish Women Against The Persecution Of Jews In Germany (est. 1933) (1933-) Political I-156 4 Pp.
Purim Association, 1862-1902 (1862-1906) Institution I-020 3 Items
Radomer Culture Center (1948-1966) Cultural I-125 New York, NY 1 Box
Rassco Israel Corporation (1953-1960) National I-280 1 Box
Rehabilitation Services (1954-1965) I-256 Boston, MA 75 Items
Round Table Club, Philadelphia (est. 1912) (1947-1977) I-145 Philadelphia, PA
Sabbath Observance Association (1900-1902) Religious I-273 New York, NY 1 Box
School For Jewish Communal Work (established 1916, Dissolved 1919) (1915-1918) Institutional I-089 New York, NY 1 Box
Seder Ritual Committee (founded By Rufus Learsi (Israel Goldberg In 1952, Has Functioned Under American Jewish Congress) (1952-1969) Institutional I-050 200 Items
Seligman Solomon Society (1912-1922) Institutional I-006 5 Cartons
Slonimer Ladies' Bikur Cholim Unter-Stutzungs Verein, New York. (est. 1913) (1915-1931) Fraternal I-127 New York, NY Ledger Book
Society For The Advancement Of Judaism (1922-1970) Institutional I-070 7 Boxes
Society Of Jewish Social Workers, New York (founded 1908-dissolved 1914?) (1912-1916) Institutional I-087 2 Boxes
Spinoza Tri-Centennial Celebration Collection (1932-) Institution I-017 1 Box - 320 Items
Standard Club (1882-1899) I-252 Nashville, TN 1 Item
Student Collection Institutional I-061
Surinam Jewish Community (1746-1968) Institutional I-094 Surinam, , 45 Items
Swiss Treaty (1857-1858) Institution I-035 14 Items
Synagogue Council Of America (1935-1974) Institutional I-068 55 Boxes
Temple Beth El (1903-) Institutional I-111 Birmingham, MI 8 Boxes
Temple Beth-El (1984-1987) Synagogue I-265 Corsicana, TX 3 Items
Training Bureau For Jewish Communal Service (1944-1951) Institution I-008 New York, NY 5 Boxes
Union Of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Of America (1923-1968) Institutional I-066 15 Boxes
United Hebew Benevolent Assoc. (1891-1894) Orphan Assoc I-211 Boston, MA 2 Items
United Hebrew Benevolent Assoc. (1888-1893) Charity I-223 Boston, MA 6 Items
United Hebrew Congregation (1841-1859) Institutional I-045 St. Louis, MO 1 Volume (178 Pages)
United Jewish Organizations (1910-1966) National Organization I-167 Philadelphia, PA 32 Items
United Kosher Butchers Association, Inc. (1929-) Institutional I-118
United Order True Sisters, Inc., Noemi No. 11 (established 1883, Dissolved In 1989) (1883-1989) Institutional I-058 21 Boxes
United Service For New Americans (1947-1954) Institutional I-093 7 Boxes
United States Sanitary Commission (founded In 1861 To Improve Medical Conditions In The Union Army) (1864-1864) Institutional I-048 2 Items
University Settlement Society Of New York, (incorporated 1892) (1899-1919) Institution I-027
West End House (1909-1981) Immigrant Aid I-285 Boston, MA 1 Box
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Flood (1972-1973) Institutional I-110 Wilkes-Barre, PA 2 Boxes
Woodbine Agricultural School (1893-1927) Institutional I-054 12 Boxes, 1 Portfolio
Woodbine Colony (1890-1933) Institutional I-053 5 Ledgers, 27 Boxes + Misc
Young Israel (1913-1973) National I-240 1 Box
Zionist House (1946-1989) I-286 Boston, MA 1 Box

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