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Name Type Call # Locality Size
Action Central for Soviet JewrySoviet Jewry MS-SOJ.C6Cleveland, OH1 Box
Adas Israel Congregation.Synagogue MS-SYN.W2Washington, DC3 Cartons
Albert Einstein College of MedicineEducationalMS-ED.A5New York, NY1 Carton
Albert Einstein Medical CenterMedical MS-MD.P3A5Philadelphia, PA3 Cartons
Alpha Epsilon Phi FraternityNational Org. MS-NAT.A131 Carton
Alpha Epsilon Pi FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.1351 Box
Alpha Epsilon Pi FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.A1352 Boxes
Alpha Epsilon Pi FraternityNational Org. MS-NAT.A1352 Carton
Alpha Omega FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.A1371 Box
Alpha Omega FraternityNational Org. MS-NAT.A1371 Box
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of AmericaLabor MS-LAB.A142 Boxes
American Academic Association for Peace In the Middle East (1967-)National Org.MS-NAT.A21 1 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
American Academic Association for Peace in the Middle EastNational Org.MS-NAT.A21New York City, NY
American Council for JudaismNational Org. MS-NAT.A2
American Financial and Development Corporation for IsraelNational Org.MS-NAT.A23New York City, NY1 Box
American Friends of the Hebrew UniversityNational Org. MS-ED.H50New York City, NY1 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism, Inc. (1969-1989)National Org.MS-NAT.A20B13 Boxes (1.25 Linear Feet)
American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism, Inc. (1969-)National Org.MS-NAT.A20B1New York City, NY
American Jewish CommitteeNational Org. MS-NAT.A2523 Cartons
American Jewish Joint Distribution CommitteeNational Org.MS-NAT.A457 Cartons
American Medical CenterMedical MS-MD.D2A5Denver, CO1 Carton
American Zionist Youth Foundation (1941-)National Org. MS-NAT.A48Y32 Boxes (.8 Linear Feet)
American Zionist Youth FoundationNational Org. MS-NAT.A48Y32 Boxes
Ampal American Israel CorporationNational Org. MS-NAT.A47P11 Box
Anshe Chesed CongregationSynagogue MS-SYN.C5Cleveland, OH2 Cartons
Anshe Emet CongregationSynagogue MS-SYN.C3Chicago, IL4 Cartons
Anshe Emeth Beth Tefilo CongregationSynagogue MS-SYN.C6Cleveland Heights, OH2 Cartons
Anti- Defamation League of B'nai B'rithNational Org.MS-NAT.A512 Cartons
Anti-Semitic LiteratureMiscellaneous MS-MIS.A241 Cartons
Arlington- Fairfax Jewish CenterSynagogue MS-SYN.A7Arlington, VA1 Carton
Assoc. of Orthodox Jewish Teachers of the N.Y. City Public Schools (1966-1982)EducationalMS-ED.N29Brooklyn, NY1 Box
Association of Jewish Center WorkersNational Org. MS-NAT.A751 Carton
Association of Jewish LibrariesNational Org. MS-NAT.A772 Cartons
B'nai B'rith Hillel FoundationNational Org. MS-NAT.B3221 Cartons
B'nai B'rith Independent OrderNational Org.MS-NAT.B311 Cartons
B'nai B'rith Independent Order of Aleph Zadik AlephNational Org.MS-NAT.B43 Cartons
B'nai Jeshurun CongregationSynagogue MS-SYN.C62Cleveland Heights, OH4 Cartons
B'rith SholomFraternalMS-FRA.B731 Box
Balti more Hebrew CongregationSynagogue MS-SYN.B2Baltimore, MD3 Cartons
Bay Area Council on Soviet JewrySoviet JewryMS-SOJ.S3San Francisco, CA1 Box
BellefaireInstitutionalMS-INS.C42B2Cleveland, OH2 Cartons
Berkeley Judah L. Magnes Memorial MuseumNational Org. MS-NAT.B21 Carton
Beta Sigma Rho FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.B31 Folder
Beth El HospitalMedical MS-MD.N3B3New York City, NY1 Carton
Beth Israel HospitalMedical MS-MD.B5B2Boston, MA1 Carton
Beth Israel HospitalMedical MS-MD.N3B4New York City, NY1 Carton
Beth Israel HospitalMedical MS-MD.N4B2Newark, NJ2 Cartons
Bnai ZionNational Org.MS-NAT.B51 Carton
Board of Jewish EducationEducational MS-ED.B2Baltimore, MD1 Carton
Board of Jewish EducationEducational MS-ED.B4Chicago, IL1 Carton
Brandeis InstituteEducationalMS-ED.B8Brandeis, CA1 Box
Brandeis UniversityEducationalMS-ED.B7Waltham, MA4 Boxes
Brith Abraham, Independent Order ofNational Org. MS-NAT.B71 Carton
Brith Abraham, Order ofNational Org.MS-NAT.B721 Carton
Brith SholomNational Org.MS-NAT.B731 Carton
Brooklyn Jewish CenterSynagogue MS-SYN.B85Brooklyn, NY1 Cartons
Buffalo Jewish CenterJCC MS-JCC.B8Buffalo, NY2 Cartons
Bureau of Jewish EducationEducational MS-ED.N25New York City, NY7 Boxes
Bureau of Jewish Employment ProblemsLocal MS-LOC.CIE3Chicago, IL1 Box
Canadian Jewish CongressNational Org. MS-NAT.C115 Cartons
Cantors Assembly of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.C231 Carton
Center for Jewish Community Studies (1970-1986)Think Tank MS-ED.C15Philadelphia, PA1 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
Central Conference of American RabbisNational Org. MS-NAT.C253 Cartons
Chicago Action for Soviet JewrySoviet JewryMS-SOJ.C33Chicago, IL1 Box
Chicago Action for Soviet JewryNational Org.MS-NAT.C331 Carton
City CollegeEducational MS-ED.N23New York City, NY5 Boxes
City of Hope (formerly Jewish Consumptive Relief Association, Los Angeles. Re-organized in 1949)Medical MS-MD.L5C2Los Angeles, CA1 Carton
Cleveland Jewish CenterSynagogue MS-SYN.C67Cleveland Heights, OH2 Cartons
Columbia UniversityEducationalMS-ED.C5New York City, NY1 Box
Committee to Free Morton SobellNational Org. MS-NAT.C552 Cartons
Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc.Holocaust MS-HOL.C1New York, NY1 Box
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish OrganizationsNational Org.MS-NAT.C571 Carton
Conference on Alternatives in Jewish EducationNational Org. MS-NAT.C581 Carton
Congregation B'nai JeshurunSynagogue MS-SYN.N2New York City, NY3 Cartons
Congregation Beth ElohimSynagogue MS-SYN.B8Brooklyn, NY2 Cartons
Congregation Beth IsraelSynagogue MS-SYN.F5Flint, MI1 Carton
Congregation Beth IsraelSynagogue MS-SYN.H3Hartford, CT2 Cartons
Congregation Emanu-ElSynagogue MS-SYN.N24New York City, NY3 Cartons
Congregation Emanu-ElSynagogue MS-SYN.S1San Francisco, CA3 Cartons
Congregation Mishkan IsraelSynagogue MS-SYN.H2Hamden, CT1 Carton
Congregation Ohabei ShalomSynagogue MS-SYN.B7Brookline, MA2 Cartons
Congregation Rodeph SholomSynagogue MS-SYN.N27New York City, NY3 Cartons
Dropsie UniversityEducationalMS-ED.D7Philadelphia, PA2 Boxes
Educational AllianceJCC MS-JCC.E28New York City, NY2 Cartons
Euclid Avenue TempleSynagogue MS-SYN.C52Cleveland, OH1 Carton
Family Location Service (formerly National Desertion Bureau)National Org.MS-NAT.F151 Carton
Farband - Labor Zionist OrderLaborMS-LAB.F3New York City, NY2 Boxes
Federation of Jewish Agencies of Greater PhiladelphiaFederation MS-FED.P33Philadelphia, PA2 Boxes
Federation of Jewish PhilanthropiesFederation MS-FED.N28New York City, NY5 Cartons
Fitchburg Jewish Community Center (1947-1964)JCCMS-JCC.F3Fitchburg, MA1 Carton
Free Sons of IsraelNational Org. MS-NAT.F71 Carton
Free Sons of Judah, Independent Order ofNational Org.MS-NAT.F721 Carton
Freemasons, Mount Scopus LodgeNational Org.MS-NAT.F73MA1 Carton
Garment Center CongregationSynagogue MS-SYN.N2G2New York City, NY1 Carton
Grand Street Boys' AssociationJCC MS-JCC.N28New York City, NY6 Cartons
Gratz CollegeEducational MS-ED.G24Philadelphia, PA1 Box
Greater New York Conference on Soviet JewrySoviet Jewry MS-SOJ.N5New York City, NY1 Box
HabonimNational Org.MS-NAT.H141 Carton
HadassahNational Org.MS-NAT.H16 Cartons
Hadassah, Junior Hadassah (1924-1974)National Org. MS-NAT.H133 Boxes
Har Zion TempleSynagogue MS-SYN.P3Philadelphia, PA2 Cartons
Harlem HospitalMedicalMS-MD.N3H2New York City, NY1 Carton
Hebrew CollegeEducationalMS-ED.B73Brookline, MA1 Carton
Hebrew Teachers CollegeEducational MS-ED.B3Baltimore, MD1 Carton
Hebrew Theological CollegeEducational MS-ED.C23Chicago, IL1 Box
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of ReligionEducational MS-ED.H29Cincinnati, OH9 Boxes
HIAS National Org.MS-NAT.H35 Cartons
HistadrutNational Org.MS-NAT.H371 Carton
Histadruth Ivrith of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.H51United States, ,1 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
Histadruth Ivrith of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.H511 Box
Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews (now known as Jewish Home and Hospital for Aged)InstitutionalMS-INS.N28H5New York City, NY2 Cartons
Home of the Daughters of JacobInstitutionalMS-INS.N28H7New York City, NY1 Box
Hospital for Joint DiseasesMedical MS-MD.N3H4New York City, NY1 Carton
IcorNational Org.MS-NAT.I31 Carton
Independent Order of B'rith AbrahamFraternal MS-FRA.B72 Boxes
Independent Order of the Free Sons of IsraelFraternal MS-FRA.F71/2 Box
Independent Order of the Free Sons of JudahFraternal MS-FRA.F721/2 Box
Independent Order of the Sons of BenjaminFraternal MS-FRA.S51 Folder
Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIOLabor MS-LAB.I31 Box
Institute of Jewish AffairsNational Org. MS-NAT.I62 Cartons
International Kosher Foods and Jewish Life Expo.National Org.MS-NAT.I851 Carton
International Ladies Garment Workers UnionLabor MS-LAB.I93 Boxes
Jewish Board of Guardians (formerly Jewish Protectory and Aid Society, 1907-1921)InstitutionalMS-INS.N28J1New York City, NY1 Box
Jewish Braille Institute of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.J142 Cartons
Jewish Chautauqua SocietyNational Org. MS-NAT.J1851 Carton
Jewish Colonization AssociationNational Org. MS-NAT.J193 Cartons
Jewish Community Center of CharlestonJCC MS-JCC.C2Charleston, SC1 Carton
Jewish Community Center of DallasJCC MS-JCC.D1Dallas, TX1 Box
Jewish Community Centers AssociationJCC MS-JCC.S13St. Louis, MO5 Cartons
Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater PhiladelphiaLocal MS-LOC.P33Philadelphia, PA2 Cartons
Jewish Consumptive Relief SocietyMedical MS-MD.D2J2Denver, CO3 Cartons
Jewish Defence LeagueNational Org. MS-NAT.J20New York City, NY1 Box
Jewish Defense League (1969-1985)National Org. MS-NAT.J20New York, NY1 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
Jewish Family Service, (est. 1946 by merger of Jewish Social Service Association and the Jewish Family Welfare Society of Brooklyn)National Org.MS-NAT.J29New York City, NY1 Box
Jewish FederationJCCMS-JCC.Y4Yonkers, NY3 Cartons
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan ChicagoFederationMS-FED.C35Chicago, IL1 Carton
Jewish Foster Home & Orphan Asylum of PhiladelphiaInstitutional MS-INS.P33J1Philadelphia, PA1 Box
Jewish HospitalMedicalMS-MD.B7J2Brooklyn, NY1 Carton
Jewish Hospital AssociationMedical MS-MD.C3J2Cincinatti, OH1 Carton
Jewish Hospital of St. Louis (1989-1995)Medical MS-MD.S5J2St. Louis, MO1 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
Jewish Institute of Religion. (merged into Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in 1950)EducationalMS-ED.J25New York City, NY1 Box
Jewish Labor CommitteeLabor MS-LAB.J13 Boxes
Jewish Maternity AssociationMedical MS-MD.P3J3Philadelphia, PA1 Carton
Jewish Media ServiceNational Org. MS-NAT.J21Wellesley, MA1 Box
Jewish Memorial HospitalMedical MS-MD.N3J2New York City, NY1 Carton
Jewish National Home for Asthmatic ChildrenMedical MS-MD.D2J4Denver, CO1 Carton
Jewish Occupational CouncilNational Org. MS-NAT.J244 Cartons
Jewish Pharmaceutical Society of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.J251 Carton
Jewish Postal Employees Welfare League of Manhattan and Bronx, Inc.LaborMS-LAB.J3P1New York City, NY2 Boxes
Jewish Public LibraryNational Org. MS-NAT.M55Canada, Montreal,2 Cartons
Jewish Publication Society of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.J271 Carton
Jewish Sanitarium for IncurablesMedical MS-MD.B7J3Brooklyn, NY1 Carton
Jewish Telegraphic AgencyNational Org. MS-NAT.J343 Cartons
Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaEducational MS-ED.J28Los Angeles, CA10 Boxes
Jewish Theological Seminary, Jewish MuseumNational Org. MS-NAT.J352 Cartons
Jewish United FundFederations MS-FED.C33Chicago, IL2 Boxes
Jewish Welfare FundFederation MS-FED.C34Chicago, IL2 Boxes
Jewish Welfare Fund & Federation of New OrleansFederationMS-FED.N15New Orleans, LA1 Box
Kappa Nu FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.K11 Folder
L'All iance Israelite UniverselleNational Org.MS-NAT.A128 Cartons
Lebanon HospitalMedicalMS-MD.N3L2New York City, NY1 Carton
Lincoln Square SynagogueSynagogue MS-SYN.N 2W2New York City, NY1 Carton
Lubavitcher Hasidic MovementNational Org. MS-NAT.L82 Cartons
Lying-In HospitalMedicalMS-MD.N3L9New York City, NY1 Carton
Missionary Literature (1929-)Miscellaneous MS-MIS.A38 Cartons
Montefiore HospitalMedicalMS-MD.N3M5New York City, NY2 Cartons
Mosean FraternityFraternalMS-FRA.M51 Folder
Mount Sinai HospitalMedical MS-MD.M3M4Minneapolis, MN1 Carton
Mount Sinai HospitalMedical MS-MD.P3M5Philadelphia, PA1 Carton
Mount Zion HospitalMedical MS-MD.S2M4San Francisco, CA1 Carton
Mu Sigma FraternityNational Org. MS-NAT.M81 Carton
Mu Sugma FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.M81/2 Box
National Conference of Christians and JewsNational Org.MS-NAT.N164 Cartons
Natio nal Conference of Jewish Communal SeviceNational Org.MS-NAT.N18New York City, NY2 Boxes
National Council of Jewish WomenNational Org.MS-NAT.N28 Cartons
National Council on Art in Jewish LifeNational Org. MS-NAT.N22New York City, NY1 Box
National Jewish HospitalMedical MS-MD.D2N2Denver, CO1 Carton
National Jewish Music CouncilNational Org. MS-NAT.N232 Cartons
National Jewish Welfare BoardNational Org.MS-NAT.N2521 Cartons
National Mental Health CenterMedical MS-MD.D2N3Denver, CO1 Carton
National Museum of American Jewish HistoryNational Org. MS-NAT.N271 Carton
National Yiddish Book CenterNational Org. MS-NAT.Y2A1Amherst, MA1 Box
New Haven Jewish Community CenterJCC MS-JCC.N2New Haven, CT2 Cartons
New Jewish AgendaNational Org. MS-NAT.N40New York City, NY1 Carton
New York Board of RabbisNational Org.MS-NAT.N29New York City, NY2 Cartons
Order of B'nai ZionFraternal MS-FRA.B51 Box
ORTNational Org.MS-NAT.O75 Carton
Palestine Economic CorporationNational Org. MS-NAT.P9
Phi Alpha FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.P321/2 Box
Phi Alpha FraternityNational Org. MS-NAT.P321 Carton
Phi Delta Epsilon FraternityNational Org.MS-NAT.P31 Carton
Phi Epsilon Pi FraternityNational Org.MS-NAT.P23 Cartons
Phi Lambda Kappa FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.P231/2 Box
Phi Lambda Kappa FraternityNational Org.MS-NAT.P232 Carton
Pi Gamma Mu FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.P241 Folder
Pi Gamma Mu FraternityNational Org.MS-NAT.P241 Carton
Pi Lambda FraternityNational Org.MS-NAT.P251 Carton
Pi Lambda Phi FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.P251/2 Box
Progressive Order of the WestFraternalMS-FRA.P71 Folder
Progressive Order of the WestNational Org.MS-NAT.P71 Carton
Psychoanalytic InstituteEducational MS-ED.N237New York City, NY1 Box
Rabbinical Assembly of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.R122 Cartons
Reconstructionist Rabbinical CollegeEducational MS-ED.R2Wyncote, PA1 Box
Reform Congregation Keneseth IsraelSynagogue MS-SYN.P37Philadelphia, PA4 Cartons
Religious Zionists of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.R352 Cartons
Rodef Shalom CongregationSynagogue MS-SYN.P4Pittsburgh, PA1 Cartons
School of Jewish StudiesEducational MS-ED.N237New York City, NY1 Box
Sephardic Home for the AgedInstitutionalMS-INS.N28S2New York City, NY3 Cartons
Shaare Zion CongregationSynagogue MS-SYN.S3Sioux City, IO1 Carton
Sigma Alpha Mu FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.S311 Folder
Sigma Delta Tau FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.S341 Folder
Sinai CongregationSynagogueMS-SYN.C37Chicago, IL2 Cartons
Sinai Congregation of the BronxSynagogueMS-SYN.N2S3New York City, NY1 Carton
Sinai HospitalMedical MS-MD.B2S3Baltimore, MD1 Carton
Sinai Hospital of DetroitMedical MS-MD.D3S3Detroit, MI1 Carton
Sons of Benjamin, Independent Order ofNational Org.MS-NAT.S51 Carton
Spertus College of Judaica (formerly College of Jewish Studies)EducationalMS-ED.S62Chicago, IL2 Boxes
Stephen Wise Free SynagogueSynagogue MS-SYN.N2S7New York City, NY4 Cartons
Synagogue Council of MassachusettsLocal MS-LOC.M1Boston, MA1 Box
Tau Delta Phi FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.T11 Folder
Temple B'rith KodeshSynagogue MS-SYN.R2Rochester, NY4 Cartons
Temple Beth ElSynagogueMS-SYN.D3Detroit, MI3 Cartons
Temple Beth IsraelSynagogueMS-SYN.C38Chicago, IL4 Cartons
Temple Beth-elSynagogueMS-SYN.P7Providence, RI1 Carton
Temple Emanu-ElSynagogueMS-SYN.H5Honolulu, HI1 Cartons
Temple Emanu-ElSynagogueMS-SYN.W3Canada, Westmount,3 Cartons
Temple IsraelSynagogueMS-SYN.B5Boston, MA2 Cartons
Temple of Beth Solonom of the DeafSynagogueMS-SYN.A6Arleta, CA1 Cartons
Temple of Liberal JudaismSynagogue MS-SYN.M5Monroe, NY1 Carton
Temple Petach TikvahSynagogue MS-SYN.B88Brooklyn, NY1 Carton
The Jewish CenterSynagogue MS-SYN.N2J2New York City, NY1 Carton
The TempleSynagogue MS-SYN.C57Cleveland, OH2 Cartons
Torah UmesorahNational Org.MS-NAT.T52 Cartons
Touro SynagogueSynagogueMS-SYN.N45Newport, MA1 Carton
Union of American Hebrew CongregationsNational Org. MS-NAT.U516 Cartons
Union of Councils for Soviet JewsSoviet JewryMS-SOJ.U524 Boxes
United Israel AppealNational Org. MS-NAT.U532 Cartons
United Jewish AppealNational Org. MS-NAT.U545 Cartons
United States Holocaust Memorial MuseumNational Org. MS-NAT.U6Washington, DC3 Boxes
United Synagogue of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.U79 Cartons
United Zionists-Revisionists of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.U95New York City, NY1 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
West Side Institutional SynagogueSynagogue MS-SYN.N2W2New York City, NY3 Cartons
Workmen's CircleLabor MS-LAB.W114 Boxes
World Conference of Jewish Organizations, American CommitteeNational Org.MS-NAT.W05C131 Box (.5 Linear Feet)
World Jewish CongressNational Org. MS-NAT.W42 Cartons
World Jewish Congress, Latin American SectionNational Org. MS-NAT.W66 Cartons
World Union for Progressive JudaismNational Org. MS-NAT.W1New York City, NY1 Box
World Zionist Organization, American SectionNational Org. MS-NAT.W7A17-8 Boxes
Y.M. and Y.W.H.A.JCC MS-JCC.N3New York City, NY1 Carton
Y.M. and Y.W.H.A.JCC MS-JCC.S1St. Louis, MO2 Cartons
Yeshiva U'Mesivta Toras Emes KamenitzEducational MS-ED.B75Brooklyn, NY2 Boxes
Yeshiva UniversityEducationalMS-ED.Y2New York City, NY9 Cartons
YIVO Institute for Yiddish ResearchNational Org.MS-NAT.Y33 Cartons
Zeta Beta Tau FraternityFraternal MS-FRA.Z21/2 Box
Zeta Beta Tau FraternityNational Org.MS-NAT.Z23 Cartons
Zionist Organization of AmericaNational Org. MS-NAT.Z39 Cartons

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