Scandinavia Special Interest Group (SIG)

Volunteers Needed

The success and accomplishment of the Scandinavia SIG will depend on the membersí interest, involvement and cooperation. We therefore ask for your help. Write to the SIG Coordinator about what you would like to contribute with or volunteer to do.

At present we need:

  • Help to create databases:
    1. JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial Registry:
      Scandinavia SIG is in urgent need of a volunteer who can help with the process of creating a database on all those buried in Denmark from 1693. The project has stalled because those who helped with the first part, had to resign for personal reasons. What is needed is someone with experience in Microsoft's EXCEL program.

    2. Vital Records Project: This project proceeds slowly because the SIG Coordinator and moderator of Scandinavia SIG is the only volunteer on this project. Again anyone who can find time to help and who has experience in EXCEL and has a microfiche reader: Please come forward!

  • Moderator(s) to share the task of moderating the postings on the Scandinavia SIG Discussion Group.

  • Membership recruitment:
    1. Check the JewishGen Discussion Group messages for any researhcers who might have an interest in the Scandinavia SIG
    2. Search the JewishGen Discussion Group Archives for postings indicating a possible interest in the Scandinavia SIG.
    3. Search JewishGen Family Finder for anyone with connections to Denmark
    4. Search The Family Tree of the Jewish People for anyone with connections to Denmark
    and send them a standard invitation to join the Scandinavia SIG.

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