Objectives & Goals


The Scandinavia SIG was formed with the specific intent of gathering, presenting and preserving both genealogical and historical information about Jewish life and Jewish communities in the Scandinavian countries.


Have a Discussion Group

  • to provide a forum (through a JewishGen listserv) for the dissemination of information about research methods, records, etc. of importance for genealogical and historical research in the history of the Jews in the Scandinavian countries;
  • to facilitate communication between Jewish genealogists and historians with common research interests in the Scandinavian countries;
  • to provide the means for discussions of the historical, cultural and social issues that affected the lives of our ancestors.

Contributions or questions on genealogical and historical issues are welcome from all beginners to experts.

Have a Website providing

  • a permanent home for information and resources pertaining to Scandinavian Jewish genealogy and history
  • a FAQ and Infofiles
  • links to JewishGen and other relevant websites

Initiate and Support Research Projects

  • As a goal for the future the Scandinavia SIG will try to initiate projects and encourage and support the gathering, computerization and thus preservation of sources of Scandinavian Jewish genealogical data and its dissemination through online searchable databases on the Website.

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Compiled and updated 29.10.2002