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Scandinavia SIG does not have a fixed dues structure. This is possible because JewishGen provides the Scandinavia SIG - along with many other groups - mailing lists and web space free of administrative and technical support charges.

Scandinavia SIG is very grateful for this, and JewishGen bears the many technical, organizational, and administrative expenses, which otherwise should have been borne by dues to the Scandinavia SIG, we strongly encourage you go give donations to JewishGen-erosity.


JewishGen is the leading Internet site for researching Jewish ancestry. As a public service, JewishGen makes its programs and projects available to all users free of charge.

We all benefit from the efforts of the JewishGen organization and the services it provides. Therefore all SIG members are strongly encouraged to make donations to JewishGen. The number of people making use of and getting help from JewishGen is growing exponentially, whereas the number of donations to JewishGen has been stagnating.

To insure the continued healthy existence of JewishGen, it is essential that we all give as much as we can afford - if every user of JewishGen and every member of the various SIGs donates a small amount, the results can be substantial.

If you believe, as we do, that the information brought to you is important and necessary in order to preserve our history and culture, please support JewishGen by contributing either by credit card or check through JewishGen-erosity.

JewishGen is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation. Contributions to JewishGen are tax-deductible in the US according to law.

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