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The Discussion Group

JewishGen's benevolence enables the Scandinavia SIG - along with many other groups- to be hosted free of charge with the technical means and support to have its own Website and Discussion Group. Therefore membership of the Scandinavia SIG is also free of any dues.

Scandinavia SIG is very grateful for this invaluable assistance, and encourages donations through JewishGen-erosity

Subscription to the Discussion Group

Should you wish to participate in the Scandinavia SIG discussion group, you will need to subscribe to the discussion group, as this is a private mailing list open only to subscribers.

To subscribe, go to JewishGen’s Website for SIGs mailing lists and select "subscribe" and the "Scandinavia SIG" mailing list.

From there you can also manage your subscription:

  • You can set to "Nomail" e.g. when you go on vacation.
  • If you wish to receive only one e-mail per day containing all the messages, you can choose "Digest".
  • You can also choose "Index" and only receive a "Table of contents" with instructions on how to order any messages you wish to read. This might be the best option for busy people.

Any comments or questions of general genealogical or historical interest to the entire forum or request for help with your research should be addressed to the Discussion Group e-mail address:

When you have subscribed, it is advisable to write a message in which you introduce yourself and your research to the group. If you do not write about your interests and research, then you cannot expect to get any information, nor will you have any possibility of getting into contact with others with the same interests.

Please abide by these key rules:

  • Provide a meaningful subject line (not just: "Help needed" or "Research!)
  • Quote only enough of the entire message, to indicate the thread, do not quote the entire message.
  • Do not ramble off the topic
  • Sign your article (full name please and city/state/province/country as applicable)

And please read and follow the guidelines for JewishGen Discussion Groups

We are happy to welcome you to the Scandinavia SIG, and look forward to your contributions of ideas, materials, and time.

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