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What is a Research Group?

Research groups bring together genealogists with common interests and provide an opportunity to share information and pool resources for the mutual benefit of members.

Those of us researching our rabbinic ancestors, families, or surnames may have difficulty locating others with similar research interests, and thus sharing information of mutual benefit. The Research Groups Committee provides a central clearinghouse facilitating the formation and listing of rabbinic-related research groups. Each group will have a listing on the Rav-SIG web site with a description of its focus and contact information.

Types of Research Groups

Research groups will be made up of individuals who work together to share genealogical information on such subjects as:

  • single surname studies of rabbinical lines,
  • lineage (pedigree and/or descendants) of an individual rabbi,
  • rabbis of a particular geographic location, or
  • rabbinical dynasties.

Method of Operation

Each research group will function independently, setting its own rules for membership and method of operation, aside from the following requirements.

Each research group must:

  • be related to rabbinic genealogy,
  • contain a minimum of three members,
  • have a specific focus,
  • be non-commercial in purpose, and
  • provide the name and contact information of one member who will act as its named coordinator.

Rav-SIG is not responsible for the functioning of independent research groups.

How to Form a Research Group

There are several ways to find other researchers who might be interested in forming a research group. Search the JewishGen Family Finder and the Family Tree of the Jewish People for those interested in common surnames from the same general geographic area. The JewishGen Discussion Group Message Archives and SIGs Message Archives may be searched for names and places as well.

Post a general message expressing your interest in forming a research group. The Rav-SIG mailing list is an ideal place to post such a message. Additional places you may want to post your message are the JewishGen Discussion Group and JewishGen Special Interest Group mailing lists. Your message should define your focus and ask those who have a similar one to contact you.

Once you have formed a research group, contact Moishe Miller to request that it be listed on the Research Group Listings page. The type of information required for your listing is shown on the page. In addition, please send a list of your group's members and their email addresses for our records. If you have any questions, contact Moishe Miller.


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