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Rav-SIG is greatly indebted to Chaim Freedman for donating the entire contents of his book Beit Rabbanan (2001) for use on this web site. All infofile articles by Chaim Freedman are excerpted from this source.



Rabbinic Names and Families

  • Abbreviations and Titles in Rabbinic Names, by Chaim Freedman
  • Famous Rabbis - a chart of more than 100 well-known rabbis known by acronyms or titles of their works, spanning the 11th through 20th centuries, with links to additional sources of information.
  • Famous Rabbinical Surnames, by Chaim Freedman
  • Surnames of Rabbinical Families - a chart of more than 100 Ashkenazic and Sephardic surnames with variants, meaning, century of origin, notes, and links to additional sources of information.
  • The Rashi Descent, by Chaim Freedman - origins of the great 11th-century Biblical and Talmudic commentator and the roots of Ashkenazi rabbinical families.

Terminology and Classifications

Sources of Rabbinic Genealogical Information