This is your forum to exchange information and ideas with other researchers of Rabbinic Genealogy.

Here you can exchange information about rabbinic genealogies, names, books and other resources, history, and research techniques. Everyone is welcome to join our group, from the novice to the experienced researcher. We look forward to your contributions of ideas, resources, materials, and time, thus facilitating the discovery of your rabbinic heritage.

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Guidelines for Posting Messages

  • Family names: Family names (surnames) in both subject line and body text should be written in ALL UPPER CASE characters. This makes surnames easy to identify as opposed to patronymics or given names, which should be written in normal fashion (as here).
  • Town names: Spell place names as they are today, if possible. You may add other versions or spellings in parentheses. This will make it easier to spot a relevant posting. You may also use the map coordinates which you can obtain from the JewishGen ShtetlSeeker (for places in Central and Eastern Europe) to help further identify the place.
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