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JewishGen Passover Companion 2024/5784

We are pleased to present the JewishGen Passover Companion 2024/5784, which features a collection of inspiring stories and first-hand accounts about Passover observance in various communities. These heartwarming stories, taken from Yizkor (Memorial) Books that JewishGen has translated, also recount the incredible efforts and personal sacrifices made by Jews to observe Passover during the Holocaust.

Particularly during this troubling time for the Jewish people, we hope the Companion will help inspire you to connect with previous generations, and to help preserve and perpetuate the values which they held most dear.


There are two ways to read the Passover Companion:

  1. Click here to download as a PDF
  2. Click here to read it online

We continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Israel, and wish everyone a Happy Passover and Chag Kosher V Sameach.

Jack Kliger
President & CEO
Museum of Jewish Heritage -
A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

Avraham Groll
Vice President for JewishGen

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