Oxford Jewish Community





Press Reports about the Oxford Jewish Community during WWII

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Information within square brackets is from the compiler

1939: 1940: 1941: 1942: 1943: 1944: 1945:

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1939, page 33

At a recent meeting of the branch of the Federation of Women Zionists Mrs D. Berenblum gave a talk on ‘The Jewish Labour Movement in Palestine.’ Mrs Olden, who presided, gave an account of the proceedings of the Zionist Congress in Geneva.
Members of the Jufra Club have decided to start a series of talks and discussions on English history, literature and art. Mrs Pinkas is to initiate the series by a summary of the outlines of English history.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 September 1939, page 24

Among those who took part in the many Summer Schools held this year in Oxford was Mr B.L. Q. Henriques. At the annual training course of the National Association of Boys’ Clubs, held at Lady Margaret Hall, he spoke on ‘The club as a prevention and cure of delinquency.’

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1939, page 15

The Jewish population of Oxford has risen noticeably as a result of the evacuation of Jewish mothers and children, blind persons, hospital patients and others. Some of the evacuees have found it hard to adapt themselves to what to them is the country. Many difficulties have had to be smoothed out. ‘To at least one Jewish mother from London the celebrated University city appeared to be a “God-forsaken spot,” whose beauties are not comparable to those of Hackney.’
Newcomers who desire to make permanent arrangements with regard to synagogue seats are invited to communicate with Mr Walter Ettinghausen, 149c Banbury Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1939, page 12

Over 200 people attended Richmond Road Synagogue on the Day of Atonement. Mr C, Roth delivered the address and was assisted in the conduct of the service by Rabbi Dr Karl Rosenthal (formerly of Berlin), Mr Justin Schwarz, Mr Jacob Simon and Mr F. Rau.
‘The weekly meetings of the Habonim group, which consisted mainly of young German Jews working on Oxfordshire and Berkshire farms, have had to be suspended, as the members can no longer travel freely to and from Oxford. It is intended, however, shortly to reorganise the Hebrew Classes for refugee and evacuated children.’

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1939, page 18

For the past 3 weeks Rev J. Weinberg, formerly of Brixton, has been in Oxford making a survey of the position created locally by the evacuation of children and others from London. It is believed there are some 200 London children in Oxford and more in the surrounding districts.
Mr Weinberg has started teaching and visitation work. All persons who are interested should communicate with him at 149c Banbury Road.
An Oxford Zionist Society is to be formed. It will be entirely independent of the OUJS and will cater for residents, not members of the University. Prospective members should communicate with Mr S. Temkin, at Woodside, Hinksey Hjill.
[See also 10 and 17 November below]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1939, page 21

The Jufra Club meets on alternate Wednesdays from 5 to 7 at 149c Banbury Road.
At a meeting of the Committee of the Oxford branch of FWZ, Mrs I. Kursbatt was elected Secretary. It was decided that in future the branch will meet at 149c Banbury Road on Wednesdays from 3 to 5. All Jewish women in Oxford are invited to attend.
Mr Cecil Roth has resumed his weekly talks at the Friday evening services.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1939, page 27

At a meeting of the OUJS at Somerville College Mr Rudolf Olden (Formerly of the (Berliner Tageblatt) spoke on ‘Germany and the Jews.’ The Secretary is Mr S.J.G. Schlesinger of Corpus Christi College.
Others speakers in Michaelmas term - Mrs Dugdale, Sir P. Hartog, Prof N. Bentwich, Rabbi Dr I.I., Mattuck, and Mr I. Rennap.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 November 1939, page 19

Rev J. Weinberg has been appointed by the Prison Commissioners to be Jewish Chaplain at Oxford Prison.
About 70 members of the local community were present at a meeting in the synagogue at which L. Bakstansky, general secretary of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain, spoke on ‘Palestine and the War.’ It was decided to form an Oxford Zionist Society. [See also 27 October above and 17 November below].

Jewish Chronicle, 17 November 1939, page 21

Several Jewish meetings were held in Oxford last week.
Mrs Mara Landau (formerly of Breslau) spoke to the FWZ on her work with Youth Aliyah in Germany.
At the Jufra Club there was a recital of gramophone records.
The Oxford Zionist Society was formed at a meeting in the Vestry Room. The Hon Sec is Mrs Myer, ‘Woodside’, Hinksey Hill.
In accordance with the Chief Rabbi’s suggestion, the congregation arranged special services on the anniversary of last year’s November pogroms in Germany. At the Friday evening service Dr Karl Rosenthal (formerly of Berlin) delivered an address. The Saturday morning sermon was delivered by Dr Max Eschelbacher (formerly of Düsseldorf). Large numbers of Jews from Germany and Austria attended.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 November 1939, page 25

At a meeting of the branch of the FWZ Miss Stein spoke of her work with the Youth Aliyah office in London.
A Sefer Torah rescued from Germany was recently deposited at the synagogue and was used for the first time during the special services to mark the anniversary of the November pogrom.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 December 1939, page 21

At the weekly meeting of the branch of the FWZ Mrs Liebster spoke on ‘The Work of the WIZO in Palestine.’
A recent meeting was held of Jewish residents presided over by Rev J. Weinberg in the synagogue Vestry Room. A committee appointed to examine the question of the supply of kasher meat.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 December 1939, page 18

Members of the Jufra Club, after hearing an account of the lives of working women in Palestine, held a discussion on the status and working conditions of domestic servants.
At the second public meeting of the Oxford Zionist Society, at the synagogue, Mr S.Temkin spoke on ‘The Zionist Problem in England.’ Many new members joined.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1939, page 22

Under the auspices of the FWZ and the Oxford Zionist Society a film show was given at the Scala Theatre. The film shown was ‘A Homeland in the Making.‘ The cinema was out at the disposal of the societies by the kindness of the proprietors, Mr & Mrs J. Poyntz. About 200 people were present. Mrs Liebster thanked the proprietors.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 December 1939 page 17

Local branch of the FWZ decided at a recent meeting to join the Oxford Zionist Society as a constituent group for the duration of the war, ie the branch, while formally maintaining a separate existence, will in practice carry on activities as part of the main society. Mrs Meyer, Hon Sec of the OZS, at ‘Woodside’, Hinksey Hill, will be glad to hear from prospective women members.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 December 1939, page 16

At a recent meeting of the Jufra Club Mrs Gertrud Schiff of Leeds gave a pianoforte recital.
There was a large attendance in the Vestry Room when the Oxford Zionist Society organised the first Oneg Shabbat ever held in Oxford. Those who contributed to the programme included Mr M. Rosetté, Cecil Roth, J.Schwarz, and S. Hartstein.
Any Jewish resident in Oxford who is interested in the supply locally of kasher meat is asked to communicate with Rev J. Weinberg, 68 Chilswell Road.

[Mrs Schiff was presumably the mother of Vera Ettinghausen: See Freda Silver Jackson, Then and Now: a Collection of Recollections, 1922 p. 42: ‘Vera Ettinghausen herself very often played to us on the violin or her mother, Mrs Schiff, on the piano.’]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1940, page 21

Rev J. Weinberg has formed a Young People’s Social Circle which meets every Sunday at 7.30 in the Vestry Room of Richmond Road Synagogue

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1940, page 27

‘Jewish Marriages in Oxford’
Oxford Synagogue has had a Marriage Secretary for something like 50 years. His services have been required on only 3 occasions, 1893, 1905 and 31 December 1939 when Pte Barnet Smolenski was married to Miss Sarah Shardoskie of Manchester.
Synagogue records show that marriages also took place in 1927, 1936, 1938 and June 1939 but these were religious ceremonies after the parties had been married by registrar and therefore ‘in such cases, of course, the Secretary of Marriages does not function.’

Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1940, page 19

The Oxford Mail on 3rd inst reproduced a photo of a tablet in Hebrew and English which marked the Jewish cemetery until 1290. In series asking readers if they know Oxford. Where is it? On wall at entrance to the Botanical Gardens.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1940, page 25

Officers of OUJS have arranged attractive programme for Hilary Term. Includes Prof S. Brodetsky, Messrs Cecil Roth, P. Rava and Isaiah Berlin. Secretary is Miss Miriam Gordon (Somerville).

Jewish Chronicle, 19 January 1940, page 20

Hebrew and religion classes conducted by Rev J. Weinberg have reopened. Parents should communicate with him at 66 Chilswell Road. Six classes have already restarted and it is hoped to establish a new centre for children in the Headington and Cowley districts.
The first bar mitzvah for many years held last Saturday by Klaus Meyer (formerly of Elberfeld, Germany.)

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 1940, page 15

Annual Report of Local Refugee Committee signed by C.J.V. Bellamy, Mayor, and George Gordon, Vice-Chancellor. Committee requires £1,000 to meet obligations in coming year. There are about 700 refugees in Oxford and 300 in immediate neighbourhood.
In celebration of Shevat 15 local branch of JNF launched a special tree fund.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 February 1940, page 18

A leading article in the Oxford Times supports appeal of the Local Refugee Committee.
Mr & Mrs Marks of London, now in Oxford, celebrated their golden wedding.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1940, page 20

Prof S. Brodetsky spoke on Sunday at the Randolph Hotel under the auspices of the Oxford Zionist Society and the OUJS. Walter Ettinghausen, chairman of the Zionist Society, presided, supported by M. I. Kissin, President of OUJS. Brodetsky spoke on Anglo-Jewry and the Problem of the Jews.’ Vote of thanks proposed by Cecil Roth.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1940, page 17

Death at Oxford on 26 February of Ivor Vivian Samuel Miller aged 10 beloved son of Mr & Mrs Harry Miller of 165 Hendon Way, Golders Green. Shiva at this address.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 March 1940, page 22

Gerald Cork, evacuated with the Malmesbury Road LCC School to Wallingford and attending the Hebrew and religious classes read a portion of the law at the Oxford Synagogue last Saturday.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1940, page 21

Over £10 raised towards the ‘Jufra House’, the permanent home of the Jufra Club for German-Jewish women, at a dance held at 149c Banbury Road. More than 200 people attended.
Elected to Jewish Social Circle which meets on Sunday evenings at the Synagogue Hall.
Chairman Rev J. Weinberg
Vice-Chairman Mr F. Maier
Treasurer Miss H. Bloom
And committee [not named]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 March 1940, page 27

In view of large number of unattached refugees in Oxford it was decided to hold two communal Sedarim for adults and children respectively. Arrangements are in the hands of Rev J. Weinberg of 116 Abingdon Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 March 1940, page 19

Pesach is the first week of Trinity Term and OUJS is arranging Seder. Those wishing to attend should communicate with Miss Miriam Gordon 56 Holywell.
Undergraduates who require kosher meals for the week should communicate with Rev Weinberg.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 April 1940,page 26

Meeting of Oxford Zionist Society last Sunday at synagogue. W. Ettinghausen spoke on ‘Arab Land or Arable Land: the White Paper and After.’
At a recent meeting of the Jufra Club Miss Fanny Nadler spoke on ‘The Escape from Domestic Service.’

Jewish Chronicle, 19 April 1940, page 26

At recent meeting of the Jufra Club Mme Sacharina spoke on ‘Cosmetics for the Working Woman.’

Jewish Chronicle, 26 April 1940, page 18

Miss Shifra Ben Zvi of Kibbutz Ein Hashofet visited Oxford and addressed a meeting of Jewish women at 56 Fairacres Road by invitation of Mrs Vardi. Mrs I. Goldstein presided. It was decided to organise a discussion group for women.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 May 1940

A communal seder for 80 persons was held in St Giles’s Hall by Rev J. Weinberg who also conducted a special seder for children in the synagogue hall.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 May 1940, page 15

At St Giles’s Hall, Woodstock Road, on Sunday, Miss Winnie Myers showed her film ‘Palestine 1939’ under the auspices of the Oxford Zionist Society.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 May 1940, page 13

First meeting of Study Group inaugurated by the Zionist Society. It was decided to hold weekly meetings and to study problems of present-day Palestine.
Miss Ruth Marschall, formerly of Heidelberg, have a pianoforte recital at the Jufra Club for German-Jewish women.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 May 1940, page 15

Mr Justin Schwarz, a German refugee about to leave for America, has presented a Besamim box to the synagogue which he frequently helped in reading the services.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1940, page 15

A discussion meeting conducted by Mrs Bakstansky under the auspices of the Federation of Women Zionists was held at the home of Mrs Allin, 333 Cowley Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 June 1940, page 14

Annual meeting of Oxford Jewish congregation on Sunday.
Elected Junior warden V.D. Lipman
Junior Treasurer N. Orgel
Representative on Board of Deputies W. Ettinghausen.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 June 1940, page 13

At a meeting last week arrangements were made for a local campaign during ‘JNF Week.’ Helpers will be enrolled to ensure that every household in Oxford is visited.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 August 1940, page 13

Rev Weinberg has organised a club for Jewish boys evacuated from London. To meet each Sunday afternoon at the Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1940, page 13

Oxford congregation has placed the Synagogue Vestry Room at the disposal of a group of some 25 chalets from Czechoslovakia who meet there for discussion every Sunday afternoon.
Some 20 boys from Germany, previously accommodated at Barham House Training School, Ipswich, have now been transferred to Oxford Refugee Boys’ Hostel which has been empty for a time owing to the internment of all the inmates.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 August 1940, page 13

Miss Naomi Judah of St Hilda’s College has presented a Scroll of the Law to the Synagogue.
During recent JNF Week over £30 collected by the local commission.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 September 1940, page 17

‘What was probably the first Barmitzvah of an Italian Jew in Oxford for 700 years, according to Mr. Cecil Roth, was celebrated last Sabbath in the Synagogue in the ancient University city. Mr. Roth gave the address when Alberto Paolo Camerino celebrated his “minyan” (which is Italian-Jewish for Barmitzvah). It was probably also the first Barmitzvah of an Italian Jew in England since Mussolini’s anti-Jewish persecution began in 1938. Paolo recited Haham Artom’s Barmitzvah in the Italian Sefardic pronounciation (which is different from the Sefardic of Amsterdam or Bevis Marks). It was noted that Haham Artom was also an Italian Jew.
Postscript: Paolo’s father and brother could not be present. They are interned in the Isle of Man.’

[Rabbi Benjamin Artom, 1835-1879, was Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese community in Britain.]

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1940, page 13

The discussion group of the Federation of Women Zionists held their monthly debate.
The inaugural meting of the Ladies’ Guild adopted its programme. At a further meeting adopted plans for entertaining Jewish soldiers and evacuated children.
An Intercession service was held, conducted by Rev J. Weinberg. Lord Samuel opened the Ark.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 September 1940, page 11

Meeting of Oxford Zionist Society addressed by Maurice Rossetté(sic), secretary of the Jewish National Fund. The meeting stood in honour of the victims of the Tel-Aviv air raid.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1940, page 15

Obituary of Professor Charles Gabriel Seligman, died in Oxford aged 67. Emeritus Professor of Ethnology in the University of London. His wife is Brenda Salaman, sister of Dr Redcliffe N.Salaman. She is founder and organiser of the ‘Oxfordshire Movement’ for the training of refugees in agriculture. Thanks to her efforts scores of young men have been taken on by farmers in the county and adjoining districts. She was on Bullingdon Rural District Council and her husband was “squire” of Toot Baldon’.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1940, page 17

Rev J. Weinberg appointed Officiating Minister for Jewish members of H.M. Forces for Oxford and district.
Record attendance at Rosh Hashanah service. 400-500 at the synagogue and at the Parish Hall, Woodstock Roa.
Congregation also able to assist by loan of Torah and Shofar in connection with services in a country town for a group of 150 German and Austrian members of the Pioneer Corps. Machzorim were also supplied for service held at Benson for a group pf German-Jewish agricultural trainees.
Dr S. Zuri preached at a service held at St Giles’s Hall on the first day of Rosh Hashanah.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1940, page 10

A meeting was recently held at the synagogue to explain to newcomers from London some of the problems which have arisen as a result of the evacuation. Walter C. Ettinghausen in the chair, later taken by Neville Laski KC. Among the questions ventilated was provision of accommodation, the supply of kasher meat, and the institution of cultural facilities for adults, of a Habonim group for children, and of a Chevtra Kadisha.
The Rev J. Weinberg has been appointed an additional Secretary for Marriages.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1940, page 5

The late Mr Herbert Loewe [in Oxford 1914-1931]
Mr Lucien Harris writes: ‘Mr. Loewe was not only the main pillar of the Congregation at Oxford (before he moved to -Cambridge in 1931) but he stood in loco parentis to all who sought his assistance and advice … Kiddush and Habdalah were observed with genuine sanctity in the Loewe household, and it may be appropriate here to recall Mr. Loewe’s “minhag” of reciting a Latin and an English “grace” in addition to the Hebrew one at the Friday night table. This was only one of the many ways in which Mr. Loewe showed his devotion to his religion, his country, and his University’s traditions’.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1940, page 13

‘Oxford Congregation Reorganised’
Over 100 people attended a meeting at the synagogue. On the recommendation of the recently-elected Advisory Committee it was decided to reorganise the Oxford Jewish Congregation to include the new arrivals from London, while preserving the close association with Jewish members of the Unversity.
The Board of Deputies has appointed a welfare worker to serve the interests of evacuees. Other questions discussed were the provision of kosher meat, the exemption of children from school attendance on Saturdays, the introduction of a new synagogue membership scheme, and the holding of daily services.
The newly-elected committee on evacuation problems held its first meeting. It was announced that a new Information and Inquiry Office had been opened at the Synagogue. Plans are being made to include recently-arrived children in the congregation’s Hebrew and Religion Classes.
Rev S. Blachman has secured the use of he hall of the Methodist Church, Headington, for Holyday services for evacuees.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 November 1940, page 4

‘Refined middle-aged refugee lady offers help in household or with invalid I return for kosher home and pocket money. Best references. - Mrs. Marx, c/o 149c, Banbury-road, Oxford.’
[Note. This was the home of the Ettinghausen family.]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1940, page 12

A Communal Centre, intended for the needs of evacuees, is about to be opened in Oxford.
A committee has been appointed to consider the best way to ensure a supply of kasher meat for the enlarged community.
The recently-opened Information Office at the synagogue has been affiliated to the local Citizens Advice Bureau.
These announcements were made at the first meting of the congregation’s newly-elected Committee of Management.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1940, page 17

Letter from ’Oxford Evacuee’ re kasher meat. Better than merely ’discussing’ the matter, could have invited a kasher butcher to open a shop. Orthodox Jews have to await parcels of meat from Birmingham and it is distressing to find Jewish women having to buy trefa.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 1940, page 4

‘Jewish refugee nurse companion help required. Oxford suburb, safe area. Good home. Not under 30; for slightly nervous lady. Help for rough work. 2 adults. Female house. Interview arranged.- Address, 9.971, Jewish Chronicle’.
[Although unclear, probably advertising an employment opportunity’.]

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 1940, page 7

At a meeting of the Oxford University Jewish Society Dr Nathan Morris spoke on ‘Jewish Education’. In the education of Jewish children, Anglo-Jewry was heading for its greatest crisis. If wanted to build a strong post-war community, it was necessary to evolve a system of education adapted the changed economic and social conditions.
At Sunday’s meeting of the OUJS Mr A. M. Hyamson OBE spoke on ‘Britain and the Jews of Palestine 1600-1917’.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 1940, page 14

Classes in Modern Hebrew are held under the auspices of the City of Oxford Education Committee. Conducted by a Palestinian teacher, Mr J. Ben Jacob.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 November 1940, page 5

Death in Oxford of Miss Cecile Hartog, a member of a distinguished Jewish family. Successful in several departments of music. Obituary by Sir Philip Hartog.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 November 1940, page 9

Board of Deputies meeting Mr Ettinghausen (Oxford) said that one problem arose when people from London arrived who had lost everything. They became applicants for relief but it was extremely difficult for a small community to supply it, but did not wish to deny it.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 November 1940, page 12

Recently in Oxford Synagogue a young graduate in cap and gown gave ‘a rendering of the traditional service that view with those of our professional Chazanim’. He was A.L.Klausner Ll.B., son of D.H. Klausner, a communal worker in the East End.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1940, page 3

Died suddenly on 25 November at 2 Hampden Road, Cowley, Oxford, Alfred Michaels of 93 Kyverdale Road, N. 16 in his 49th year.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1940, page 14

Oxford Communal Centre opened. Viscountess Samuel was present at the opening of the new Communal Centre at 95 Walton Street. It is housed in a large hall which the Methodist Church has put at the disposal of the community. It is open to all members of the community.
[David M. Lewis, in his The Jews of Oxford, 1992, p. 73, mistakenly locates the Communal Centre at 94 Walton Street.]

Professor S. Brodetsky addressed a private meeting where plans were discussed for the setting up of a Centre for Jewish Studies in Oxford. ’The Centre, which has the services of several eminent Jewish scholars at its disposal, hopes to start its activities soon. These will include courses on recent Jewish history, Bible, Mishna, Arabic, and Jewish medieval philosophy, as well as classes in Modern Hebrew. Those interested are invited to communicate with Mr. Ben Jacob, 79 Southmoor Road’.

At a meeting attended by representatives of the Oxford Zionist Society, the Theodor Herzl society, and the Federation of Women Zionists, it was decided to reconstitute the Oxford Zionist Society on a wider basis.

The inaugural meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society was recently held.

In a sermon preached last Saturday Rev J. Weinberg appealed for volunteers - ladies and gentlemen - to carry out the functions of the Chevra Kadisha.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1940, page 17

The inaugural meting of the Oxford Jewish Youth Club will be held on Sunday 1 December. Young people aged 14 and upwards and those willing to help are invited to attend.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1940, page 18

Peter Hilton, Open Scholar at Queen’s College, has been elected Hon Sec and Treasurer of the Oxford University Old Pauline Club. (His brother Sidney, Exhibitioner at Jesus College, Cambridge, has been elected President of the Cambridge University Old Pauline Club and has also been included in the Cambridge University Rugby Football team.)

Jewish Chronicle, 6 December 1940, page 11

The marriage will be solemnised on Sunday 15 December at the Oxford synagogue of ’Jimmy’ son of Mr and Mrs S. Cummings, (present address, near Rugby) to ’Feigele’, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs M. Webber (present address Blackminster near Evesham, London address 20 Jessam Avenue, Clapton). Reception at the Royal Hotel Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 December 1940, page 5

Memorial service for Mr Herbert Loewe, former Reader in Rabbinic Hebrew in the University of Oxford, was held in the Oxford Synagogue. Conducted by B.I. Beckman, St John’s College Rabbi Dr Samuel Daiches delivered an address.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 December 1940, page 14

The new Communal Centre already plays a prominent part in the life of Oxford Jewry. Hot lunches, teas, and cold suppers are served daily in increasing numbers. Table tennis tables are almost constantly in use. Various social activities are developing.
On Sunday evening the Entertainments Committee staged an entertainment, piano and violin duets, songs and communal singing of English, Hebrew, and Yiddish songs. Over 200 people attended.

The inaugural meeting of the Oxford Jewish Youth Club was attended by over 30 people.

‘The Committee and teaching staff of the Centre for Jewish Studies will hold the first monthly meeting tomorrow (Saturday) evening, at 7, at the Communal Centre. At this meeting the syllabus of lectures and classes will be fixed’.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 December 1940, page 14

A Jewish Voluntary Choir has been formed in Oxford. Mr S.Alman, the Musical Director of the Hampstead Synagogue, has agreed to act as conductor.
Several members of the Cricklewood Synagogue met together in Oxford to continue their Talmudic Course, conducted by Dr I. S. Zuri.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 December 1940, page 11

The next meeting of the Centre for Jewish Studies will be held on Saturday evening next, on ‘The Future of European Jewry’.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 January 1941, page 17

At a meting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society at 12 Lathbury Road (courtesy of Mrs Berenblum)
[Viscountess Samuel in the chair] the discussion included ‘Current Events’ led by Ms Slavid and ‘Anti-Semitism’ led by Miss Wiener.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 January 1941, page 14

The Jewish Religious Union will hold a service next Sunday week at 2.30 at 115 High Street. Visitors welcome. Rabbi Dr Mattuck will give an address on ‘Religion and the War.’

Jewish Chronicle, 14 February 1941, page 14

During visit of Chief Rabbi last week he was guest of V.D. Lipman in his rooms at Magdalen College. Mr Lipman entertained the Delegates at the Educational Conference on Saturday afternoon.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 1941, page 17

There was a discussion at the recent meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society at 163 Woodstock Road (courtesy of Mrs Soref) on ‘Current Events’ and a debate initiated by Mesdames Berenblum and Rosetté on ‘Territorialism and Zionism.’
Viscountess Samuel presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1941, page 21

Letter from ‘Oxford Evacuee.’
Hundreds of Jews including soldiers and airmen thronged the hall of the Oxford Jewish Communal Centre last Sunday to enjoy the first concert by the newly-formed Jewish Youth Club. Thanks to the JC for publicising its need some time ago and thus securing an immediate response.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 March 1941, page 16

Mrs Ettinghausen has stressed the need for immediate application by those desiring to attend Sedarim at the Oxford Jewish Communal Centre. Sedarim are also arranged in outlying districts if sufficient demand exists and applications received without delay.
Mr A.B. Lyons who with his wife has been doing excellent work at the Centre is joining the forces and there are vacancies for more voluntary workers.
Donations will be gratefully received as the coming Passover will entail additional expense.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 March 1941, page 14

Over £1,000 subscribed when the Keren Hayesod campaign was launched last Sunday by Lady Reading, Mr T. Kollek of Palestine and Mr Walter Ettinghausen at the reception held at the house of Dr and Mrs I. Berenblum and the public meeting at the Randolph Hotel.
Walter Ettinghausen was granted leave from the army to attend.

Jewish Chronicle, March 1941

The Oxford community is now thought to number 5,000 and is assured of a supply of kasher meat. Thanks to JC for the publicity.
One of Oxford’s leading non-Jewish butchers, Mr R.A. Butterfield, has arranged for official consent for shochetim to slaughter at the Oxford City abattoir.
1,000 registrations at Mr Butterfield’s establishment at the Central Market, part is portioned off as a kasher shop with Jewish supervision.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 March 1941, page 19

At the monthly discussion group of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society at 100 Divinity Road (courtesy of Mrs Mitzman) Mrs Vardy led a discussion on ‘Current Events’. Mrs Allin and Mrs Silk introduced a debate on ‘Assimilation and Zionism.’ Viscountess Samuel presided.
The Headington Hebrew classes held a Purim party at the Quarry Village Hall. Classes meet every Saturday and Sunday morning from 10.30 to 12.30 at the Hall which is in Quarry Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 March 1941, page 23

Mr Gershon Hirsch (Brasenose, secretary of the Oxford Union for next term, is the first Palestinian to hold office in the Union).

Jewish Chronicle, 28 March 1941, page 23

At an Intercession Service, largely attended, prayers were read by Dr Samuel Daiches. Rev J. Weinberg delivered an address. The Ark was opened by Lord Samuel.
Dr Cecil Roth gave an address at the Communal Centre on ‘European Jewry’ on Sunday. Mr Ben Jacob presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1941 page 17

An appeal was made on behalf of 30 soldiers to be given hospitality for the Sedarim. Communicate with Rev Weinberg.
A children’s Seder will be held at the Communal Centre on Friday afternoon, April 11, at 5.30.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 April 1941, page 14

A new activity at the Communal Centre is a knitting party organised by Mrs J.J. Marks. It meets every Monday at 2.30.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 April 1941, page 13

Mr N. Laski KC presiding at a meeting at Mr S. London’s house spoke of vital importance of Deputies’ Appeal. A committee was formed
Mr Laski Chairman
Mr S. London Treasurer
Mr Julius Cohen as Hon Sec
The Jufra Club has served for two years as rallying point for German-Jewish women and girls and has now been reorganised on a broader basis. Mrs Ettinghausen who has been chairman since it began has relinquished it in order to give the Club greater independence. Meetings will continue to be held at 149c Banbury Road. The Club proposes to organise periodic entertainments, a dramatic section and other activities. Miss Ilse Cohen is new chairman, vice-chairman is Mrs I. Herzog, Treasurer is Miss G. Simon and Librarian Miss L. Vorchheimer.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 May 1941, page 12

‘At Home’ at the home of Mr & Mrs N. Laski last Sunday to meet Lord and Lady Samuel to further the Board of Deputies Appeal.
Dr Nathan Morris said that 20,000 Jewish children from London were scattered in 26 different localities. So far have reached 6,000. Some were beyond their reach and others beyond their means.

Oxford Women’s Zionist Society discussion meeting at 333 Cowley Road (courtesy of Mrs Allin). Mrs Sland led discussion on ‘Current Events’ and Mrs Liebster and Mrs Zinkin read papers on ‘Jewish Women Throughout History’ The Society will hold a Sale of Work on 15 May at ‘The Avenue’, Woodstock Rd (Mrs Laski).

A series of lectures and meetings will be held at the Synagogue every Saturday morning before Musaph. The first will be by Dr Cecil Roth who tomorrow will deal with the history of the Omer. Subsequent speakers will be Dr S. Daiches and Rev J. Weinberg.
A Talmud course will be conducted each Saturday afternoon in the Synagogue by Dr Zuri.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 May 1941, page 17

There are now 11 classes for Jewish instruction in the Oxford district under the auspices of the Oxford congregation.
‘Achduth’ a Jewish Youth Society formed about two months ago has arranged a programme of studies and social events including a Bible Class led by Dr Stein and a choir formed by Mr S. Alman and conducted by Miss Deborah Landman. A new section for boys and girls aged 10-16 is being formed.
An exhibition of paintings by Herman Fechenbach opened at the Nicholas Gallery, 7 Castle St, near Carfax.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 May 1941, page 16

The Oxford Women’s Zionist Society held a discussion meeting at 149c Banbury Road (Mrs Ettinghausen). A discusssion on ’The Fall of France and the New European Order’ introduced by Mrs L.B. Liebster. Viscountess Samuel presided.
Copies of papers read at the Oxford meetings will be sent free to other women’s discussion groups. Applications to the Education Chairman, 219 Iffley Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1941, page 12

At a series of Onegai Shabbat inaugurated last week Mr S. Landman outlined a history of the movement. It began less than 30 years ago in Jerusalem. Afterwards Bialik’s house in Tel-Aviv became the centre of Oneg Shabbat.
Ata recent symposium of Jewish Peace Aims held at the Communal Centre under the auspices of the Oxford Zionist Society the principal speakers were J.L. Cohen, president of OUJS, Mrs Goldstein, Mr I. Kursbatt. Dr I. Berenblum presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1941, page 25

Letter from Miss Esther Trilling (Secretary), 55 St John’s St. A class in Jewish History is being run under the auspices of the WEA at Rewley House on Tuesdays from 7.30-9.30 under the direction of Mr Ben Jacob of Palestine. Class already has 20 and would be glad to welcome new members.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1941, page 27

Miss Ida Mann has been appointed to the Margaret Ogilvie Readership in Ophthalmology at Oxford. The first woman to occupy this appointment.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 1941, page 17

The Oxford Women’s Zionist Society held a Sale of Work recently at 302 Woodstock Rd (Mrs N. Laski. Speeches given by Viscountess Samuel, Mrs B. Seligman, Mrs Robert Solomon and Mrs A. Liebster. A recital of Jewish folksongs given by Miss Bauber, Miss Van Zoon on the piano.
There was an exhibition of Palestine sketches by the late Mr Lilien and a display of Palestine produce and jewellery. £73 raised for welfare work among women and children in Palestine.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 June 1941, page 17

The centenary of the Oxford Jewish Community and the 70th anniversary of the repeal of the University Tests were commemorated in the Synagogue on the 1st day of Pentecost.
Cecil Roth gave an address of the history of the community. In 1841 the synagogue was established by a few traders: Wolf Harris, Isaiah Wolf, Harris Levi, Israel Levi, Simon Praag, Aaron Jacobs.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 June 1941, page 19

A meeting held by the Society of Jews and Christians was held at Exeter College recently.
Rabbi Dr Mattuck presided. Others were Professor O.C. Guich DD, Principal Wheeler Robinson DD.
AT a recent meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society at 237 Banbury Road (Mrs Newton) Mrs Weiss introduced a discussion on ‘The Defence of Palestine’ and Mrs Berlin on ‘Jewish Peace Aims.’ Viscountess Samuel presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 June 1941, page 20

Last Sabbath Dr S. Daiches delivered in the synagogue his 3rd address on the ’Art of Homilectical Midrash.’

Jewish Chronicle, 25 July 1941, page 16

At a Regional Conference of Teachers in Berks, Bucks and Oxon, called by the Joint Emergency Committee, held at Exeter College last Sunday, Rabbi Dr S. Daiches presided. Points made included the sympathetic attitude of local authorities, the lack of interest, even opposition, of Jewish parents, some children did not admit to being Jewish, difficulties caused by dispersal over wide area, non-Jews made Jews attend church.
Dr Cecil Roth summed up.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 August 1941, page 13

Prize distribution of Oxford Classes on Sunday. Rev J. Weinberg said that 200 children in Oxford were receiving Jewish education. Tuition is carried on in school hours when others have scripture lessons.
The Oxford Women’s Zionist Society at as recent discussion at 165 Woodstock Rd, (Mrs Sachs), Mrs Hannah Rothschild spoke on Haifa as I knew it’ and Mrs Nyman introduced a discussion on ‘The position of Jews in Russia.’ Viscountess Samuel presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 September 1941, page 14

An interview by three leading members of the Jewish community with the vicar of a local church was the result of the alleged conversionist activity in the city. Seven Jewish refugees said to have been converted in the last year. They included children but another report denied this and says that one evacuee who was in danger of conversion by her foster-mother had been safeguarded.
The vicar at whose church the baptisms took place said he was not responsible for missionary activity but was willing to baptise people who voluntarily came to him.
At the Ruridecanal Conference at Abingdon a woman speaker spoke about refugees and the possibility of conversion.
Dr Cecil Roth in a letter to a local journal wrote that it was with sense of surprise and shame that Oxford was a hotbed of conversionist activity.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1941, page 11

Letter from Cecil Roth saying that the report of 5 September was wrong. Twenty had been converted of whom 7 were in one church.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 1941, page 28

A service for the forces was held by Rev I. Chait CF and Rev J. Weinberg. The Ladies Committee at the Communal Centre provided tea.
Dr O. Arje attended a meeting of the Oxford Continental Committee of the Palestine Victory Campaign and of the Youth Committee at the invitation of Mrs Ettinghausen. Substantial donations were received at the meeting for both the Continental Committee and the Youth Committee. The Board of the Continental Committee was elected: Chairman Dr Stein; Vice-Chairman Mrs Rothschild (of Palestine); Joint Hon Secs, Mrs Vera Ettinghausen and Mrs Marianne Herrmann, 16 Portland St.)

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1941, page 17

The Oxford Women’s Zionist Society meeting at 163 Woodstock Road (Mrs Soref).Discussion on ‘Current Events’ introduced by Mrs Avery and on ‘New Ways of Living’ by Mrs Liebster.
Officers elected
President Viscountess Samuel
Hon Vice-Pres Lady Fitzgerald
Vice-Pres and Shekel work Mrs A. Liebster
Vice-Pres and JNF work Mrs J. Zinkin
Education Chairman Mrs Goldstein
Fund-raising Chairman Mrs Daiches
Membership Chairman Mrs Praager
Treasurer Mrs Avery
Hon Sec Mrs Cendrowicz

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1941, page 21

Letter from P.E. Laski, 95 Walton Street
The Oxford Communal Centre urgently requires a large trolley, a large refrigerator, a cup,saucer and plate drainer, armchairs, bookshelves and a carpet.
Gifts to Mrs Neville J.Laski (president) Jewish Communal Centre.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 October 1941, page 15

Good relations with the Town Hall authorities was shown by the opening of the Market on Sunday, the eve of the New year, for the first time in the history of the Market so that Jews could have access to the butcher shop. Request was made by the minister.
White mantles, a curtain for the Ark and a table-cover presented to the Synagogue by Mr & Mrs M. Jaffe in memory of Mr Bolloten.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1941, page 16

Addresses were given by Sir Ronald Storrs under the auspices of the local branch of the Ministry of Information and to the Oxford branch of the Overseas League.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1941, page 18

An Oxford Conference on Conversionism was held last week.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 October 1941, page 18

Letter from ‘Oxford Evacuee’ states that there are queues for kosher meat but under control.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 October 1941, page 19

Letter from ‘Another Customer’ says that the scenes at the kosher butcher’s are causing anti-Semitism. Obviously it has been difficult for a community of 30 souls to be swollen suddenly to 2,000.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 October 1941, page 18
Letter from Joseh Hirsch, ‘Northwinds’, Blandford Avenue. As a member of the Oxford Jewish Congregation he wrote to the Committee on July 28 pointing out the unsatisfactory state of meat distribution. Not acknowledged, nor a second letter to the wardens. Some people are buying trefa meat because of difficulty of buying kosher meat. He has been informed that some simple-minded Jewesses are buying trefa meat and koshering it.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 October 1941, page 23

Last week Gershon Hirsch (Brasenose) and Basil T. Wigoder (Oriel) elected respectively Librarian and Treasurer of the Oxford Union. The last time two Jews were in executive positions in the Union was in 1911 when Philip Guedalla was President and L.T.S. Montefiore was Secretary.
In 1910 Leonard J. Stein was President and Mr Guedalla treasurer.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1941, page 17

Letter re growth of anti-Semitism in Oxford which was referred to in sermon in synagogue during Kol Nidrei. Scenes at the kosher butcher are a cause and reflected in advertisement columns of the local press.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 November 1941, page 16

Dance promoted by the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society at St Giles’ Parish Hall organised by Mrs S. Daiches raised £33 for women’s and children’s welfare work in Palestine.
The Talmud Shiur by Dr I.S. Zuri has been resumed at 5 pm Saturdays.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 November 1941, page 16

Arrangements made for Hebrew classes for beginners and advanced under auspices of the Oxford Education Committee and for Modern Jewish History under auspices of WEA. All interested should communicate with the lecturer, Mr Ben Jacob, 101 Woodstock Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 November 1941, page 19

Meat queues. Letter from Rerv M. Block, 34 Hythe Field Avenue, Staines. Said they had had a problem with meat queues. Solved by serving people according to surnames: A-G 2-2.30 etc

Jewish Chronicle, 21 November 1941, page 17

W.G. Ettinghausen who was associated with every phase of Jewish life in Oxford until he joined the forces was presented with certificate of the Golden Book of the JNF.
Activities of Achduth the Oxford Zionist Youth Society, have been resumed. They include lectures, indoor sports and musical evenings which are held at the Communal Centre. Hon Sec is Miss Miriam Van Soon, 11 Lyndworth Close, Headington.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 December 1941, page 17

Viscountess Samuel presided at meeting called by Rev Weinberg at the Communal Centre for the purpose of forming as Ladies Guild.
Additions to funds of the Oxford Jewish Youth Club came from sale of ‘Dig for Victory’ produce given to the Club by Mr & Mrs Frederick Morgan, two non-Jewish supporters of the Club.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 December 1941, page 17

Synagogue was crowded on Sunday when a combined military and Chanucah service was held. Rev Weinberg conducted the service and Rev I. Chair CF gave an inspiring address. Those in uniform were afterwards entertained at the Communal Centre.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 December 1941, page 18

Letter from Mrs Jenny Samuel, 10 Maidcroft Rd, Oxford.
She is accredited Jewish Visitor to the Wingfield Hospital, the Davenport Evacuee Mothers’ Hospital, the Cowley Road Hospital ‘where there are numbers of Jewish patients’, and the Littlemore Institution. Appeals for gifts of children’s books, toys, baby clothing and light reading matter. Such gifts will be gladly acknowledged by the hospital authorities.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 December 1941, page 13

At a meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society Mrs J. Zinkin spoke on the JNF (£5 collected towards Victory Campaign) and discussions held on ‘Jewish settlements in the Crimea’ (Mrs Mitzman) and ‘Jewish Fate and Future’ (Mrs Guttman). Viscountess Samuel presided.
The Society is now actively engaged, with the energetic co-operation of Mrs Praager, of knitting woollen comforts for the Russian army.
Ata reunion at the Randolph Hotel last week by the Oxford Zionist Society Mr L. Bakstansky gave an address on ‘The US and the War’. Mr M. Rosetté, who has become chairman of the OZS on the resignation of Dr I. Berenblum because of pressure of work, presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 January 1942, page 16

Under the auspices of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society, assisted by the Youth Club, a Palestine film was shown at the Scala Cinema on Sunday. The large audience included Lord and Lady Samuel, and Lady Fitzgerald. Addressed in the interval by Barnett Janner. A JNF Certificate was presented, by Mrs Liebster, to the proprietors of the cinema for lending the hall.
Dr Berenblum who presided announced that the Habonim met at the Communal Centre.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 January 1942, page 14

At recent meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society Mrs Miller introduced a discussion on ‘Jewish Fate and Future.’ Presided over by Viscountess Samuel.
A paper written by Mrs Diamond on ‘A Jewish Mercantile Marine’ was read and it was decided to send an application fee to the Zebulun Palestine Seafaring Society.
At the recent film show £50 was raised for the JNF Victory Campaign.
Rev Ephraim Levene, who was due to preach in the Synagogue and to lecture at the Communal, Centre last weekend , was unable to visit Oxford because of the illness of his mother.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 February 1942, page 14

‘Continental Zionists at Oxford’, under the chairmanship of Dr S. Stein, collected £81 for the Victory Fund.
At a recent meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society Mrs Henriques opened a discussion on ‘Why I am not a Zionist.’ Lady Samuel presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 March 1942, page 13

‘Oxford Congregations amalgamate’
At a meeting of the Oxford Jewish congregation, presided over by Mr Neville J. Laski KC, at which delegates of the Cowley & Iffley congregation were present. An amalgamation between the two bodies was agreed.
Under the auspices of the Cultural Society of the congregation Dr Cecil Roth gave the inaugural lecture on ‘Haman and History’ at the Communal Centre last Sunday.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 March 1942, page 14

Those able to accommodate members of HM Forces including ATS for the Sedarim are asked to communicate with the Rev J. Weinberg, 116 Abingdon Road.
Rabbi Dr S. Lehrman, who visited Oxford last weekend to discuss Jewish education, preached in the Synagogue on Sabbath morning.
A series of lectures under the direction of Mr J. Ben Jacob on the subject of ‘In Search of a New World Order, representing the Jewish point of view on world events, is to be given at Rewley House, Wellington Square, at 7-9pm on Wednesdays under the auspices of the WEA.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 March 1942, page 14

Oxford Zionist Society has been reconstituted. The programme includes a series of lectures to be given at the Communal Centre. The secretary is Miss Mokrauer, 41 Walton St.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1942, page 14

The first of a series of lectures for the Oxford Zionist Society was given by Mr Maurice Rosetté on Sunday. Rabbi Dr Samuel Daiches, Dr I. Berenblum and Mr G. Hirsch took part.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 April 1942, page 13

It is intended to place the whole Jewish educational arrangements for evacuee children in Oxford and the surrounding districts, including Abingdon, Banbury, Thame and Wallingford, to be under the aegis of the Oxford Jewish congregation. A larger budget will be needed and an appeal for funds will shortly be made.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 April 1942, page 13

At a recent meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society Mrs A. Liebster introduced a discussion on ‘Post-war Colonisation.’ Viscountess Samuel presided.
The Shiur hitherto conducted by Mr I.S. Zuri on Saturday afternoons will now be held in the Synagogue after morning services.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 April 1942, page 13

Following the recent visit by Rabbi Dr S. Lehrman, the Rev J. Halpern conferred with Jewish leaders and teachers and local authorities and it is hoped that classes in various parts of the City and in outlying districts will start shortly and that facilities will be provided for Jewish instruction on the schools. The financial problem needs to be solved before it can be put into operation.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 April 1942

The Oxford Jewish Youth Club is arranging a special night for Jewish members of the Forces every Tuesday at the Communal Centre. The Dramatic and Concert Sections recently entertained patients at the Osler Pavilion Hospital and a second show will be given there on April 25. In response to the Kidlington Warship Week three plays will be staged on May 25.
In succession to Mr Monty Rose, chairman, who has been called up, Mr Dennis Silverman has been elected. The secretary is Miss Betty Samuel,10 Maidcroft Road, Cowley.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 May 1942, page 14

Under the auspices of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society an ‘At Home’ was held at 104 Banbury Road, (courtesy of Mr A, Rothschild) at which Prof Norman Bentwich spoke on the Hebrew University. Mrs Liebster presided. The meeting raised £33 for women’s and children’s welfare work in Palestine and £22 for the University.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 May 1942, page 14

Mr L. Bakstansky delivered the second in the series of public lectures on ‘The Jewish People in the New Order’ arranged by the English Zionist Federation at the Union Society’s Hall last weekend. He spoke on ‘Palestine’s Potential in War and Peace’. Mr Gershon Hirsch, President of the Oxford Union, presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 June 1942, page 13

Mr Harry Sacher gave the last of the three public lectures arranged by the English Zionist Federation at the Union Society’s Hall on ‘Post-war Reconstruction in Europe and in the Middle East.’ Mr Gershon Hirsch presided. Mr Sacher was scathing on the White Paper.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 June 1942

Prof Samson Wright addressed the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society at 100 Divinity Road (courtesy of Medames Mitzman and Zinkin) on ‘JNF Policy in wartime.’
At a discussion meeting last week Dr Kuranda introduced a discussion on ‘The Jews of the Continent.’ Viscountess Samuel presided.
An ’At Home’ held by courtesy of Dr and Mrs Berenblum last Sunday to meet Prof Norman Bentwich and Miss Harriet Cohen who were later the principal speakers at a public meeting in support of Keren Hayesod at the Randolph Hotel. Mr M. Rosetté presided at both functions and announced that £300 raised so far.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 June 1942, page 13

Viscount Samuel gave a talk to the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society on his recent visit to Palestine.
He reminded the audience that there were a million Arabs in Palestine ’a fact which, he said, was forgotten by his Zionist friends’ and surrounded by several million Arabs who could not be omitted from consideration. £15 collected for women’s and children’s welfare work in Palestine.
Mr Joseph Tumim has been appointed Clerk of Assize of the Oxford Circuit.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 July 1942, page 10

Oxford Habonim are to camp in Wiltshire. Local activities will be resumed in September. Intending members should communicate with the Rosh Gedud, Esther Trilling, 55 St John Street.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 August 1942, page 11

The Oxford Women’s Zionist Society held a ‘bring and buy’ sale at 12 Lathbury Road (Mrs I. Berenblum). Dr Celina Sokolow spoke of her travels with her late father. Lady Samuel presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 October 1942, page 11

Services on Yom Kippur were conducted by members of the congregation. Those who took part were Professor Herzog formerly Rabbi of Graz, Austria, Rev J. Kibel formerly Reader of the New and Shacklewell Lane Synagogues, Mr B.I. Beckman at one time minister at Johannesburg and Mr H. Levene a layman who has had training as a Chazan.
Dr Cecil Roth intoned the Haftarah of the Book of Jonah at the mincha service of which Mr Laski read a translation.
The priestly benediction was recited by Mr K. Lipinski whose father was Dayan of the Frankfort community.
The minister Rev J. Weinberg was officiating at two other congregations.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 October 1942, page 11

Elected at the annual meeting of Oxford Women’s Zionist Society.
President Viscountess Samuel
Vice-Presidents Lady Fitzgerald. Mrs A, Liebster, Mrs J. Zinkin
Chairman Mrs I. Goldstein
Education Mrs M. Berlin
Membership Mrs -. Prager
Treasurer Mrs H. Avery

Jewish Chronicle, 23 October 1942, page 10

A meeting at the Synagogue Hall last week was attended by representatives of the following Youth Societies:
Achduth; Hechalutz; Oxford Jewish Youth Club; Oxford University Jewish Society; Refugee Boys’ Hostel; Vatikei Habonim.
It was decided to form an Oxford Jewish Youth Council to coordinate activities.
President Rev J. Weinberg
Chairman Miss E.Trilling (Habonim)
Hon Sec Mr Chayer (Oxford Jewish Youth Club)
A programme of joint activities was arranged.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 October 1942, page 11

In the new term the special prayer for the University was again recited. A few caps and gowns can be seen at services.
At the OUJS a lecture was given by Captain Jeremiah Helpern on ‘A Jewish Army’. Mr J. Hajnal-Konyi presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 November 1942, page 11

The Communal Centre is appealing for more voluntary workers because of the increased demand for meals now served to a number of Jewish and non-Jewish munition workers.
At an ‘At Home’ at 163 Woodstock Road (Rabbi Dr and Mrs S. Daiches) to inaugurate the new session of the Zionist Society. The speakers were D Daiches, Dr E. Frankenstein and Dr I. Berenblum.
At a subsequent meeting Dr Berenblum was elected chairman and a committee was formed. Communications to Miss Moses 88 Kingston Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 December 1942, page 11

The Annual Meeting of the congregation was held last week. Mr B.I., Beckman presiding referred to monthly services for HM Forces by Rev I. Chait CF.
15 children were now receiving Hebrew education in Oxford and neighbourhood.
A motion was adopted supporting a systematic exposition of Jewish ethical teaching.
President Mr Neville J. Laski KC (re-elected)
Warden Mr B. I. Beckman (re-elected)
Committee re-elected (not named)
Plus University warden H.Z. Maccoby
Junior Treasurer S.J. Goldstein
Dr B. Horovitz (Headington)

Jewish Chronicle, 18 December 1942 page 11

Lectures at the OUJS last term were by
Captain Jeremiah Helpern; Mr Chaim Rabin; Dr S. Stein; Dr Robert Eisler; Mr Berl Locker.
Elected for Hilary term.
President Miss Ruth Landman
Secretary Mr S.H. Fishman
Treasurer Miss Ruth Trilling
Synagogue Representative Mr H.Z. Maccoby
Zionist convenor Miss Iona Simon
Committee Mr J. Hajnal-Konyi (ex-President)
Mr A. Schmidt

Jewish Chronicle, 15 January 1943, page 11

A dance arranged by the Youth Council on Saturday evening was attended by members of the British and American forces. Mrs Neville Laski, Miss Esther Trilling and Mr & Mrs Sunshine were among those whose efforts made the evening successful.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 January 1943, page 11

The new term of the University Jewish Society began with an address by Mr G.A. Leon (Trinity) ex-President of Cambridge University Jewish Society. Students are invited to attend services at the Synagogue, the Talmud Shiur of Mr Zuri and lectures by Dr S. Stein on Ezekiel.
A public meeting has been organised for Sunday evening on ‘The Future of Jewry’ at which speakers will included the Vice-Chancellor, Viscount Samuel, the Bishop of Oxford and Professor Brodetsky.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 February 1943, page 11

Preaching at Oxford Synagogue last week on the 50th anniversary of its consecration, Rabbi Dr Samuel Daiches spoke on the history of the community.
He considered ‘that the most brilliant period in the history of that Synagogue was from the end of the summer of 1940 till now, especially till the autumn of 1942. Those two years were a period of high spirituality. Never had the Synagogue had so many devout worshippers.’
[Note: The sermon was printed in full in Freda Silver Jackson, Then and Now: A Collection of Recollections, 1992, pp.43-5, but says the sermon was delivered on 30 June 1943.]

A lecture was given to the Women’s Zionist Society at 163 Woodstock Road (by permission of Dr and Mrs S. Daiches) by Dr Teicher on ‘Maimonides. His Life and Work.’ Viscountess Samuel presided.

Rev H. Mayerowitsch (of London) conducted the services on Friday and Saturday and lectures on ‘Jewish Music’ at the Communal Centre.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 March 1943, page 10

‘Those who can accommodate members of H.M. and Allied Forces for the Sedarim are asked to communicate with Rev. J. Weinberg, 116 Abingdon Road, Oxford.’

Jewish Chronicle, 2 April 1943, page 13

A resolution adopted at a recent protest meeting, organised by the University Jewish Society at which Sir William Beveridge presided, was later signed by 94 dons. A Relief Fund inaugurated at the meeting was now £400.
Next term’s officers of the Union
President and Synagogue Warden Stanley H. Fishman (University)
Secretary J. David Goldberg (Corpus Christi)
Treasurer Miss Shulamith Wolfe (Somerville)
Synagogue Treasurer Julius Goldstein (Balliol)

Jewish Chronicle, 30 April 1943, page 10

An exhibition of the work by pupils of the Jewish artist Arthur Segal was held recently at the Taylor Institute. Among the pictures exhibited were some by members of the Forces and by Jewish pupils.

Jewish Chronicle, 14 May 1943, page 13

Mme P. Katz gave the Zionist Society a description of the sufferings of Jews of France, Lady Fitzgerald presided. At the meeting £30 was collected for contribution to welfare work in Palestine.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 May 1943, page 11

At a wedding solemnised by Rev J. Weinberg, refugee twin sisters were married to two refugees, one in the Forces, the other about to join up.
Dr Cecil Roth gave a talk on ’Marranos’ to Zionist youth (including Habonim) at the Communal Centre recently. Meetings are held at the Centre every Sunday at 7pm.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 May 1943, page 13

Through the courtesy of Rev Mr Bowman, a non-Jewish scholar, a Hebrew-speaking circle was started in his rooms at Christ Church recently when Dr N. Wieder and Dr Chaim Rabin and the host were speakers. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday at the house of Dr C. Roth who will give a lecture.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 June 1943,page 11

Mr Walter Ettinghausen was elected to represent the congregation at the Board of Deputies.
Dr C. Roth gave the first address on ’The Ethical Teachings of Judaism’ at the Synagogue last week.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 June 1943, page 11

Mrs Ruth Seres and her sister Miss Rachel Daiches, who are the secretaries of two National Savings groups, collected during the City’s ’Wings for Victory’ week £1,130 and £1,511 respectively.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 1943, page 10

A Keren Hayesod campaign was inaugurated last week by Mrs Archibald Silverman when she addressed a gathering at the house of Mr & Mrs S. London and a meeting at the Taylor Institute. Dr Samuel Daiches presided at the meeting. The chairman of the campaign is Mr I. Berlin and the Hon Sec is Mr L. Bloom. So far over £650 has been raised.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 July 1943, page 13.

The University Zionist Society[*] was addressed by Dr Samuel Daiches on ‘How to Read the Bible’, ‘he wanted everyone to feel that a day which passed without a page of the Bible being read was a day not fully used.’

[*16 July 1943 page 11 said it was the University Jewish Society.]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 July 1943, page 13

Dr C. Roth addressed the Women’s Zionist Society recently on ‘Zionism and the re-education of the Jewish people.’ Lady Samuel presided.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 1943, page 5

A conference on anti-Semitism was held at Union Society’s Hall on Saturday. 40 delegates represented trade unions and other organisations. No Jewish organisations were invited.
The Very Rev Dean of Christ Church presided. Speeches made by Rev R.R. Martin, Rural Dean of Oxford, Mr Bellinger, Chairman of the Oxford Trades & Labour Council, and Mrs Corbett-Ashby, Vice-president of the Liberal Party.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 1943, page 11

W. Ettinghausen addressed a joint meeting of the Oxford Zionist Society and Poale Zion on ‘The Jewish Front Today’. Dr I. Berenblum presided.
Mr I. Jezierski spoke recently at a meeting arranged by the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society at 100 Divinity Road by courtesy of Mesdames Mitzman and Zinkin.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 August 1943, page 10

Rev J. Weinberg has been co-opted a member of the Refugee Children’s Movement, Region 6, and as a member of the Sub-Committee on Education and Welfare for the Region.
A series of addresses on Jewish ethics has been continuing at the Synagogue by the Rev J. Weinberg and Dr S. Stein.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 October 1943, page 12

Under auspices of the Oxford Jewish Representative Council an appeal has been launched in support of the Essential Community Services Fund at an At Home at the residence of Mr & Mrs Neville J. Laski. Speakers were S. London who presided, Mr N. Laski, Mr I.W. Goldberg and Rabbi Dr Samuel Daiches.
Miss Margaret Downey gave a recital of songs accompanied by Mr Lichtenstein. Over £804 has so far been subscribed.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 October 1943, page 14

Mrs Kisch, widow of Brigadier Kisch, who recently arrived in the UK with her two sons from South Africa, attended the Synagogue last Saturday. Rabbi Dr Samuel Daiches, in the course of a sermon, ‘paid a graceful tribute to the memory of the late Brigadier.’
Dr William Cohen has been elected President of the Oxford University Anthropological Society. He was formerly Keeper of the Far Eastern Department of the State Museum of Berlin.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 October 1943, page 10

At the annual meeting of the Oxford Zionist Society Dr I. Berenblum was elected chairman and Miss Moses, Hon Sec. Monthly educational functions and a number of special functions are being arranged.
Professor Wallenberg, the well-known neurologist, a refugee from Germany, who has been residing in Oxford, has gone to the USA. It will be remembered that on his 80th birthday a dinner was given in his honour by his colleagues.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 November, 1943 page 10

Mr M. Berlin gave a lecture recently on Chassidim to a joint meeting of the Zionist Society and Habonim.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 December, 1943, page 11

The Annual Meeting of the congregation was held recently. Mr B.I. Beckman in the chair.
He said that the Oxford Jewish Representative Council which was formed during the year to coordinate the activities of organisations had raised over £800 towards the Keren Hayesod appeal and over £1,000 for the Board of Deputies’ Essential Service appeal.
He expressed appreciation for their services to Rev J.Weinberg, Mr H. Levine and Mrs A.M. Hyamson.
Committee elected
President Mr Neville J.Laski KC
Senior Warden & Treasurer B.I. Beckman
Board of Management. Dr B. Horovitch, Dr C. Roth, M. Berlin, L. Bloom, J. Cohen, A.M. Hyamson OBE., H. Levin, S. London.
Auditor P.M. Phillips

Jewish Chronicle, 17 December 1943, page 13

At the annual meeting of the Oxford Women’s Zionist Society announced that during the year £271 raised for various Zionist funds. Expenses amounted to 3and 1/4 per cent. Membership was 60.
President Viscountess Samuel
Vice-presidents Lady Fitzgerald, Mrs A. Liebster, J. Zimkin
Chair I. Goldstein
Treasurer M. Berlin
Samuel Landman spoke on ‘The Future of Palestine’ and said that Palestine could be the 7th Dominion of the British Commonwealth of Nations being self-governing under the Crown. No pro-British Arab could object after all that Britain has done and was doing for the Arabs.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 December 1943, page 11

The University Jewish Society heard addresses last term by Miss Abraham, Dr Cecil Roth, Professor Hugh Goitein, Dr Geoffrey Bourne and Mr S. Landman. The new President is Miss Ruth Trilling (Somerville).

Jewish Chronicle, 14 January 1944, page 10

Mr Neville J. Laski KC acted as chairman and Mrs Laski presented the prizes at the annual prize distribution. In his report Rev J. Weinberg mentioned that about 130 children were receiving religious instruction in Oxford.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 January 1944, page 13

At a social evening arranged by the Women’s Zionist Society over £80 raised for the JNF. Viscountess Samuel (President) presented a ‘cluster of trees in Eretz Yisrael’ to Mrs Goldstein (Chairman and founder of the Society) on the occasion of her silver wedding.
Professor Hugh Goitein was speaker at the first of series of discussion meetings organised by the congregation. Meetings will be held on alternate Sundays at 6 pm at the Communal Centre.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 1944, page 11

Dr Cecil Roth gave the first of a series of lectures on Jewish History arranged by Oxford Chavurath Habonim and Rev J. Weinberg the second. The series will continue at the Communal Centre each week.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 June 1944, page 10

University Jewish Society addressed by Professor Brodetsky on ‘Anglo-Jewry and Post-war Jewish Problems’; Dr Heinemann on ‘The Fate of Jewry in the Present Revolution’; Dr O. Lehmann on ‘Excavations in Palestine’. Dr Cecil Roth is continuing his Sabbath lectures on Bereshith Rabah in the Faculty of Oriental Studies.
Officers of the Union in Trinity term. F.B.E. Kempfner (St Catherine’s) President; J. Horovitz (New) Secretary.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 June 1944, page 13

Public meeting at the Taylorian Institute in support of the UPA. Addressed by Professor Samson Wright. Rabbi Dr Daiches presided. Hoped as result of this meeting to reach target of £2,000

Jewish Chronicle, 21 July 1944, page 13

At Women’s Zionist Society garden fete (permission of Mr & Mrs Chaundy) £125 raised for UPA.
Service for members of the Forces was held at the synagogue last week by Rev J. Weinberg and Rev J. Weintrobe CF who had temporarily take over duties as chaplain because of the ill-health of Rev I. Chait CF. The services are held on the first Sunday of the month at 3 pm.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 July 1944, page 11

The Jewish Representative Council met at the Communal Centre 95 Walton Street on Sunday and decided to form a new Jewish Youth Club, a successor to the club founded in 1940 by Miss Betty Samuel and Mr Alan Silverman (now serving with RAF in Ceylon). Mr Bloom, who presided, promised the Council’s financial support. At the Club’s inaugural meeting held later Mr Bloom was elected President, Bernard Silverman Chairman; R. Cross; Vice Chairman; Jeffrey Cohen (36 Glanville Road), Hon Sec; Miss R. Levy Treasurer.
Rabbi I. Brodie SCF occupied the Richmond Road Synagogue pulpit on the Sabbath.

Mr Neville J. Laski KC addressed the Junior Youth Club last week on ‘The Method of Administering the Law in this Country.’

Jewish Chronicle, 13 October 1944, page 11

University services will be resumed at the synagogue, Richmond Road, at 6 pm each Friday night beginning 20 October.
Relations of former members of the university who have fallen in the war are asked to send their names (Hebrew and English) to the junior warden, Mr F.B.E. Kampfner, St Catherine’s Society, for inclusion in the Memorial Prayer.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1944, page 10

A gathering at the home of Mr Neville J. Laski and Mrs Laski raised £185 for the Oxford & District Airborne Forces Security Fund, Mr L. Bloom of the Jewish Representative Council organised the function with the help of Mr B. Silk, Mr J. Cohen and Miss Sonia Levene. Mr G.R. Hardacre, editor of the Oxford Mail, and Hon Sec of the Fund, thanked Mr & Mrs Laski and the organisers.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 November 1944, page 17

Certificate of Honour presented by the Oxford Savings Committee to Miss Rachel Daiches who, during the recent Salute The Soldier week, as Hon Sec of the Woodstock Road (2) Savings Group, collected £2,000.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 November 1944, page 13

A Sefardi service was held a the Richmond Road Synagogue for the first time in the congregation’s history. Rev D.B. de Mesquita and Rev E. Abinum of the Lauderdale Road Synagogue, conducted the service at the invitation of Mr & Mrs Neville Laski, on the occasion of the barmitzvah of John and Peter [no surnames]. At a reception held at the home of Mr & Ms Laski, Mr B.I. Beckman presented books to the boys on behalf of the Board of Management of the congregation.
The Oxford Senior Jewish Club meets on Wednesday evenings at 95 Walton Street, the Communal Centre, and at the home of Mr & Mrs Laski, 302 Woodstock Road, on Sunday evenings, Members of the Forces are invited.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 December 1944, page 13

Announced at the annual meeting of the Women’s Zionist Society that membership was 55 and fund-raising in the past session amounted to £380.
President Viscount Samuel
Vice-Presidents Lady Fitzgerald; Mrs A. Leibster(sic); Mrs J. Zimkin(sic)
Hon Adviser Mrs I Goldstein
Treasurer Mrs M. Berlin
Hon Sec Miss M. Solomon

Jewish Chronicle, 22 December 1944, page 11

At a meeting of the congregation these were elected
President Neville J. Laski KC
Senior Warden B. I. Beckman
Senior Treasurer S. Levene
(Junior Warden and Treasurer to be elected from the undergraduates)
Mr Beckman elected representative at Board of Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 February 1945, p. 10

Rabbi I. Brodie SCF conducted a military service at the synagogue, Richmond Road last week. The Deputy Assistant Chaplain-General, the Rev W.E. Worsley was present

Jewish Chronicle, 9 March 1945, page 1

(Presentation of plaques to various provincial congregations by US troops)

‘Two hundred U.S. servicemen attended the presentation of a plaque at the Richmond Road Synagogue, Oxford. The plaque was handed over by Chaplain S. Shain, and was received by Mr. B. I. Beckman (Senior Warden of the Congregation). Chaplain J. Weintrobe, Chaplain Shain, and the Rev. J. Weinberg (Minister of the Congregation) conducted the service. Later a Purim Party, organised by Mrs. Neville Laski, was held at the Communal Centre.’

Jewish Chronicle, 1 June 1945, page 15

Three functions have been held in aid of the Central British Fund for Relief and Rehabilitation.
At a public meeting at the Taylorian Institute presided over by Lord Samuel. Speaker Lord Bearsted.
An ‘At Home’ at residence of Mrs Laski to meet Lord Bearsted at which it was announced that over £3,000 had been collected
Garden fete at Mrs Laski’s, organised by the Jewish Social and Forces Club at which £200 collected
Messrs S. London, B.I. Beckman and L. Bloom were respectively Appeal Chairman, Treasurer and Hon Secretary

Jewish Chronicle, 13 July 1945, page 13

Treasurer of the OU Conservative Association in Michaelmas Term is Mr Neville Labovitch (Brasenose)
At meeting of the Oxford Jewish Representative Council the total collected for the Fund for Relief and Rehabilitation announced as £3,603 13s. Expenses less than half of one per cent

Jewish Chronicle, 27 July 1945, page 13

Services given to Oxford Jewish Congregation by Mr B.I. Beckman, Senior Warden, were referred to by Rabbi Dr Samuel Daiches in a sermon last week. On the following day Mr Neville Laski, President of the Congregation, presented a silver salver to Mr Beckman who is resigning because of return to London

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