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Barrow-in-Furness Jewish Community & Synagogue

Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria



Press Reports relating to the Barrow-in-Furness Jewish Community
1877 - 1918
Compiled by Harold Pollins

(with some later additions provided by Steven Jaffe)


Jewish Chronicle, 8 March 1877 page 1

Marriage on 7th inst, at the synagogue St Alban’s Place, London, Henry Ellis of Barrow-in-Furness, eldest son of Isaac Ellis of Westminster, to Julia only daughter of the late Julius Henocheberg and Mrs Caroline Nathan of Liverpool

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1877 page 2



A highly respectable Jewish labourer has met with a serious accident, on Thursday last, June 21st, wife and four little children totally destitute. The poor fellow is now lying at the North Lonsdale Hospital in this town, with a broken leg and other injuries, and the doctor states it will be some months before he can resume work. He arrived from the North of Scotland about a month since, penniless, and would not accept charity. All he wanted was regular employment, which the undersigned assisted to procure. The smallest donation will be thankfully received and acknowledged by Mr. Philip Hart, 104 Duke-street, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire’.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 October 1900 page 20


For the first time service was held on the High Festivals. Mr. Heinerfelt of Manchester officiated, assisted by Messrs. Harris and Dobkin, the Chazan. Mr. P. Bergson, the Gabbai, acted as Baal Tokeah. All arrangements were under the supervision of Mr. H. Reuben Davidson, the President.’

Jewish Chronicle, 8 February 1901 page 24

[Death of the Queen]

At the service in Barrow, J.S.Ruben recited the prayer and Mr Charles(sic) delivered an address.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 May 1901 page 24


‘Services were held at the new premises in Abbey Road, which have been suitably fitted up. Mr. Dobkin conducted the services on both days of the festival. The synagogue was tastefully decorated with plants and flowers presented by Mrs. H.R. Davidson’.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 June 1901 page 7

[Letter to editor]


SIR,- I beg the favour of a public space in your valuable organ to inform the generous public that the newly-formed congregation, whose members are chiefly of the working class, are sorely in need of extraneous assistance. Great credit is due to the President, Mr. Davidson, and his coadjutors, for their plucky attempts to establish a place of worship, which will be the means in time to come of withdrawing a considerable number of hard working Jews from large towns where our co-religionists are too conspicuous by their increasing numbers.  The rooms fitted up as a synagogue require permanent seats and other accommodations.

Three years ago, through the publicity which you kindly gave to the holding of the first public Divine Service in Blackpool, some anonymous donors, whose names are concealed from me to this day, were good enough to offer me the acceptance of a Sepher and silver ornaments, which was (sic) duly and thankfully received. I hope that by being made aware through the medium of your widely circulated paper that the Barrow congregation are sadly in want of a similar boon, the same invisible philanthropic spirit which gladdened the hearts of the Blackpool congregation will extend its benevolent influence to Barrow-in-Furness.

Our brethren in Barrow having to rely on their own resources - Barrow not being favoured by the presence of pleasure-seeking visitors - its claims for help are quite obvious. It is deserving to be recorded that since the consecration of the temporary Synagogue, which was attended by several Christians, the Barrow Press, which not long ago mentioned the settlement of Jews in the town somewhat slighting, is now unanimous in encouraging the establishment of the congregation by eulogising the services which they had the opportunity to observe.

Yours obediently
Manchester, June 17th, 1901                                       

Jewish Chronicle, 21 June 1901 page 30


Yesterday (Thursday) week the Rev. I. Simon, of Manchester, consecrated the synagogue of the Barrow Hebrew Congregation in Abbey Road. The synagogue was opened by Mr. H. R. Davidson, the President. The congregation is very small - a mere handful of members. Every credit is therefore due to the zealous workers who have successfully laboured to secure a proper place of worship. The Rev. I. Simon delivered an eloquent sermon, and dedicated the synagogue in an impressive prayer. Among those present were several Christians, and Mr. H. R. Davidson, President of the congregation, Mr. R. Wolfe (Vice-President and Hon. Treasurer), Mr. John S. Ruben (Hon. Secretary), Mr. Abbey (Auditor), Rev. W.E. Dobkin (Resident Minister), Messrs, Fisher, Bergson and Cohn. After the service light refreshments were partaken of. Councillor Charles presided. The health of “The King and Royal Family” was honoured. “Success to the Barrow Hebrew Congregation” was submitted by the Rev. I. Simon, and responded to by Mr. H.R. Davidson. The other toasts were “The Visitors” proposed by Rev. I. Simon. And responded to by Mr. G. Stone; “The Chairman,” “The Rev. I. Simon,” &c.’

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1901 page 5

[New Year Greetings]

‘JACK RUBEN, of Barrow, sends greetings to his beloved parents, Rev. and Mrs. Ruben, Manchester, and his relatives and friends at home and abroad, wishing them all a Happy and Prosperous New Year’.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 September 1901 page 29


The annual general meeting of the Barrow Hebrew Congregation was held last week at the Synagogue Chambers, Abbey Road. The election of honorary officers resulted as follows: - President, Mr. H. R. Davidson, re-elected; Treasurer, Mr. M. Cohn; Hon. Secretary, Mr. John S. Ruben, re-elected; Auditor, Mr S. Abrahams, re-elected; Committee, Messrs. R. Wolfe, P. Bergson, B. Fisher, L. Moscow, and L. Danziger. Mr. M. Cohn was elected Chatan Torah [in initial Hebrew letters], and Mr. H. R. Davidson Chatan Bereshit [in initial Hebrew letters]’.

 Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1901 page 30

Chatan Torah: M. Cohn [Moritz Cohn]; Chatan Bereshit: H. R. Davidson

 Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1901 page 29


Mr. J. Cohn (sic) (Treasurer) has presented a Silver Yod, Breastplate, and Bells for Sepher Torah in commemoration of his having been Chosan Torah.

Mr J.S. Ruben has presented a silver cup to the Committee of the Barrow Conservative Club for billiard competition, the winner to carry with it the championship. The cup will be competed for annually, and the winner will also be the recipient of a gold medal by the same donor. Councillor Charles, on behalf of the Committee, accepted the gift, and suitably returned thanks to the donor for his great kindness, which they all heartily appreciated. Mr. Ruben is Hon. Secretary of the Hebrew Congregation.’

Jewish Chronicle, 13 December 1901 page 29


The quarterly general meeting of the congregation was held on Sunday last. The Chairman (Mr. H. R. Davidson) dwelt on the satisfactory progress during the short period that the new premises in Abbey Road had been opened. He also read a circular letter from Sir Montagu Samuel in reference to the Affiliation of Synagogues, and it was unanimously resolved that Barrow join the Federation, and also that the Committee should acquire land for a burial ground’.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 August 1902 page 16


A special coronation Service was held on Saturday last. Several Jewish delegates to the High Court of the Ancient Order of Foresters, which was held in the town during the week, attended the service‘.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 1902 page 28

‘The annual general meeting and election of officers of the Barrow Hebrew Congregation was held on Sunday last, at the Synagogue Chambers, Abbey Road, Mr. H. R. Davidson in the Chair. The Chairman congratulated the members on the very successful year just completed as disclosed by the balance-sheet, but deplored the decrease that had taken place in the membership owing to the depression in trade which compelled several members to leave the town. The ballot for the election of officers resulted as follows: President, Mr. H.R. Davidson (re-elected); Treasurer, Mr. R. Wolfe; Hon. Secretary, Mr. J.S. Ruben (re-elected); Committee: Messrs. L. Simon, L. Danziger (re-elected), D. Cowan, and L. Moscow (re-elected). Votes of thanks were accorded to the outgoing officials and the Chairman. Mr. I. Tumin, of Manchester, who officiated last year has been engaged for the forthcoming holidays’.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 October 1902 page 28


At the monthly Committee held last Sunday, votes of thanks were accorded to Messrs. I. Tumin (Manchester), and W.I. Dobkin, who officiated during the Holydays, also to Mr. Lewis Simons, who acted as Baal Tokeah’.

 Jewish Chronicle, 5 June 1903 page 2

Naturalisations in May

Moritz Cohn, 48 Storey Square, Barrow-in-Furness.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 July 1903 page 26

Barnsley congregation. Ref. to election of Rev. I. Dobkin as one of the auditors.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 October 1903 page 26


Services were held by this congregation during New Year and Day of Atonement. Mr. S. Gustonfeld(sic) officiated, assisted by Mr. B. Fisher.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 June 1904 page 28

Ref to Rev S. Garstenfeld, late of Barrow, being elected Chazan, Shochet and Teacher to Abertillery synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1904 page 23

Services were conducted by Rev. S. Jaffe and Mr B. Fisher.

 Jewish Chronicle, 22 February 1907 page 32

'Mr. Mark Hambourg and his brothers, Jan and Boris, gave a most successful recital at Barrow-in-Furness last Friday. The concert was organised by Mr. H. Reuben Davidson, President of the Hebrew Congregation. Mr. Hambourg and his brothers will give a recital tomorrow at the Crystal Palace, for which an excellent programme has been arranged’.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 May 1907 page 26

‘Barrow-in-Furness. The services on Pentecost were conducted by the Rev. S. Jaffe. The synagogue was decorated with flowers and plants’.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1907 page 27

Chatan Torah, Mr. S. Sholler. Chatan Bereshit, Mr. A. I. Marks.

 Jewish Chronicle, 18 October 1907 page 32

Barrow-in-Furness. The annual meeting of the congregation was held last Sunday. The Treasurer’s statement, which was very satisfactory, was adopted. The following were re-elected: Messrs. H. R. Davidson, President; W. Wolfe, Treasurer; S. Davidson, Secretary; A. J. Marks, B. Fisher and I. Ginsburg, Committee’.

 Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1908 page 1

Death on 19 February in Glasgow  of the (unnamed) husband of Celia August, mourned inter alia by his daughter Mrs R. Wolfe of Barrow-in-Furness.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 October 1908 page 25

Chatah Torah Mr S. Davidson. Chatan Bereshit  Rev S. Yoffet.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 November 1908 page 34

‘Barrow-in-Furness. At the general meeting, the following were elected. Messrs. H. R. Davidson, President; B. Fisher, Treasurer; I, Ginsberg, Hon. Secretary; H. Glicksman, Auditor; and H. Shrager, Hon. Collector’.

 Jewish Chronicle, 22 January 1909 page 27

‘Barrow-in-Furness. At the recent general meeting of the Ladies’ Benevolent Society, the balance sheet was adopted and regarded as very satisfactory. The following are the officers: Mrs. H. R. Davidson, President; Mrs. S. Davidson, Treasurer; Mrs. R. Wolfe, Hon. Secretary’.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 February 1909 page 32

At the invitation of the Lurgan Hebrew Congregation the Rev. S. Joffey of Barrow-in-Furness conducted the services on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Also he examined the children’s classes on Sunday.

 Jewish Chronicle, 8 October 1909 page 16

Chatan Torah Mr I. Lazarus. Chatan Bereshit Mr H. Moscow

Jewish Chronicle, 25 November 1910 page 16

‘The Hebrew Congregation has made a presentation, consisting of a platinum and gold albert chain and an illuminated address to Mr. H. R. Davidson, for his valuable services during the past twelve years as President, a post he has relinquished owing to his departure from Barrow. The Ladies’ Benevolent Society presented Mrs. Davidson with a set of festival prayers. Mr. Davidson, in his turn, has presented to the congregation an artistic photograph of himself to be hung in the synagogue chambers’.

 Jewish Chronicle, 4 August 1911 page 7

Mr John Roehmann of Messrs Vickers Ltd, Barrow, formerly a student at Imperial College, son of Mr M. Roehmann of 49 Dyne Rd, Brondesbury, has gained BSc in the Faculty of Engineering, University of London.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1912 page 20

Annual election of officers of the Hebrew Congregation took place last week. Elected: Barnet Fisher, President; Morris Solomon, Treasurer; Ralph Solomon, Hon. Sec. A Committee of four [unnamed] was also elected.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 November 1913 page 27

Following were elected Hon. Officers of the congregation

B. Fisher, President; H. Moscow, Treasurer; H. Glicksman Hon. Sec.

 Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1913 page 2

Death of Mrs Leah Blackstone, Soho, London. Inter alia, nephew Emanuel Blackstone, Innes Villa, Park-avenue, Barrow-in-Furness.

 Jewish Chronicle, 6 February 1914 page 4



WANTED Schochet, Teacher and Baal Tephia, who is able to teach in English, single man preferred; salary 25s. Apply D. Agulsky, Hon. Secretary, 42, Harrison-street, Barrow-in-Furness’.


Jewish Chronicle, 6 February 1914 page 26

‘An “at home” was given by Mr. I.L. Stoller (President of the Congregation) last Sunday when a testimonial and a purse of gold, in appreciation of his services, was presented to the Rev. Mr. Hyams on his departure from Barrow. Thanks were accorded Mr. and Mrs. Stoller for their hospitality’.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 February 1914, page 1

Marriage took place on 8 February of Hermann Glicksman, younger son of Mrs Glicksman, 46 Westmorland-street, Barrow, and the late Shane Glicksman of Riga, Russia, to Bessie Sandell, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Sandell of 121 Lancaster-road, Preston.

[Marriage Index: September 1914 Bessie Sandell and Herman Glocksman Fylde 8e 1595]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 May 1914 page 24

‘A Communal Dispute at Barrow

TO THE EDITOR, - From Mr. I.L. Stoller, 16 Lord Street, Barrow-in-Furness

SIR, - The Barrow Jewish community had the honour of a visit from Dr. Salomon, from Manchester, who came with the approval of the Chief Rabbi to arbitrate and to settle a dispute, and we must thank Dr. Salomon for his kind influence. It is pleasing to know that his great experience enabled him to settle the dispute in a very short time, and to restore peace and harmony to the community.

When a community is small, it is impossible to expect anyone to undertake the control of a congregation, and to be able to engage a qualified minister under the authority of the Chief Rabbi as a Chazan, Shochet, Mohel, and Teacher, who must be a married man, a young man with a good appearance, and a model to the town as a Jewish minister, with an average salary of 30s. Per week.

I hope the Chief Rabbi will take the matter up, and see what can be done to alleviate the lot of the ministers in the provincial towns of this country’.

Jewish Chronicle, 24 July 1914 page 1

Birth on Monday 20 July at 16 Lord St, Barrow-in-Furness, to Mr and Mrs I.L. Stoller, a son

[Birth Index: September 1914 Terence Stoller Barrow F. 8e 1492. Mother: Benjamin]

Jewish Chronicle, 19 February 1915 page 25

‘A memorial service. Conducted by the Rev. M. Franks, was held on Sunday for the Polish Jews, who have fallen during the war. An appeal was made by Mr. I. L. Stoller, the President, and the sum of £4.4s 6d was collected and remitted to the London Committee for the Relief of Polish Jews. A Relief Committee for the Polish and Palestinian Jews was formed with the following as its Executive: Messrs. I. L. Stoller, Treasurer; H. Glicksman, Hon. Secretary; and S. Dawson, Hon. Collector. The members have promised to pay weekly contributions until the end of the war’.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 November 1915 page 13

Board of Deputies

‘An application for the Barrow-in-Furness Congregation for leave to elect a Deputy was agreed to’.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 November 1915 page 19

Contributions to the Birthday Present to HM Queen Alexandra

Mr I.L. Stoller, Barrow

Jewish Chronicle, 30 December 1915 page 3

Central Committee, Fund for Polish Jews

A. Tannenbaum, Barrow-in-Furness, in memory of his parents £10.10.0

Ibid., page 6

Mrs R. Woolfe, Barrow, £1

 Jewish Chronicle, 2 June 1916 page 21

Mr J.W. Rosenthal of 119 Sutherland Avenue, London, has been unanimously re-elected to represent Barrow-in-Furness congregation at the Board of Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 October 1916 page 15

At a general meeting held on Sunday, Mr M. Auerbach(sic) was elected President and the Rev M. Franks, Secretary.

 Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1917 page 4

Fund for the Relief of the Jewish Victims of the War in Russia.

Per  I. Stoller, ordinary weekly subscriptions collected by Miss M. Grass:

M. Aurbach(sic), S. Stern, S. Lefton, S. Abrahams, Mrs W. Woolfe, Mrs R. Grass, S.D., Miss M. Sloan, Miss A. Spiers, Miss Harris, Mr M. Dixon, Miss Michaelson, Mrs Solomon, Mr. I.L. Stoller.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1917 page 27

‘BARROW-IN-FURNERSS. - Youth of 16 about to enter into apprenticeship with Messrs, Vickers. Wishes to be received into a refined house, not necessarily strictly orthodox. - Particulars to J.D. Jacobs, 168 Walm-lane, Cricklewood, London, N.W.’

 Jewish Chronicle, 2 November 1917 page 2


Treasurer acknowledges receipt of £3 collected by Mrs Fisher of 29 Fashaw Street, Barrow, at the Bris Milah of the first-born of Mr and Mrs Brown, Crellin-street, Barrow.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 September 1918 New Year Greetings page XI

Mr & Mrs Simon Abrahams, 8 Thwaite-street, Barrow

Ibid page XII

Mr & Mrs S. Davidson, 290 and 211 Rawlinson Street, Barrow

Ibid page XIII

Mr & Mrs Lefton, 49 Paradise Street, Barrow

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1918 page 14

Chatan Torah H. Morganstern. Chatan Bereshith B. Fisher

Jewish Chronicle, 21 December 1945

BARROW. A farewell reception was held in the Synagogue Chambers, Barrow-in-Furness, in-honour of the Rev. E. Slotki and Mrs. Slotki, prior to their leaving for Sunderland. A presentation, in the form a cheque, was made to Mr. Slotki in recognition of his 17 years service to the community. Tributes were paid by Messrs: H. Newmark, H. Glicksman, D. Morris. H. Ayerbach, and R. Wolfe.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 August 1950

BARROW. A "call " to be minister " of the Preston. Blackburn, and Barrow congregations has been accepted by the Rev. Emanuel Susman, Reader of the Portsmouth Synagogue. Mr. Susman studied at the Tree of Life College, London, and, before coming to England, at the Pressburg (Czechoslovakia) Yeshiva.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 1952

Tributes to the Rev. E. Susman. A silver cup, suitably inscribed, was presented by the President, Mr. L. Abrahams, on behalf of the members of the Barrow Hebrew Congregation, to their visiting minister, the Rev. E. Susman, upon his leaving Barrow to take his position at Northampton. The Rev. Mr. Susman had previously given an address, entitled 'Women and the Synagogue' in which he outlined the general laws for women. The Chairman. Mr. David Glicksman, in thanking the Rev. Mr. Susman for his address, stated that the local Jewish community were very sorry to lose him, as in the past two years he had given great service to the community in many ways. On behalf of the members of the congregation he wished him every success in his new post. The Rev. Mr. Susman, responding, said that he felt that a community, like Barrow, although-small, should have a resident minister. Other speakers were Mr. H. Newmark, Treasurer, and Mr. A. Brown, on behalfof the members.


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