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Professional Genealogists in the Czech Republic - a list of genealogy researchers available for a fee.

Index of Jewish Surnames from Prague (15th - 18th Centuries) - from the book by Alexander Beider

The Hugo Bergmann Family Papers - submitted by Adolph Dasha Bergmann

Early Jewish Immigrants in America from the Czech Historic Lands and Slovakia - by Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.

The Jewish Museum of Prague - a description of records available, by Henry Wellisch

Gateway to America - by Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.

Letters to Austria-Czech - letters we wish to share with our members and web site guests regarding various topics

Czechs in the Mail - some interesting stamps from the former Czechoslovakia with Jewish themes.

Prague Cemetery - the real story - read about the controversy, to its successful(?) resolution.

"Wall of the Historically Significant" - with entries for Bohemian, Moravian and Austrian individuals of Jewish birth who have contributed to history. We leave to the reader the decision as to whether the contributions of a listed individual were to the benefit or detriment of the Jews or society in general. Send us information (E-mail) on any individuals you wish to be added to the "Wall."

Meet Our Authors and Contributors - ...brief biographies

Austria-Czech SIG's Page of Links - helpful links for Czech, Austrian, and Holocaust research

Books on Austrian and Bohemian-Moravian Jewry - compiled by E. Randol Schoenberg

Material at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People - a partial listing of material available at the CAHJP for Bohemian-Moravian genealogy

Viennese Meldezettel (Registration Forms) - what they are and how to find them, by Peter Lowe

Bohemian Familianten Town Index - an index to original records located in the Czech State Archives

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